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With an annual production of between 1, and 2, units, the surviving models of this. The copy we present is an Ansaldo 6B Torpedo probably from The owner of this car fell under his spell in while doing his military service in Chile. It was in a small village near Santiago that he discovered it. The origins of her presence in South America are uncertain, but it is assumed that she was sent there to provide travel for an Italian ambassador. The car was in its original condition and had never been restored.

It was very well preserved because the humidity level in Chile is very low. At the end of his military service, his priority was to repatriate the car to France in order to start a restoration.

More than 40 years later, our 6B is now in the same condition as it was when it was discovered in Only a red anti-rust coat was applied in Chile before being transported by boat in order to preserve its bodywork. The car still has its original leather and will be sold with many spare parts. This car has been with its owner all his life and he now wishes to pass it on to a passionate person who will complete his restoration project.

En la doyenne des marques automobile commercialise sa petite Dyna X au style délicieusement baroque. Lui succède la Dyna Z enappelée au début Dyna 54, elle est fabriquée en grande partie en alliage léger. Mis en circulation le 14 mars ce break porte une élégante robe verte appelée Vert Congo.

Le propriétaire. Le contrôle technique de moins de 6 mois est valide et la voiture prête à partir pour toutes les destinations pourvu que ce soit en famille ou entre amis! Its buzzing but sober engine, its six seats, its amazing handling have left many memories to generations of motorists. Inthe oldest car brand marketed its little Dyna X in a deliciously baroque style.

It was succeeded by the Dyna Z ininitially called Dyna 54, and is mainly made of light alloy. Financially Panhard is on the brink of collapse because of too high production costs and is forced to return to steel quickly as Citroën enters the capital.

The PL 17 will be built until and will undergo various evolutions and variations, ranging from the elegant convertible to the 6-seater station wagon. This is the version that interests us here in these pages. Put into circulation on March 14, this station wagon wears an elegant green dress called Congo Green.

The interior is in brown leather according to the factory specifications. The PL 17 comes in a finish called comfort S, equipped with a bench seat at the front and rear that can take 6 people on a trip. The current owner, Mr.

The car had been in the hands of a Panhard enthusiast who had the paint redone a few years earlier. Now available for sale in an astonishingly fresh state, this PL 17 is definitely a station wagon with an offbeat style.

The roadworthiness test less than 6 months old is valid and the car is ready to leave for all destinations provided it is with family or friends! Les freins tambours à ailettes font également leur apparition et sont un héritage direct des dernières évolutions en compétition aux.

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Le cabriolet Panhard disparaît en juin après environ exemplaires construits. Il convient de rappeler que seulement deux couleurs étaient disponibles au catalogue : blanc ou gris métallisé. Le propriétaire actuel Monsieur R. Les meilleurs artisans de sa région seront choisis pour réaliser un travail dont le résultat sera sublime. La caisse fut sablée entièrement puis réparée lorsque cela était nécessaire.

La mécanique déjà révisée en partie avant son achat, sera entièrement refaite avec des pièces fournies par le Dynamic club Panhard et Levassor.

Bloc moteur démonté, culasse révisée, soupapes neuves, roulement moteur changé…etc. Its convertible variant only went into pro. Comfort improved in with the introduction of a padded dashboard, thicker upholstered seats, a Jaeger watch and rev counter. In the external appearance changed and the. The finned drum brakes are also making their appearance and are a direct result of the latest developments in competition at Le Mans 24 Hours.

The Panhard convertible disappeared in June faire 1 regime yaourt about units had been built. The copy we are interested in here is therefore one of the last products produced during the vintage.

Put into circulation in Februaryit is white in colour and has a burgundy red leather interior. It should be remembered that only two colours were available in the catalogue: white or metallic grey, which is not very happy for a convertible!

The current owner Mr R. The best craftsmen in his region will be chosen to carry out a work whose result will be sublime. The box was completely sandblasted and repaired when necessary.

The invoices are around. The white paint finally applied by the Excellence Auto Collection garage in Aubenas, it is inside to be redone by the Leclerc saddlery in Crest The mechanics, which have already been partially overhauled before purchase, will be completely rebuilt with parts supplied by the Dynamic club Panhard and Levassor.

