Overnight train rides with sleeper cars near me

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Qutb Minar tour de la Victoire. Temple Birla Mandir Lakshmi Narayan. Dilli Haat. Toutes les recommandations. À proximité. Uttar Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh et Uttarakhand. Chargement des options disponibles…. Prise en charge à l'hôtel offerte. Billet mobile. Vue d'ensemble. Profitez de l'excitation d'un véritable safari indien lors de cette visite privée de deux nuits dans le parc national Ranthambore et dans la réserve naturelle de Delhi.

Approchez-vous des tigres du Bengale, des oiseaux exotiques et d'autres créatures indigènes pendant que votre guide expert navigue à travers le feuillage de ce parc prisé.

Explorez la jungle en jeep et apprenez-en plus sur l'écosystème qui vous entoure grâce à votre guide naturaliste. La deuxième nuit est passée dans un hôtel 3 étoiles à Ranthambore. À quoi s'attendre. Plongez dans les profondeurs de la jungle lors de ce safari de deux nuits au parc national de Ranthambore, qui vous rapproche des plus gros chats sauvages du pays. Profitez d'un transport aller-retour au départ de Delhi dans le confort d'un train climatisé, ainsi que d'options d'hébergement pour un, deux ou trois lits dans un hôtel 3 étoiles à Ranthambore.

Jour 1: Delhi — TanthamboreVotre guide sympathique vous accueillera à votre hôtel de Delhi pour une soirée en train jusqu'à Ranthambore. Détendez-vous et détendez-vous pour le trajet de 7,5 heures et profitez du confort climatisé de votre voiture-lits.

Votre sympathique chauffeur vous attendra à votre arrivée et vous emmènera au parc national de Ranthambore pour un safari de 3 heures dans la jungle dans une jeep commune. Un naturaliste qualifié vous expliquera les merveilles de ce parc au cours de votre excursion passionnante et informative. La forêt luxuriante abrite le fort de Ranthambore et servait autrefois de terrain de chasse privé pour les maharajas de Jaipur.

EnRanthambore devint un sanctuaire de gibier et plus tard, enil fut officiellement nommé parc national. Votre guide et votre chauffeur vous transporteront le long de routes spéciales où les tigres seront visibles jour et nuit.

Admirez ces belles créatures se prélasser au soleil, chassez avec leurs jeunes et reposez-vous après un bon repas à l'ombre. Partez pour une autre promenade de trois heures dans la jungle avant de retourner à votre hébergement pour un dîner et une soirée tranquille de détente dans la nature. Nuit: hôtel 3 étoiles à Ranthambore Jour 3: Ranthambore — Delhi PD Savourez le petit-déjeuner à votre hôtel et détendez-vous dans le confort de votre hébergement avant le transfert de l'après-midi à la gare pour le voyage de retour à Delhi.

Vous pouvez acheter un panier-repas à l'hôtel pour votre voyage. À votre arrivée, votre chauffeur vous conduira à votre hôtel à Delhi. Photos de voyageurs. Avis 3,5. Ranthmbore NP was the highlight of my 10 days in India. The two safaris were perfect. Saw plenty of wildlife and on the second safari there were 2 tigers. The park is divided up into segments that allow for a limited amount of vehicles in each segment so it never seemed too crowded. My tour contact, Arshad, met me at the hotel, stayed with me at the train station and escorted me onto the train to my train cabin.

I was very grateful for him staying with me as the train station late at night for a single female did not feel safe. Plus he was a wealth of knowledge on Indian places, people and culture. The overnight train ride was not luxurious but was great use of time. Just be aware of your train arrival time and be out of your cabin and near the exit. There are no notifications for the train stops and when it is dark outside, you can not see the stop from inside the cabin.

If you are taking the train overnight, request the 1st class sleeping quarters. This is two bunks, sleeping four people per room. Coming back during the day, second class was fine as I was just sitting up watching the towns go by. I stayed at the Jungle Retreat and it was a lovely boutique resort with excellent food and very helpful staff.

The best staff at any resort I stayed at in India. Noticed a few comments about the tour being title Private. The safari's are not private, there are always people per jeep in order to maximize the number of people visiting the park and limiting the number of vehicles. This worked for me as it was nice to enjoy the safari with other tourist as I was travelling solo. Elizabeth S. We were picked up from our hotel and delivered to our sleeping compartment on the train and royally looked after.

