Chessington rides closing time

Management expect a lot from young workers, even if it's their first job. Team leaders are generally nice and higher management are okay. In the retail side of the park there is a large amount of people leaving the job for a variety of reasons. All "retail host" are on 0 hour contracts and I have experienced a few times when i've turned up for a 8 hour shift and the management have changed my hours to either 1 hour or non at all.

Standing on your feet all day showing cars where to go. Over the past 2 years it has taken a real bad turn. There are lack of hours outside of summer, yet during summer you work so much that you only get maximum 8 hours from when you get home until you have to leave again in the morning. The pay is awful for the amount you do in a day and management is terrible.

No one knows what they are doing anymore. Fun Adventure.

Chessington is a great place to develop and learn new skills. Ive learned great lessons in time management and how to lead a team to success. The workplace culture is amazing, they are one big family and very welcoming to all new comers. Amazing benefits programme and free tickets to worldwide attractions. Sometimes enjoyable mostly hard work.

Working for Chessington gave me experiences that have now led me to make choices for life, I have learnt to cook, organise, completed health and safety tests, food hygiene tests and enjoyed most of the time working for the company.

Relaxed and Professional. Working at Chessington is a great experience. Friendly environment, with easy opportunities to progress and earn promotions.

Would recommend for any people in education, and students for part-time summer work. Fun to work for and nice management. Flexible working hours and they take into account any requests. Fun atmosphere botox levre douleur yeux work in with other staff and it is mostly outside.

Really loved it here. Typical day included cleaning enclosures, feeding animals and other general cleaning duties. Enjoyed working within a close team, everyone looks out for one another. Productive and busy.

Management is good with somethings. It's a job that your constantly on your feet which can get tiring. Working here has build my confidence up and has taught me good customer service skills. Caterpillars as a rule are voracious feeders and many of them are among the most serious of agricultural pests. In fact many moth species are best known in their caterpillar stages because of the damage they cause to fruits and other agricultural produce, whereas the moths are obscure and do no direct harm.

Conversely, various species of caterpillar are valued as sources of silk, as human or animal food, or for biolo. Fun with a capital F! This was my first full time job after completing studying and although the salary was not great the atmosphere here made up for this massively.

The work culture here is fantastic and people really care about making the guests enjoyment during their visit an amazing experience. First Job. Chessington World of Adventure is a great place for a first jobs as you have a flexible time table suited to you and has better than average wage for a young person. The management is very friendly an understanding in both work a personal situations and make you feel comfortable at all times.

Chessington was very fun to work for because i met a range of different people and i adapted to each and every single one in their own ways. Management was very goodoverall Chessington was amazing. The season ended in October which meant so did my contact the reason i didn't continue at Chessingston is because i wanted to get into retail and gain experience in different atmosphere.

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Chessington rides closing time

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