Engine block removed, cylinder head overhauled, new valves, engine bearing changed It is an absolutely new car that is presented to us, preserving its original elements and its old-fashioned charm. Today, Panhard PL 17 convertibles are extremely rare and very few are on the market. It is a unique opportunity to acquire an atypical, original and completely restored convertible here. Ses lignes sont plus tendues que celles de sa contemporaine 4 cv et les ailes arrière restent superbement dessinées en relief.

Le 4 cylindres de cm3 accède 32 botox injections for migraines à la modernité avec une culasse à soupapes en tête. Fiable mais pas vraiment. The only survivor of the three Chapron convertible cars with straight wings High quality restoration Known history.

Pichon-Parat sera le premier dès à carrosser une Frégate en cabriolet deux portes. La seconde version avec des ailes arrière rondes à ailerons horizontaux qui sortira des ateliers en février et à destination du Congo Belge sera une version unique. La troisième étude avec des ailes arrière droites sera elle fabriquée en trois exemplaires.

Le premier fut commandé par M. Marquet et porte le numéro Chapron Le second fut commandé en mai par M. Girard numéro inconnu puis le troisième et dernier par M. Une lettre manuscrite de Madame Chapron certifie que cette voiture est bien celle commandée par M.

La voiture est alors rouge bordeaux et se trouve équipée de la boîte de vitesses semi-automatique Transfluide. Elle est alors immatriculée 75 XX La Frégate est conservée pendant plusieurs décennies par M. Girard, puis Monsieur R.

Il décide de se lancer dans une restauration totale, sans limites. Pendant un an la voiture passe dans les mains de grands spécialistes. La carrosserie par la suite est confiée au garage Faure à Allex La base étant très saine, aucune soudure ne fut nécessaire à la restauration de la carrosserie. Le choix de la peinture se porte sur un magnifique coloris biton vert foncé-vert clair métallisé qui correspond à une nuance que Chapron proposait sur ces voitures.

Le résultat, fin est sublime. Monsieur R. Renault finally exhibited it at the Motor Show in October and then began marketing it at the end of the year. Its lines are more taut than those of its contemporary 4 hp and the rear fenders remain superbly sculpted in relief. The cm3 4-cylinder engine finally reaches modernity with an overhead valve cylinder head.

The automotive press of the time was unanimous: the greatest French bodybuilders had to look into the case of the new sedan. Pichon-Parat was the first to build a two-door convertible Frégate in It is the latter that interests us in its pages.

The bodybuilder on Aristide Briand Street in Levallois was interested in the case of the Fregate for transformations into a two-door coach and then a convertible from to It will be made of 7 of three different types: The first version based on a sedan with standard rear fenders, of which two models will be manufactured.

The second version. The third study with straight rear fenders will be manufactured in triplicate. The first was ordered by Mr. Marquet and bears the Chapron number The second was ordered in May by Mr. Girard unknown number and the third and last by Mr. It is this last copy that is presented in maigrir a tout prix streaming pages. A handwritten letter from Mrs Chapron certi.

According to historian Dominique Pagneux, this car was bought by Mr. Girard in the s and also thinks it is the only survivor of this small series. The car is then burgundy red and is equipped with the semi-automatic Transfluide gearbox.

It was then registered as 75 XX The Fregate was. Girard, then Mr. He decides to embark on a total restoration, without limits. For a year the car passes into the hands of great specialists. All the mechanics have been restored by the Arcam workshop The bodywork is then entrusted to the Faure garage in Allex The base being very sound, no welding was necessary to restore the bodywork. The choice of paint is made on a magnificent biton colour dark green-light green metallic green which corresponds.

The result at the end of was sublime. Since its restoration, Mr. The car behaves very well and the mechanics have no problem moving the Chapron at a very respectable pace. Elle est en avance sur son temps à la fois au niveau de la technologie que de sa ligne futuriste. Sur cinq années de production, seulement 12 exemplaires seront vendus. La SM ici présentée est une version à carburateurs mise en circulation en juin Par exemple les fameux tendeurs de chaînes de distribution ont été revus, tout comme les soupapes.

Let us not forget that in the early s, speed limits did not exist on. Le voyage depuis Valence se. The SM was born at a time when speed was a selling point and gasoline was cheap. It is ahead of its time both in terms of botox to shrink forehead and its futuristic line. Citroën bought Maserati inwhich is why an impressive cc V6 with twin camshafts is found under.

