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Trier par: Pertinence Note Date. Canada's Wonderland is a great first job experience. A typical work day would last around hours, with two 50 minute breaks in between working times.

They have a lovely place to eat your lunch called "cornerstones" with good food, beverages, and AC. The hardest part of the job would be standing long periods in the heat and the commute. Though, the most enjoyable part of the job was getting to meet new people, making friends, and seeing all of the wonderful reactions of guests as they leave the rides with a smile. Overall, working at Canada's Wonderland was a wonderful experience.

Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile? Fun work environment, poor training. Wonderland is great if your are trying to make a lot of money, they give you a lot of hours especially in the rides department. Although the money is great, this is not the job for you if you do not like being outside, or cannot stand for long periods of time. Points positifs. Free entrance to CN tower, toronto zoo, discount entry for Ripley's Aqarium.

Loading and unloading guests in a safe and hospitable manner Ensuring safety of all guests and employees in a diligent manner Maintain park and location cleanliness Enforcement of Canada's Wonderland Ride Operations standards Responsible for calculating hourly capacity readings for the ride. It is a fun place to work but the weather conditions can be quite harsh and make it hard to get through the work day. As an employer Cedar Fair is great, they work around your schedule, pay attention to your personal needs, and provide opportunities for advancement in the company.

Great people, minimum wage. An okay summer job for students or looking quick cash but no chance for advancement. Lots of dealing with people in the heat and whatnot so you also get experience in customer service.

Group interview where you ask each other questions and they watch and score you but they hired all three people so they might hire everybody that passes the phone interview.

Wouldn't go back again unless I absolutely needed a job. Great People. My typical day starts off with filling up the go kart gas tanks. Also doing test runs to make sure the machine is working well. Promptly around 9 AM, we open our gates to start collecting passengers! Fun place to work with a very engaging environment.

Working at Wonderland is a great experience. You gain tons of experience in customer service when you interact with guests as they walk through the park and ride the rides. There are many opportunities for advancement.

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Tons of discounts on a variety of tourism spots in Canada. Ex: Free visit to CN Tower. Amazing Job. It was my favourite job that I have ever had. Random Comments: -Lots of guest engagement and communication, so if that is not what you enjoy, this job is not for you -Working as a team is really what this job is about -There is also a lot of room for advancement for the future if you return for following seasons -Management is, for the most part, very understanding -Taking time off is not an issue unless it is the end of August because that is their peak time -The hardest part of the job is the sun when it gets extremely hot, and when I first started and I did not know how to do ANYTHING -The most enjoyable part of the job was the friends I made while working here -Most people are very helpful when you are new or a long-time employee, and do not have a problem with you asking questions if you have any concerns -The pay is ok for the amount of work that we do.

Sometimes I feel that we should be getting paid more than minimum wage because we are always busy and we are working in an outdoor environment. Fun to work but far. I really like working at wonderland. The people make it really fun especially when they interact with you. Very Productive, learnt a lot of new things.

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Unfair, not enough money for amount of work. Typical day at work would be from 9ampm. Super long days, management over rid policies. Treated like a piece of garbage. Other than that, not the best environment, no room for improvement. Good summer job. Canada's Wonderland is a great place to work if you're simply looking for a summer job. Unless you're the type of person to jump without question, advancement within the company is highly unlikely.

Ride groups are a tight knit environment of staff who become family throughout the season. Brace yourself. Other than the weather, the job is only hard because of guests and a few supervisors that may abuse there position.

Pack your own lunch because the cafe lines are long and you will spend most of your break in the lines and the other half getting back to your ride. Remember to bring water, blue or black pens, and a watch. Things will get really hard to handle during the months that students are off school, so take don't be afraid to ask for help or to ask for a break if u have heat exhaustion or need to go to the bathroom.

Targets are hard to meet so just try your best. Working at Wonderland was a fun experience. The most enjoyable part of the job was free access to the park and opening and closing rides that you can go on. The hardest part of the job is that you're working outdoors. Working at Canada's Wonderland is a perfect summer job, they pay good and give you lots of hours to work. Greeting can be hard, because you are expected to stop anyone who cuts in line, and they do have employees disguised as guests line cut to see if you will remove them.

The reason it can be rather difficult is when it's a group of 5 teenagers and you need to remove them yourself. You have the option to call security, but the blazed through the security numbers and how to work the phone during my training so I never remembered them. It's good work.

You get a free seasons pass with employment, most of the co workers are nice, the problems come from guests who are rowdy and just downright mean, but management itself is very good.

Boring work with plenty of nepotism.

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Amazing environment to work in, provides an incredible opportunity to make lasting bonds. It was such a joy to work at Canada's wonderland, they were very helpful when it came to teaching, defended their employees and provided amazing flexibility to accommodate schedules.

Rides Operator. Working at Canada's wondering was a great experience. It gave me a chance to work on my leadership and communication skills to insure further success in future endeavours. Canadas Wonderland is a great student job to hold. It taught to the value of hard earned money, and time management. You worked long hours therefore the worklife balance was tough, but i believe this student job taught me a lot in terms of time management, and sustaining a job.

Exciting work environment.

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Exiting people to work with. Fast paced environment to learn new things every day, and motivating challenges to constantly gain more experience dealing with guests. Précédente 1 2 3 4 5 Suivant.