Rideshare or food delivery

Enjoy it everyday I meet new people all the time Poor System and Pay. Who in there right mind is going to drive 3 miles to a restaurant to pick up an order the 7 miles to the customer who most of the time does not tip cash. So if you dont accept these you most likely will be moved down in the system. Zero orders during last 2 dashed when map stated very busy.

Money Job IC position. Lots of waiting around, lots extra in between driving involved. Daily pay but also weekly expenses. Order issues map says busy no orders are available.

Not as rewarding as the title specifies! Points positifs. Waste gas on low amount orders, or take a penalty to your driver stats that seem to matterlow wage amounts for deliveries to ridiculous areas, underpaid delivery drivers.

Rideshare or food delivery

Very Productive an fun workplace. One of the best jobs i ever had. Looked forward to going to work everyday. Great tips and very friendly customers.

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Traveled to areas thats i might not have of ever traveled in life. I want to be the best in anything that I do. Study hard, pass all the tests and be all that I can be. Fun but dangerous. I guess if you like a high risk situation and low pay then this might b ok for you.

If u can go hard in bad weather then you can do ok, but in good weather you might not make much. I have been dashing for almost a year and I deeply regret doing this. Door dash rips off dashers and they take most of the money on orders. They drop your acceptance rate when you refuse orders, they don't pay you anything. They take you miles outside of the target area sometimes 10 to 15 miles just to drop an order off.

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Then want you drive all the way back to a hotspot and wait for an order and you have to dash for hours at a time just to make a few dollars it's not worth it. Keep screwing over your drivers Uber and Lyft and you will see really fast what happens to corporations who are greedy. Apply online at ridvy. Passez à. Sections de cette page.

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Sélectionner plateforme. Information sur la page :. Téléchargez Uber eats: Local food delivery - apk pour le portable ou la tablette. Vous pouvez télécharger gratuitement l'application Uber eats: Local food delivery pour Android directement sur cette page. Si cette appli vous manquait sur votre portable, appuyez tout simplement sur le bouton "Télécharger" pour installer apk de cet assistant irremplaçable sur votre tablette ou sur votre portable. Vous trouverez également un grand nombre d'autres catégories sur Fr.

Et, bien sûr, il reste notre principe constant - vous pouvez télécharger Uber eats: Livraison locale de repas pour Android sans inscription et sms!