A true technological showcase of what Citroën knew how to do best at the time, we find the revolutionary DIRAVI steering, power brakes, hydropneumatic suspension, swivel headlights with wheels Over five years of production, only 12, copies will be sold. As we know, the SM will be very expensive for the herringbone brand and will not sell very easily, which makes it all the more desirable today. The SM presented here is a carburettor version that was put into service in June Granada Red AC and black leather interior.

According to some studies, only cars came out of the chains on the vintage in this shade. It was completely restored without sprain in The mechanics and the bodywork were restored by taking advantage of this disassembly to make the whole thing more reliable. For example. The original interior has been deliberately preserved because it is still in very good condition and shows a charming patina.

Recently the electrical system was overhauled with the installation of a new alternator and the cooling system. The hydraulics will be back in shape in August with the replacement of the accumulator and rear coffee makers.

Like a pilgrimage, and to ensure its good condition, the SM will take the road to Ferté Vidame last July. The trip from Valencia was a smooth one and the SM will be one of the most beautiful models on display. Our test will confirm the perfect mechanical condition of the car. Now on sale with a roadworthiness test of less than 6 months, this wonderful car will delight the connoisseur of Citroën. Les boucliers sont mieux intégrés et la malle arrière est légèrement relevée.

Côté mécanique la cylindrée du moteur est légèrement optimisée et culmine à 4 cm3 avec toujours chevaux au programme. Le V12 peut être accouplé au choix à une boîte automatique ou manuelle. Le pont autobloquant est de série, tout comme les suspensions. La ici présentée est un modèle mis en circulation le 6 mai en France. Vendue neuve par les établissements. Le moteur a été refait en ainsi que la boîte de vitesses en Notre essai nous confortera dans cette idée : la voiture fonctionne à merveille et le V12 accouplé à sa boîte.

Le contrôle technique de moins de six mois est valide et la Ferrari se tient prête à prendre la route. Inafter the GT4, the and then the i, it was the that took up the timeless. The few aesthetic modifications are intended to rejuvenate a model that has already lived well.

The shields are better integrated and the trunk is slightly raised. On the mechanical side. The V12 can be optionally coupled to an automatic or manual transmission. The self-locking axle is standard, as are the hydropneumatic rear suspensions. The interior is modernized with a new Momo steering wheel and a redesigned centre console. The presented here is a model put into circulation on May 6, in France.

Sold new by the Charles Pozzi establishments in Paris where it was regularly maintained, it was then registered FWY The engine was rebuilt in and the gearbox in A major overhaul in December was carried out at Fiorano Racing and. Lovely maintained by its owner collector, he does not hesitate to borrow it for long trips. Our test will confirm us in this idea: the car works perfectly and the V12 coupled to its automatic gearbox is a model of softness.

Inside everything works, including the recently overhauled air conditioning. The leather of the seats is superbly patinated by its 30 years of age and remains tight. Today the meter has just over 42, km. The roadworthiness test less than six months old is valid and the Ferrari is ready to go.

De quoi faire porter la puissance du moteur aux alentours de chevaux. Le but avoué est le confort sans faille de ses occupants. La Bentley Continental R visible dans ces pages a été commandée neuve à la concession Rolls-Royce de Beverly Hills le 6 janviercomme en atteste son. Celui-ci procédera à une révision générale de la mécanique et de la boîte de vitesses.

Quelques éléments de carrosserie seront. It is the Bentley Continental R, which does not share any bodywork components with a Rolls-Royce and whose voluminous 6, cc V8 engine is equipped with an electronic injection. A true concentrate of superlatives, the Continental R has a wheelbase of three metres, measuring more than five metres in length and weighing more than 2.

The stated goal is the unfailing comfort of its occupants, nestled in a luxurious interior equipped with the best materials of the time. It was then possible to order a dashboard in real wood or corked aluminium to dress one of the most beautiful interiors of the 90s. The Bentley Continental R visible in these pages was ordered new from the Rolls-Royce dealership in Beverly Hills on January 6,as evidenced by its service history. Meticulously maintained until in Beverly Hills, the car was then sent to France the counter then indicating 15, miles and maintained by its Parisian owner at the Jacques Savoye brand spe.

Its bodywork is splendid in its original Arctic White paint and its biscuit leather interior is immaculate, as are the carpets, chrome and woodwork. The current owner acquired it in He will carry out a general overhaul of the mechanics que faire apres un ecart regime dukan japonais gearbox.

