Pigment on puppys nose

Just keep an eye on it. He recently ran nose-first into a chair and now he has a pink spot on his nose. Is he ok? Mettre à jour: We were playing.

Répondre Enregistrer. DP Lv 7. Il y a 1 décennie. He is probably okay. It might turn black again, it might not. He is fine; just a little scratched. You can apply Neosporin on it to promote healing. Que pensez-vous des réponses? Vous pouvez ouvrir une session pour attribuer un vote à la réponse. Dog Chick Lv 5. Sonny-Licous Lv 4. He probably just nicked it, you should keep an eye on it so it doesnt get infected. Vous avez encore des questions? Obtenez des réponses en posant vos questions maintenant.

Long time Brittany breeders have been complaining about judges who penalized well muscled field dogs. Many complain about the fashion of the slinky german shepherd side gaits that have become popular at teh group level. I look at web pages of UK breeders and notice the very short legs so short that when you lay a ruler up against the photo the dog is in an ratio of height to length Is it because the UK is where many Spaniels hail from and most are longer than tall???

The internet is wonderful to see what happens to breeds all over the world. Posté: Ven 28 Sep, The preciseness of the standard, the description of the faults in detail are all helpful to understand the breed better.

Funny Goldie saying" some" UK dogs are getting short in leg. That is what I noticed and wrote in my critics when I judged last. It is imperative that the Breton retains such a conformation that he can run with ease in sugar beet fields, and maybe grouse moors too.

To be of reasonable size to carry a cock pheasant or hare.

Form and function. I very much hope that the breed can remain dual purpose in the UK and doesn't end up as we don't have the same system as the French where you have to have both work and show gradings just a pet and show dog. Imagine, a flashy show type Breton, over trimmed, moving flat out,winning groups- the worst thing to happen here- then mated to stock unproven in the field. I hope I never see the day, but I am not that confident. We have a job to do and that is to keep the Breton like the French do,to select the best, to use it for shooting Are you sure it was not a trick of camera angle?

A square cobby dog is highly regarded over here. Could you post some links to pictures please? Posté: Dim 30 Sep, Hope you don't mind me butting in like this but penalising for muscle must be a global trait in judges; I have been denied challenge certificates here because my boy was deemed too muscly; I told the judges that he was 'working' and they both advised me that working or not he was not in 'show' condition; I took that to mean that he wasnt soft, flabby and squishy!!!

A Breton soft and flabby I placate my anger with them by reminding myself that the Breton is such a minority breed here that the judges would be lucky to ever encounter one but saying that, as all breeds judges they should know their breed standards. In all the shows we have attended, I have encountered only one judge who studied his head for nose to cranium ratio and commented on his lovely barrel!

Posté: Mar 02 Oct, Posté: Mer 03 Oct, In depth seminars are vital,at least we don't have to contend with the American type here. Goldie, i think you are wise not to publish names on a public forum.

It is up to the interested to look for themselves now you have pointed the general direction. I am in disagreement with you about which pictures to publish on the net. Here the total population of EB is quite small - only 50 or so registered puppies per year. Of this number only a very small proportion are put up to show. Anyone really interested in the breed will be aware of nearly all the stud dogs available. The web is not I believe used as a 'shop window' - but I may be wrong.

But a great place for owners to parade their enthusiasm Patricia, loss of duality - To ensure this will not happen would need a fundamental change of mindset; at the moment - as I see it - the UK breed club favours the 'show' dog proving its worth in the field - whereas the French I feel lean towards the working dog proving its place in the ring, a subtle but fundamental difference.

Now for a dual champion champion in field and champion in ring this would make no difference but for any other there is no way of recording 'shades of ability' I have to admit I do rather like the idea of assessed tests with the results recorded on a dog's papers, something that also has a record of the dogs conformation to standard.

But all the while dogs are bred for conformation and no selection for working ability is made then there will be no need for either. Again as I see it once one is involved in the breed one becomes aware of who the breeders are who involve columbus zoo animal rides ability in their breeding decisions forum members will know you are one of those who hold this aspect dearly. If the breed ever picks up in real popularity there is going to be a need for a - for want of a better word - conforming pet dog.

Not everyone will have the need, wish or ability to own a serious hunting companion. Maybe one day we will see something like the livre d'elevage database over here and publicly available. The alternative as you so rightly point out is not good for the future - particularly should a dog without working ability dominate the 'stud' field.

Regime boxeur pro

Then of course one can always choose to import from Europe. On all cases; what i think the best way is to insure that eb's put up for show; A a good knowing the breed judge B all the people that are showing dogs; that they are showing working dog's C breeders only sell there dog's to people that are hunting etc.

Interesting points Guy I am biased all the way, and in favour of the French:sm Sorry That is because: they strive to better their breeding and their goals get higher and higher. What do some English produce? Gundogs which were designed to work, at the very least bring " dinner" on the table. Now we have show and working Cockers, Labradors who are like " puddings" on legs, show Springers, whilst the other variety often displays bent legs, long backs, ugly heads, high set ears.

Why can't a good looking dog don't mean a top "model" not have a minimum aptitude? I often agree with Goldie because it is obvious she has vast experience. And she is right in saying the web is a " shop window" I have a pretty good idea of what she is talking about.

Enthousiasm alone is not enough. Breeding these dogs is serious, and only the best is good enough, What good is it to use a Stud who has not proved its worth in the field? If we want companions dogs, let's have a Yes, the Brittany is a good pet Do we not owe it to the French to keep their legacy? You may have noticed I import my Studs or use the bloodlines I like Wonder why? Hi all, I really don't like the word "duality" as it includes an opposition sense. Show and Working abilities are not in opposition, they are both related.

The show standard is looking for a good hunting dog and the working standard is looking for a dog that fits the conformation standard. So for the EB, a show champion that does not hunt make no sense. A Field Trial champion that does not fit the conformation standart is a non sense. We cannot separate both criterias, we cannot. About the judges, it makes no sense that any all-rounder can "make" champion in any breed.

That does prevent most of the drifts possible coming from the all-rounders judges. It is not possible to well know over breed standards!!! It is impossible.

In Canada, in the CKC, it is only breeds, but that's also too much!!! If only the breed specialists can "make" champions We have many dogs who are just " Show CH". That title goes for all gundogs. There are very few in Brittanys. Check the Brittany Club site of GB. Indeed the 2 go together I could not agree with you more. Sadly though the spring pointing trials don't go towards a title. But working gundog tests on dummies are recognised by the KC and field trials on shot game.

Hence the " split " in the breed I am worried about eventually Work or So if there was a ten year strategy for the breed in this country. Adopt the FCI standard. Open register of all dogs, including hips, conformation. Web based and public. Assessment of conformation to standard.

Breeding rights subject to conformation, A passport for each dog to record its achievements, conformation, field and show. Field abilities tested and recorded. Assessment to a standard regime cretois or mediterraneen argenteuil than by competition.

Field based trials in open competition. