Hyperhidrosis and botox

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Des injections réalisées au niveau des régions axillaires, des paumes de main, des soles plantaires, de la face ou d'autres territoires cutanés, c'est certainement l'hyperhidrose palmoplantaire qui est la moins accessible, en tout cas qui pose le plus de problèmes techniques en raison des difficultés à obtenir une bonne analgésie. Contre la sialorrhée et les phénomènes de bavage qui accompagnent certaines maladies neurologiques chroniques, la toxine botulique paraît avoir des effets très prometteurs.

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Toutefois l'objectif précis n'a pas encore été déterminé entre la glande parotide, la glande submandibulaire, ou les deux?

Les moyens de ciblage nécessaires et suffisants sont encore imprécis. Le nombre de sites par glande et les doses à injecter restent aussi à déterminer. The aim of this work is to sum up current evaluation of this use.

The most interesting articles in relation to our own personal experience were chosen. However, the injected areas have not been listed so frequently. Axillary hyperhidrosis has been studied most ; it is also in this case and in the case of gustatory sweating that the best results have been obtained. Publications about palmar and especially plantar hyperhidrosis are much rarer, almost anecdotic. It has been demonstrated to a lesser extent that BT injections are effective in these cases.

Literature about sialorrhea is just beginning. However, the reduction of the production of saliva following intra parenchymatic injection of toxin into the parotid and submandibular glands, thus rarifying drooling, has been demonstrated. For each of the pathological indications, both the injection techniques and the optimal doses remain to be determined.

In fact, the first publications indicated such efficiency without serious side effects. For hyperhidrosis, there has developed a consensus for making intracutaneous injections only. Of the injections in axillary areas, the palms of the hands, the plantar regions, the face or other cutaneous areas, palmoplantar hyperhidrosis is the least accessible, in any case causes the most technical problems, because of difficulty in pain management.

For sialorrhea and the drooling that accompanies certain chronical neurological diseases, BT seems to have very promising effects. However, it has not been precisely determined whether to inject the parotid gland, the submandibular gland, or both.

Necessary and sufficient means of targeting are still imprecise.

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It also remains to be determined the number of sites per gland and the doses to be injected. Français Español Italiano. Previous Article Bruxisme, syndrome algodysfonctionnel des articulations temporo-mandibulaires et toxine botulique L. Chikhani, J. Journal page Archives Contents list. Bertrand, V. Article Article Outline.