We were picked up and transferred to our hotel for breakfast before our first safari. Then followed some down time then another safar. Our guide was superbly knowledgeable and was as disappointed as we were not to spot a tiger. We did see a leopard and many sloth bears Then back to the hotel for dinner. The following day we left to return to Delhi.

The train was running late but our tour guide remained with us and entertained us with stories of life in the area before ensuring that we were setttledd on the train for our return. Would regime cohen a 1200 calories unhealthy this tour. Andrew S. The tour is in principle well organized, but we encountered significant problems. When we arrived at the train station for Ranthambore National Park at AM there was no one to meet us.

Finally, 30 minutes later the guide arrived. He had mixed up the number of our passenger car. We had a first class sleeper compartment but it was extremely basic, more like third class in a developed country. The hotel we stayed at, Jungle Retreat, had no hot water so we could not take a shower.

The train ticket for the return to Delhi was the wrong one. Fortunately, this was corrected in time and we did not miss out train. The quality of English of some of the guides was poor, making communications difficult. I estimate that the actual costs of the services we received hotel, train fare, transfers, safaris drives was less than US, but the price of the tour was around US.

One would save significantly if one were adventurous enough to make one's own arrangements. Mallory H. This experience was absolutely phenomenal. The transfers were easy and the guides were friendly and caring The only thing I warn is that, while we saw tigers, seeing them is not very common. The tent hotel that we stayed in was awesome, but bring a snack or two because you might get there too early for breakfast.

The hotel where we were has a pool that is so nice, so also bring a swimsuit!! Christopher J. The overall Trip was great I would recommend to travelers to insist that they travel FIRST CLASS on the overnight train trip because the 2nd class sleeper car that was provided by the travel agent was akin to being in a prison ship. The Overnight train ride was in a wretched sleeper with four strangers, the inmates on Orange is the New Black have better accommodation.

When I came back to Delhi and saw this 2nd class cabin again I insisted on paying for an upgrade to first class. It was about 10 buck more expensive but definitely worth it. That being said the trip overall was quite enjoyable, the hotel was great the safari amazing and the staff very attentive and helpful. Wendy J. This trip was a complete disappointment. I have booked various tours from viator in different countries and I felt compelled to write this review for this tour.

We get picked up from our hotel and were taken to the train station.

The representative was nice but was unable to answer questions about the tour because he never took that tour or guided the tour. He escorted us to our train cabin and told us NOT to get off of the train until another rep of the tour company knocked at our cabin to escort us to the hotel.

The train cabin was definitely not first class material as someone had mentioned in a review, it was very dirty and uncomfortable. The train didn't have a loud speaker or anyway to inform the passengers the name of the stops. A few minutes passed after our expected arrival time and no one came to get us like we were told.

I called the company and told us to get off at the next stop and someone will get us. We waited over an hour and finally were picked up and were told we were only going on one safari because we missed our first safari.

David W. A very comfortable overnight train journey in a first class carriage. We were met and escorted at each stage of the journey. We were given zone 8 in the morning, seeing few animals, but in the afternoon we had zone 4 - wonderful! Our guide was very excited, and indeed, amongst other animals, we saw a beautiful tigress. The company phoned us in the evening to check we had seen a tiger - I think if we hadn't, we could probably gone on another expedition, but the line wasn't too clear.

Would recommend. I did Rachel P.

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I really enjoyed Ranthambore! I did get two see two tigers, one on the morning trip and one during the afternoon. I saw many other animals as well. The pickup service was fantastic and I was easily able to spot the driver picking me up in both Delhi and at the train station.

The train while fairly comfortable, is not private. I shared a sleeper car with three strangers which was intimidating as a solo, female traveler. The safari was fantastic, the hotel was comfortable, and the hotel staff were amazing. Well worth it! Morgan F. I enjoyed this trip from the moment I left my hotel. It was my first experience with the Indian railway, so the guide helped me all the way to my seat on the train before leaving.

Overnight train rides with sleeper cars near me

The guides I had one in Delhi and one in Ranthambore were very helpful, they checked in on me and made sure I was enjoying the trip. On the actual safari, we did not see any tigers, but we did see a leopard, which is apparently quite rare. In addition to the leopard we saw monkeys, peacocks, lizards, crocodiles, many species of birds, and deer. The jeep rides were fun and the scenery was beautiful. I went the last weekend they were open before monsoon, so there was a lot of greenery from rain a few days prior.

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