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You never know, you might just be the next Lance Armstrong. There are many reasons, why you should ride an E-Bike. Much people think that an E-Bike is just for old people but this is nonsense! An electric bike is so much fun and for people of all ages. Besides the extra boost, which you get with an E-Bike there are also other main reasons why you should use them. So read on! First point is the physical health. This sounds weird, but no. And one of the reasons people get sick is because they have a lack of physical activity in their everyday life.

Use the bike lane to avoid the bumper-to-bumper traffic. Oh by the way, there is another good reason besides the savings on fuel. With an E-Bike you only need a bike lock and a sturdy bike rack.

And you can also save money here. Yes this is the daily fight you may have with yourself, but with an E-Bike you can integrate the exercise in your everyday life. As we mentioned before, ride to work or school or to do the groceries shopping for example.

E-Bikes are good for the environment. This is another main reason, why you should use bikes or E-Bikes. Reducing carbon footprints and adopting a green lifestyle! An E-Bike reduces the overall pollution contributed by motor vehicles. Unlimited Biking. Do you have the taste of competition and challenges? You want to go beyond your limits and participate in the best races in New York?

Here are the best races in the city! Enjoy the ride! On the first Sunday in May, 32, cyclists of all skill levels come from around the world to roll through every borough of New York City on streets totally free of cars. For some, that means taking it easy on one of the shorter routes and simply enjoying the gorgeous scenery of Ulster and Dutchess counties. It started as a grassroots race production company out of Syracuse, NY in and is now the longest-running triathlon organization in the Northeast.

This event has been a favorite of local cyclists, New Yorkers, and visitors from around the country for over a decade. No matter which route you choose, you will be fully supported by experienced course marshals and bike mechanics along the route! Choose 10, 30, or 50 miles that will take you through some beautiful parts of Franklin Township and Somerset counties riding along the historic parts of the Delaware Camp; Raritan Canal into Rocky Hill one of the oldest towns in New Jersey. This charity ride takes cyclists on an adventure on the largest and longest island in the United States, Long Island.

Riders enjoy three incredible days of fully-supported cycling. The Wall Street community is joining together to take a stand for this important cause. The Bronx Tourism Council as a means to promote a healthier lifestyle, an alternate mode of transportation and a way to tour the burgeoning neighborhoods, scenic waterfronts and greenways of the borough. Throughout the years, the event has grown exponentially and is regarded as the largest free cycling event in New York State. The challenging and competitive mile Gran Fondo course from New York City to Bear Mountain and back is an experience for anyone from elite amateur to first time finisher.

Join over 1, participants and enjoy riding through the 15 mile bike ride! Cyclists of all ages are invited to register online, create and customize their personal fundraising page, and collect donations from friends and family. For the more serious cyclists, the event offers 10, 25 and Discover hidden and far-flung neighborhoods, pedal through the city, state and national parks and take in spectacular bridge and city views along the Brooklyn Waterfront and Jamaica Bay Greenways.

Take part in the races! Train at least a week before your competition! During this week you will prepare for your competition. Keep your goal in mind and continue your efforts until D-Day! Remember that to be in shape during your training week but also for your competition you must make sure to feed yourself well and relax your mind.

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Diet and stress can play a big part in your success or failure. Always eat fresh, carbohydrate snack, or high protein foods that also contain good minerals and vitamins. You can eat small portions throughout the day. During your training do not forget your bar and energy drinks.

Remember to always leave about 2 hours between your meals and exercises to have a good digestion and be in good shape on your bike. Before the competition, stay focused and do not lose your goal! The mind also plays on your success! Stay positive and never give up! After the race, think about feeding yourself and drinking a lot, stress and intense effort can make you lose more pounds.

Fitness Biking: From beginner to expert! Try Fitness Biking with us! The park is too big it would take too long to see everything on foot! The best solution is Unlimited Biking! Discover the park by bike with a tour guide!

The visit lasts 2 hours and you can explore the best places in the park while learning more with your guide along the way. During your visit you will be able to admire these different world-famous places:. Book your guided bike tour of Central Park on our website: Click here! The Mall and Literary Walk is the largest walkway and right-hand driveway in the park with its century-old trees.

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This donation is then used for the renovation and proper maintenance of the park. Bethesda Fountain and Terrace, the arcades under the terrace were under renovation for 14 years, the ceiling is completely renovated and inspired by the Alhambra in southern Spain in Andalusia.

