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Only having 4 cashiers including me is not that easy to work with to make sure everything gets done that needs done. The hardest part of the job is to make sure the return carts get done. We cant control how busy we get at night. We can stay busy up til 2 a. The most enjoyable part of my job is the people who come through.

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Always have a smile on their face when they see me. I enjoyed working there. I liked the fact that some of the duties that were performed were similar to office duties.

On a day to day basis, customer care and handling cash were the main duties, along with logging incoming and outgoing camera films. How to give very good customer care, doing the inventory of the merchandise, and logging incoming and outgoing camera films. Most of the members of management were fair and respected.

Of course, you would have the ones that weren't quite respected. Co-workers were easy to get along with and everybody were willing to help anybody that needed help with their jobs. Dealing with unruling customers when you had to show them nothing but respect. I enjoyed loggining incoming and outgoing camera films and inventory of the merchandise. Horrible treatment of workers and very hard to advance. Really need to learn what equal treatment of workers is.

Need to actually follow company policy. I liked most of my coworkers, but your never gonna like them all. This is the Job that I had the most fun at. I acquired my managerial skills in this position. I was an overnight assistant manager at Wal-Mart. I was responsible for managing a crew of 30 associates and ensuring that the store was stocked and show ready by am every morning.

My night was filled with unloading trucks, entering incoming inventory into the pos system, and scheduling the crew three weeks out.

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I spent a large portion of my night training and developing my crew in their specific job duties, and then cross training them to work in other departments. I loved working with them. I believe Wal-Mart taught me how to be a good servant leader. I enjoyed working with my crew training and developing them into valuable associates. Working overnight causes people to lose the valuable sleep that they need to maintain good health, Once a person gets adjusted to the schedule, they learn to put sleep at the top of their priority in their daily schedule.

Fun place to work loved the people and loved waiting on customers. A typical day was to wait on customers, make salads,cook chicken prepare hot case items, working with management i was shown how to make party platters, salads etc.

Very busy place to work. There is all ways something that needs to be done. Never a dull moment. Just Cashier. Most of the staff are friendly.

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