Some bodywork elements will be repainted on this occasion. Today, the meter reads 25, miles and the car is in perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition, as the test will confirm. The roadworthiness test less than six months old is valid and the Bentley is ready to take the ride in a comfort that will have nothing to envy to some more recent luxury sedans.

Ses lignes sont fluides, élancées, douces et étirées. Le travail réalisé par Bertoni est des plus originaux. Celle que nous vous proposons ici est une DS 21 Pallas à injection électronique, mise en circulation pour la première fois en novembre Cet exemplaire pré. Il se sépare de cette DS en au profit de son actuel propriétaire. La voiture présente bien et fut révisée avant la vente. And the way we look at the Citroën today is still the same. Its lines are fluid, slender, soft and stretched.

From front to back, the lines are continuous, the front wheel arches break the harmony of the curves. The rear wheels are streamlined, streamlined. From tothe engines evolved from a 1.

The one we propose here is a DS 21 Pallas with electronic injection, first put into service in November It is therefore a model year, equipped with a 5-speed mechanical gearbox, and externally recognizable by its door handles now embedded in the bodywork. This model has the particularity of having belonged to the talented pilot Serge Bacou, seven times French motocross champion, winner of the enduro du Tou. He sold this DS in to its current owner. The car looks good and was overhauled before the sale.

Monsieur Lucien Moulinié commanda sa. DS neuve avec de nombreux accessoires tels que la radio Philips et une poignée de coffre Robri. Elle est régulièrement utilisée pour faire des trajets Paris — Province avant de prendre une retraite méritée dans son garage alors que le compteur affiche 90 km environ.

De nombreux travaux furent entrepris pour pouvoir rouler réguliè. On the same evening, nearly 12, orders were placed, with a down. De à la DS aura parcouru quelques 40 km, principalement de balade ou de voyage entre amis. Dernièrement le carburateur a été refait ainsi que les freins arrière et enfin le système hydraulique a été converti au liquide silicone chez le grand professionnel Blondeau.

Rares sont les DS proposées à la vente avec un historique aussi limpide que celle présentée dans ces pages. Lors de notre essai, la DS nous a comblés à tous les niveaux.

Très rares sont les DS des premiers millésimes à la vente, celle-ci est un exemplaire exceptionnel à saisir, destinée aux collectionneurs les plus exigeants.

This is what gives it the enviable status it enjoys today: admired by aesthetes as a work of art, it also fascinates engineers with its hydraulic system that manages. Mythical, the one called Goddess on the other side of the Atlantic has had a year career and will undergo many changes, from a utility station wagon to an elegant convertible version. A long period in purgatory where it was not considered as a second-hand car will have overtaken the first models. The model presented here has an interesting history as it is a vehicle that has only had two owners since its introduction in May It is regularly used to make Paris - Province trips before taking a well-deserved retirement in his garage when the meter displays about 90, km.

It was in that the car was purchased by the current owner when Mr. Moulinié was 85 years old and no longer uses his beloved car. The DS remains in Paris and moves from the 13th to the 12th arrondissement and will never change its registration number! Many works were undertaken to be able to drive regularly with a reliable car.

The painting was redone at the end of the s in Daffodil Yellow, thus respecting the colour chart of the time. The upholstery, using period fabric and. From tothe DS will have covered some 40, km, mainly travelling with friends. Recently the carburetor has been rebuilt as well as the rear brakes and finally the hydraulic system has been converted to silicone liquid by the great professional Blondeau.

Today the car has an original mileage ofkm and has never been restored, so the engine is still the original one. Few DS are offered for sale with such a clear history as the one presented in these pages. During our test, the DS satisfied us at all levels. The engine is voluntary, the gearbox soft and the suspension smooth according to its factory setting.

Very rare are the DS of the first years for sale, this one is an exceptional specimen to purchase, intended for the most demanding collectors. En effet, depuis quelque temps, le constructeur fait face à une concurrence féroce sur journal de pousse cheveux crépus naturels marché des petites voitures de sport. Une éphémère version.

Twin Cam fut produite notamment pour la compétition et ne connaîtra pas le succès commercial attendu. Au total, plus de exemplaires furent produits, toutes versions confondues avant de laisser place à la, non moins légendaire, MGB. La version que nous vous proposons ici est une version export conduite à gauche. Cette MG A fut intégralement restaurée ces 5 dernières années. For some time, indeed, the marque had been faced with fierce competition in the mid-size sports-car sector.