The angel in the centre of the fountain honours the water that falls from the sky and which at the time provided the city with water. The obelisk also has a twin in London. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum are located on the eastern side of the park, they are art museums known worldwide for their architecture and the artists they represent.

A must visit! Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir is an old reservoir that used to provide the city with a water supply. It has not been in service since Sheep Meadow is a vast grassy area where New Yorkers come to sunbathe and picnic in summer! PS: the view is sublime A little information, this area used to be home to sheep! If you want to know more about these places and visit the park for yourself, you are welcome to visit our New York shops. Vous avez envie de découvrir Central Park mais vous ne savez pas comment faire?

Le parc est trop grand cela prendrait trop de temps à pied pour tout voir! De plus vous ne connaissez pas les bons endroits à visiter et vous avez peur de vous perdre dans ce parc immense!

La meilleure solution est Unlimited Biking! Découvrez le parc à vélo avec un guide touristique! La visite dure 2h et vous pouvez explorer les meilleures endroits du parc tout en apprenant plus grâce à votre guide tout au long du chemin.

Lors de votre visite vous pourrez admirer ces différents endroits mondialement connus:. Cette donation est ensuite utilisée pour la rénovation et le bon entretien du parc. A visiter absolument! Avec Unlimited Biking vous pouvez cadenasser vos vélos et aller visiter les musées facilement.

Strawberry Fields est un endroit créé par la ville de New York en hommage à John Lennon ancien membre des Beatles mort le 8 décembre PS : la vue est sublime Petite information, cette zone abritait autrefois des moutons!

Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur ces endroits et visiter le parc par vous même vous êtes les bienvenus dans nos boutiques New-Yorkaises. Réservez votre visite guidée a vélo de Central Park sur notre site web : Cliquez-ici! Every fourth Thursday of November all people come together and celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Thanksgiving has been celebrated nationally on and off sincewith a proclamation by George Washington after a request by Congress.

Thomas Jefferson chose not to observe the holiday and its celebration was intermittent until the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, when Thanksgiving became a federal holiday induring the American Civil War. Together with Christmas and the New Year, Thanksgiving is a part of the broader fall and winter holiday season in the U. It starts at 9am and ends at 12 noon. The Parade combines a huge collection of performers, participants, and of course, the famous big balloons that are the signature of this event in New York City.

Past years have seen around 3. Lights twinkle and sparkle in the distance, snowflakes fall from the sky, horses travel about with carriages in tow, and everything is a magical holiday wonderland. The Central Park is the perfect spot for a picnic in the beautiful nature. First you can explore the whole Park with your Cannondale bike.

And after that a delicious picnic is waiting for you and your loved ones. Starting with our Central Park Picnic boxes and available for customization with a full spread. Mangia, a farm-to-table eatery serving rustic Italian fare, freshly prepares each of our picnic boxes.

So what are you waiting for? Biking is much more than just a hobby.

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The squirrels are jigging around, people enjoying the the sun on a park bench or on the rocks and the whole mood is just cheerful. So the best thing to do is to take a bike and enjoy this atmosphere in the Central Park with the whole family.

FORGET WORK LET'S RIDE DAY 2019 (Long Island NY) 10th Annual

Comme vous le voyez sur cette photo, tous les sièges sont positionnés face à la route. Ainsi, vous êtes face au spectacle qui se joue dans les rues de New York. Ensuite, vous pourrez monter dans le bus et vous asseoir. Ainsi, vous pouvez bien voir les animateurs et apprécier les spectacles extérieurs. De informations complémentaires et amusantes sont diffusées sur les écrans TV. Une vidéo publiée par Alex les bons plans bpvny le 1 Déc.

Suite du show de theridenyc. Il faut savoir que les spectacles changent suivant les périodes. En fait, ils proposent un bon rythme entre moments plutôt euphoriques. Réserver The Ride. Le départ est situé au coin de la 42nd et de la 8th Avenue, en face du Patricks Restaurant. Voici donc une attraction sympa à faire à New York. Pour faciliter l'impression de cet article, nous en avons masqué les photos et divers autres éléments les plus coûteux en encre.

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The Ride : un spectacle de Broadway … dans un bus !

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The Ride : un spectacle de Broadway … dans un bus! Posté par Alex les bons plans - 21 septembre 32 commentaires. J'ai créé ce blog en pour vous aider à organiser votre voyage à New York de A à Z : formalités administratives, budget, planning, transport, logement, activités, services, bons plans Je mets à votre disposition l'ensemble des infos utiles et pratiques qui vous permettront de préparer un voyage à la mesure de vos moyens et de vos envies!

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