73rd regiment of foot in south africa

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73rd regiment of foot in south africa

Théâtre 76 vendeurs 7, articles. Regionalisme 73 vendeurs 23, articles. In they absorbed personnel from the disbanded 2nd Battalion. After redesignation the 71st Highlanders carried on fighting in India where they fought in the Battle of Pondicherry in and at Ceylon in In after a number of years on active service the effective troops left in the regiment were transferred to the 74th Regiment of Foot and the remainder returned to Scotland by A 2nd Battalion was formed in Over the next few years the regiment changed its name a number of times before becoming the 71st Glasgow Highland Light Infantry in and finally 71st Highland Regiment of Foot Light Infantry.

In order to become Light Infantry the regiment changed the way it trained, marched and fought. The 1st Battalion left Britain for the Cape of Good Hope in where they were involved in minor actions. The city was actually captured but later the inhabitants rose against the small British force and took them prisoner. Two battalion flags or Regimental Colours were also captured.

On the 21st. The colours were presented by General Floyd, a veteran officer. After reforming the battalion they sailed in for Portugal where they took part in General Moore's advance into Spain and disastrous retreat out of Spain which ended with Moore's victory at Corunna. Upon leaving Spain the battalion was sent in on the Walcheren Campaign. In the battalion was back in Iberia. They fought all the way through the Peninsular War and were at the Battle of Waterloo in as part of the 3rd Brigade in Maj.

General Sir Henry Clinton's 2nd Division. The 2nd Battalion was raised in and spent the whole of the Napoleonic War based in Scotland supplying men to the 1st Battalion. The 71st Highlanders moved back to Britain in where they were when the Childers Reforms were carried out in Une fenêtre pop-into d'information contenu principal de Sensagent est invoquée un double-clic sur n'importe quel mot de votre page web.

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Winnipeg Manitoba. Son Altesse Royales le prince Philip le duc d'Édimbourg. Lieutenant-colonel R. Thomson tué au combat aux hauteurs de l'Ancre le 8 octobre Lieutenant-colonel A. Gostling tué au combat à Dieppe le 19 août Lieutenant-colonel N.

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Lieutenant-colonel J. Runcie, MC blessé au combat à Fontenay-le-Marmion le 7 août Lieutenant-colonel C. Ferguson tué au combat à Fontenay-le-Marmion le 8 août Lieutenant-colonel E. Thompson, DSO tué au combat à la crête de Calcar le 26 février Creighton 2 e Bataillon.

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Ypres,' Festubert, Mont Sorrel. Somme, Crête d'Ancre. Arras,' Vimy, Côte Ligne Hindenburg. Canal du Nord. Cambrai, Poursuite vers Mons.

France et Flandres, Crête de Bourguébus. Crête de Verrières-Tilly-la-Campagne. Route de Falaise.