There was a need to offer something new, in order to win over a young and wealthy clientele, whilst ensuring a degree of continuity with the preceding TC, TD and TF.

Happily the company rose to the challenge with brio, with a svelte new model created by chief engineer Sydney Enever. Aesthetically and mechanically the MGA offered all the sporting characteristics expected of such a car. At first of cc, the four-cylinder engine was progressively increased to cc. There was also a short-lived Twin Cam model, produced with an eye to competition, but which was not a success.

First registered in December gateau rhubarbe regime, and equipped with wire wheels, the car presented here has the specification of the MGA introduced in July It thus has a cc engine and front disc brakes. Wanting to acquire his first classic car, the current owner bought the MG in the summer of Unused to older vehicles, he only rarely used the car and has today decided to sell in order to buy something more recent.

Being a meticulous person and wanting to be sure of selling the car, in January he had it given a full mechanical overhaul at J. Quelques mois plus tard est lancée une version plus économique, baptisée Spider Junior. Les sièges, munis de dossiers réglables sont en skaï noir.

Elle est relativement facile à utiliser. Le Spider Junior que nous présentons a été mis en circulation le 16 octobre sur le territoire français. Sa couleur extérieure blanche est associée à un intérieur en skaï noir et bien entendu une capote noire. Il a reçu récemment une peinture neuve et sa capote a été remplacée.

Following a competition, it was named Duetto. The name is not officially used on the bodies but it will remain used in the common language. Spider is first motorized with the of the Giulia.

In Januarythe Duetto was replaced by the Spider Veloce, a model with an identical bodywork but equipped with a cc engine. A few months later, a more economical version was launched, called Spider Junior. Its engine comes from the GT Junior coupé, it is a 4-shaft twin-cylinder engine developing 88 hp. Inside, the Duetto is equipped with a metal dashboard painted in body colour.

The seats, equipped with adjustable backs, are made of black leather. The soft top is black regardless of the colour of the bodywork. It is relatively easy to use. At the end of. The Junior Spider we are presenting was put into service on 16 October in France. Its white exterior colour is combined with a black leatherette interior and of course a black soft top. He recently received a new paint and his hood has been replaced.

The interior has been completely refurbished, including seat restoration and replacement of door panels, carpets and plastic floor mats. This friendly Spider is ready to take the road, it is up to you to reach out and take possession of it and taste the Italian dolce vita. To do so, he called on the engineer Fritz Fend, who had produced and sold invalid carriages.

Recalling an aircraft fuselage, the three-wheeler had space for two passengers, sitting in tandem. Entry was by means of a canopy which opened on one side, like the ME fighter plane. The single-cylinder two-stroke engine from Sachs gained. Combining elements from the worlds of aircraft, motorbikes and cars, the Messerschmitt KR is an unconventional vehicle which is exceptionally well liked.

The model we are presenting here was delivered new in Switzerland in For a long time, it belonged to the car museum in Muriaux, until it was eventually sold in France in It is currently owned by a discerning collector, who bought the KR as a gift for his wife.

Although she was captivated by this delightful little car, she drove it very. Equipped with a four-speed manual gearbox, mated to the cc Sachs single-cylinder engine, the little Messerschmitt runs properly and is in very good overall condition.

The bodywork was completely restored a few years ago, while the chassis is original and in very good order. Sa carrosserie signée Pininfarina inaugure une longue collaboration entre le constructeur français et le designer italien. Esthétiquement, elle marque une rupture avec la désormais vieillissante et le traditionnel format trois corps. A la fois sobre et élégante, sa ligne moderne rencontrera un franc succès.

Elle sera de plus commercialisée avec un moteur diesel Indenor endevenant alors la première voiture française diesel de série. Le cabriolet entre dans la gamme en Son allure distinguée séduira un certain Peter Falk, interprète du Lieutenant Columbo, qui résoudra ses enquêtes au volant de son infatigable Cabriolet.

Its body by Pininfarina heralded the start of a long partnership between the. A son volant, le moteur démarre sans effort et les montées en régime sont franches. French car maker and the Italian designer.

Its appearance marked a break with the now ageing and its traditional three-box shape. Elegant yet restrained, its modern styling was a resounding success with the. With its simple mechanical design, the proved to be a model of reliability, using for the most part well-tried components. It would also be marketed with an Indenor diesel engine inmaking it the. The Cabriolet joined the range in Equipped with the 8HP engine, the Cabriolet was fitted with a Solex carburettor as well as a new cylinder head, boosting power to 61 bhp, while retaining its original ruggedness.

