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Maybe Morris County will own the Whippany Line by the time they're able to put something together again, snicker It is with great regret that Tri-State Railway Historical Society must announce that, due to unforeseen circumstances, it will no … longer be possible to have a steam locomotive at the Tri-State Railfest in July. Our planning committee is proud of our ambitious concept for this event. Without a steam locomotive however, we do not believe we can carry out an event that lives up to our expectations.

We invite all of you to share in many more Tri-State events duringand we're very appreciative of your ongoing interest and participation. Want to ride on a dinky speeder on track that's not maintained? Want to ride in a coach that smells like some Allentown Train Show attendee crapped their pants? Well this is the festival for you!

It appears that the photo that Tri-State Railway Historical Society posted with members working on stuff without proper safety equipment was removed. I guess they don't like to be called out on safety violations.

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This is about safety, and keeping volunteers safe. Some members may not be aware, but there are certain safety rules that mush be followed and required by OSHA and the FRA - it is for their protection!

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So it turns out that a transfer of ownership occurred within the prison. Guess what? Still two engines locked away from everyone! They are the first and only diesels ever purchased by the local short line Rahway Valley Railroad, and the last two locomotives that it ever owned. The two engines, built by General Electric in and respectively, have worked and been displayed together consistently since 17 was delivered to the RV in But this past summer, the two were split up.

It was found that No. Without heavy repair, No. Several generous Tri-State members and donors wanted to see the locomotives fixed, and Tri-State's mechanical team was up to the challenge.

This Spring, Tri-State volunteers will have the locomotive lifted, the trucks disassembled, and the necessary parts sent out while the engine sits on blocks with no wheels. Once the engine is reassembled, it will be delivered to Boonton to be reunited with No.

Once 16 and 17 are with the rest of the Tri-State collection, the engines are going to be thoroughly inspected to assess their condition, and hopefully return one of the two to operation. It is our organization's intention to have both locomotives made accessible for the education of the public as often as possible. We look forward to the opportunities these locomotives will provide our organization, our followers, and our members!

It's Giving Tuesday! If you do, earmark it for theas that is equipment accessible at Steamtown unlike the ME 19! Absolutely NO! They belong in a museum, not some inaccessible yard! Photo by Ruotolo Photography. A nice treat on the rear of Amtrak train Just imagine the stories the Hickory Creek and the station could tell The only touch ups you'll ever see on this locomotive!

The engine doesn't even run, when they did their 'axle change', they didn't reconnect the motors. Also, all of your cab signal equipment is GONE!

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Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. Don't be surprised if this gets cancelled last minute! Santa Train - Wayne, NJ. Railroad Museum [for a day] is hosted by the United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey, owners of the largest and most historic railroad collection in New Jersey.

Santa train rides in nj

Railroad Museum [for a day]. The Reading Circle trip when the 'Dutch Lunch' was served at 4pm and people were about to start eating the seats they were sitting on 's tender getting damaged in Temple, PA trying to take on coal. Cars not being watered the night before Cancelled trips and people not getting their money back.

The motorcar trains are coming back to Cape May! There will be no trips on Sunday this weekend only. The Cape May Seashore Lines along with the