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God called me to military ministry.

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I saw what was going on in the Chaplaincy a my conscience call me to resign. Chaplain's need to be replaced with Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and augmentation mammaire gouvernement missionaries sent and paid by churches need to fill religious needs of military persons.

An organization full of rich history and culture. Forward Signal Support Systems Supervisor. I enjoyed serving, however I did not feel challenged and was overqualified for my position. Army Strong. The Army was one of the greatest experiences I'll ever have in my life, and by no means to be considered a cake walk or by the faint of heart. This job will reshape all the things you were into a greater forged potential.

This all in one job has excellent benefits, decent pay, and room for promotions. It was time to move on. As you work your way up through the ranks, it becomes a management type job, and I enjoyed working with Soldiers more. I loved my job and I loved the people, but the constant absences from home deployments, hour duty took a toll on my family.

It's not for everyone, it's a difficult life. US Army. The US Army is great place to work for it offered great stability and also advancement opprotunties.

I loved what I did for the country and had a great four years. Stable income, unstable location. The military is great for people who have no ties to any "home". There are frequent relocations and deployments. The values instilled into all employees are top notch. A great orginization that operates on values and will help you grow and exceed your own expectations. A superb place to serve and defend the nation while taking care of your own family and career.

Dedicated hardworkers, committed to completing the mission. There is no other workplace like the United States Army. I am blessed to have served along side of the men I have worked with. The Army installs values into people such as honesty, integrity, and loyalty, among others, that are not present in other work places. I feel as if the Army has prepared for whatever obstacles and challenges that may present themselfes to me.

Full of technical training. Have to brown nose all superiors. Horriable management when it comes to being CCA. The time it takes u to learn the job it is not given physically. Brown nose every supervisor just to keep ur job. Terrible management. Very manipulating and not a person you can look up to for a positive role model. Terrible to be around and not a person you can ask questions. Until she is gone look somewhere else for employment. Very fast paced and stressful. Years ago that used to be a wonderful place to work but now it feels like a sweatshop I wouldn't recommend it to friends or family.

It's very difficult to take off anytime from work using your vacation or sick days because you don't have sub to cover you so therefore you have to feel guilty anytime that you want to take off from work. The most difficult thing is to go out and finish your route only to Come Back Inn to pick up what the second truck has delivered then you go back out and deliver those on your second trip.

Saturday we ended up doing a third trip which is very embarrassing the customers think you're the one that's making all the mistakes and it has nothing to do with us Do it if you have no other choice.

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Simple, read above. They hire pretty quickly, from a few weeks to a month or two. The work is hard, and the managers could be pretty unlikeable. Nice place to work for someone single.

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Working for the post office does not have much of a work life balance for the pay, especially for someone with a family. Benefits and salary pay out well towards retirement if you can hold out that long.

Messed up working conditions. This is a great job if you get into management. Carriers are required to perform activities that are subhuman activities! Rural carriers are expected to drive down roads and driveways that are in horrible condition!

It destroys your vehicle and the boss don't care City carriers are attacked by dogs, walk in areas that gun fire is going on, and the boss don't care. They preach safety, but you will get fired. The Union tries to help, but, the best thing they can do is keep the wages up. I tried it Look into which city to choose from, talk to local carrier about opinion. Always changing minds, favoring, expecting more or less from individuals instead of equal, management was a huge bummer and was always looking to save their own backs.

Postmaster is utterly awful, rude, arrogant, and doesn't know what he is doing and is really insufficient for his job. Always looking to pick a fight, or utilize his 'power' in a non resourceful or beneficial way. Almost to the point where he is power hungry and has little man syndrome. Excuse my rudeness Supervisors weren't that great either. Pay was decent and LOTS of overtime. If you're a work horse or want to earn pretty good money bi-weekly for short or long term this could be for you.

The job is easy just follow all the procedures. Have a professional apperance and attitude. Poor Management. Never met manager Employees unfriendly Not given proper equipment to perform basic job duties. Training was good but the work enviornment is not what the training leads you on to. Was an ok job. It is a security job. It is exactly what you would expect. Easy to get in, low pay, low supervision, no future. It is a good way for you to fill in employment gaps if you are having trouble finding work.

Diificult to work for a company whose first policy is we can terminate you for no reason. To be proficient in my job and organized. Management does not follow through on procuring items needed for work. Staying organized is essential. Meeting some of our customers. Laid back company to work for but wages are not enough.

Louis, MO — 24 juin Allied Universal Security is a decent place to work for. I have been with the company for 5 years and I have enjoyed working for them. The company offers very little in advancement and salary though. Great company.

This is a great company we do security for Mosaic. Mostly running the gate and signing contractors in and out and doing call outs for Mosaic employees. Lackluster at best. I suppose my biggest complaint about Allied was that they constantly shorted my paycheck.

I had to babysit my wages and almost every week had to contact them about hours missing from my pay. After several months of this, I reported the manager to HR. Apparently he wasn't filing the payroll mistakes properly because he got into some trouble and started treating me very poorly.

Hershey park ride operator salary

Aside from that, the pay wasn't great, and the benefits were a joke. No sick time. One week vacation after a year, 2 weeks after 3 years.