Its distinguished looks won over a certain Peter Falk, playing Lieutenant Columbo, who solved his investigations from behind the wheel of his indefatigable Cabriolet. With just cabriolets registered compared with more than 1. First registered on 29 Marchthis Peugeot Cabriolet has been consigned for sale today by a discerning collector. Enthralled by its very fine overall condition, he immediately purchased the car and then took it to his home in the south of France. Behind the wheel, the engine starts without difficulty and pulls cleanly through the revs.

There is no clutch slip, the gears engage cleanly and the brakes are effective. Although it was in very good running order, its current owner decided recently to have all the fuel pipes overhauled and made safe. Si globalement elle reprend la mécanique de la La fameuse méthode de construction Superleggera de Touring fut utilisée, malgré des panneaux emboutis à la presse et non plus formés à la main, accélérant considérablement les rythmes de production.

Sous le capot, on retrouve. Le modèle que nous vous présentons arbore une carrosserie en bel état général dont les lignes sont rehaussées. Peu après son achat en juinson propriétaire actuel avait fait refaire les compteurs dont les. Less sporty than its sisters.

Les jantes repeintes un an plus tôt et montées sur des pneus Michelin en — X sont également à noter. While it takes up the mechanics of the with an independent. The model we present to you features a bodywork in good general condition whose lines are enhanced by a beautifully crafted red paint. The interior is clean, the upholstery is beautiful as well as the carpets which are in good condition, the top and the top cover as well. Its original dashboard is. Shortly after its purchase in Juneits current owner had the meters rebuilt whose funds had deteriorated over time.

The rims repainted a year earlier and fitted on Michelin tyres in - X are also worth noting. Slimmer, more elegant and above all much more pleasant to drive than the that will succeed it, the Alfa Romeo Spider Touring is certainly one of the most desirable Italian cabriolets and underside today.

Grâce à son moteur de 22cv et à un poids mesuré kg. Very good original condition, beautiful provenance Rare model, only 3, models Mistral V8 engine. La voiture est saine mais la partie mécanique sera à remettre en état.

Le modèle que nous présentons est une berline de couloir noire avec une sellerie en tissus gris et vert. Immatriculée pour la première fois le 29 septembre et livrée neuve à son premier propriétaire par le concessionnaire Ford Delanne Autos à Chaumont en Haute-Marne, elle devint la propriété du designer français Philippe Charbonneaux en troisième main le 26 juillet Elle sera alors exposée dans son musée à Reims pendant de nombreuses années.

Elle est. It must be said that despite its bourgeois look and its hp V8, the Vendôme is suffering the full brunt of the vignette surtax and the Suez crisis, which imposed the rationing of petrol at 20 litres per month Its fate was sealed! Thanks to its 22 hp engine and a measured weight The model we present is a black corridor sedan with grey and green fabric upholstery. First registered on 29 September and delivered new to its first owner by the Ford Delanne - Autos dealership in Chaumont in Haute-Marne, it became the property of the French designer Philippe Charbonneaux in third hand on 26 July It will then be exhibited in its museum in Reims for many years.

It is now in its original condition and has 18, km on the meter, probably original considering the general condition of the. The car is healthy but the mechanical part will have to be repaired. Its luxury, power, ease of use and rarity make it a very interesting car that distills an American scent without looking like it. This copy with its clear history will be a beautiful restoration project for lovers of the genre. Achetée en parfait état de conservation et de fonctionnement, elle rejoindra sa collection à Saint-Dizier en Haute-Marne puis quelques années plus.

Rare coach Gascogne signed Dubos Clear history, very good original condition From one of the most beautiful French collection. Elle roulera ensuite occasionnellement avant de trouver sa place au musée. Elle fut récemment remise en route par le spécialiste Xavier Mathiot.

Lors de notre visite, nous avons pu constater que les vitres triplex du pare-brise, jaunies avec le temps, seront à changer, et certains. Les sièges en cuir bordeaux sont en bel état, délicieusement patinés et sans déchirures. Le remplacement des moquettes sera éventuellement à prévoir mais les tapis et contre portes sont quant à eux à conserver ainsi. Puis au salonil pré. I absolutely love your blog and find almost all of your post's to be precisely what I'm looking for.

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