Rengar the pridestalker wallpaper

Not only is he back, but he is also back in style, with this awesome new skin under his arsenal. Demolish your enemies in the Summoner Rift, in the game of League of Legends, and look amazing with this skin on your champion and on your smartphone. Headhunter Rengar might be prowling in your nearest bush, so you must be careful when approaching it.

If you yourself like to play this awesome champion remember to always take advantage of the nearest bush to leap with Savagery onto your foes.

If they might get away u can use your Bola Strike and engage Thrill of the Hunt to surprise attack anyone in the Summoner Rift. Share in the fun, by playing Headhunter Rengar while in party with your friends, so that you dominate the enemy Nexus and the enemy champions in style, as a team.

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Rengar the pridestalker wallpaper

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