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KS ends here. We are unsure what will happen with the unfinished projects but if somebody with prooven talent wants to pick them up they can always contact us.

Thanks for the support. Lately we have been asked if we have connections to the First Kermis Simulations team, no we don't and we are no supporters of them either since their leader abused the trust of the lead game designer Robby and leaked out some of his work last year. He also got ripped off since he helped them before but never seen any credits for the help.

So now you know!

Dietetique rch webmail

It s also lame to make a stupid half English and half Dutch name name like that. Also pretty annoying they couldn t even use a different word that doesn t seem like they were here before us.

A statement from the KS team, we have succesfully solved all problems with inacurate hit detections on physical models in the Unity 5 engine. But since converting just one project took many months to complete due to all the changes and new limits the Unity 5 engine unfortunatly has, we have decided that we will release the Triple Release in Unity 4 instead. Then after that we will continue in the new software.

We make this choice because otherwise we would be delayed even more then we already are. Now we just need to finish 2d chaselights, some textures and finish the background scenery so hopefully we can try to make a release this summer.

This also gives us the space to give a worthy graphical update on all existing projects in the future. HarmJan also continues to work on a new simulation. We proudly present a preview on the Calypso Mack! Tom Picar has shown us some of his work last year and we saw the talent and we let Dominik approach him to try and add him to our team. Tom welcome on board and we are looking forward to see your talent grow possibly beyond everybody else in the entire team!

Créez un blog gratuitement et facilement sur free!

Das Bellevue erstrahlt das erste mal mit Licht :. The ARS team is experimenting in Unity 5 as well. Maybe this could be a nice start for a second version in the future!

The KS team would like to give a great special thanks for likes! Today we will reveal our progress in the new Unity 5 engine. We are not sure if this switch will result in test regime comme jaime 3 projects being converted to the newer software, because due to the limits of the new engine we have hit detection problems on physics models.

We are forced to use box colliders for all those models. A huge downside to this new engine but maybe we can wo … rk around that. Box colliders don t only mess up the hit detection on the rain but also messes up the flare effects on light sources.

If we can t fix that then we will resume finishing the projects in Unity 4 and then after the release this could be already the beginning of a second version for the Dom Dancer. We hope you guys enjoy the effort to keep up to date with the latest software and wil enjoy the graphics being improved greatly. The first task of our newest member Gijs has been a succes.

The beginning of the Black Hole indoor coaster has been made.

This will be a part of the scenery on the Booster Löffelhardt simulation. A nice surprise from the XRF team is already being planned for next year :D.

Message to the people living in Spain. Lately we spot much bad behaviour from the people of your country. Things to mention. Rude messages, untranslated Spanish private messages, unwanted download questions, many dislikes on our youtube videos.

Kermissimulaties rides

And lately we also notice it s only bad behaviour and nothing good. Never any respect for the work we show!

We have had it with this kind of disrespectful behaviour and let this be a final warning. If you can t change we will block off acces to your entire country. Stop being so rude and try to show some good behaviour if you want to keep having acces to this page in the future! A new update on the Dom Dancer introducing the return of more lite options and a new graphics update. After recording we discovered a memory leak in the game.