Rc stealth rides tank russe

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The connection between your bike and the terrain will be seamless, as your DebonAir equipped shock absorbs every little hit without any harsh feeling on your body. A shock so soft, you can push way harder. Who doesn't want more available wheel travel for successive hits? The Rapid Recovery System allows the shock to recovery faster between consecutive bumps, letting the wheel track the ground with greater precision.

Rapid Recovery gives the rider access to more available wheel travel, bump after bump, to achieve a smoother and more controlled ride. But why bust out plastic clips or rulers to keep your suspension fine-tuned? So give mom back her plastic clip and ruler. Torque Caps make the bond between hub and fork dropout stronger, with an increased surface area connecting the two.

This creates a stronger, stiffer interface, giving you a more responsive front wheel and more control. So you concentrate on the most important connection, the one between your bike and the trail. While Torque Caps provide performance benefits through additional stiffness in the fork-hub interface, there is not a technical disadvantage for running standard-sized end caps in Torque Cap-compatible RockShox forks. Suspension et direction automobile 2.

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Rc stealth rides tank russe

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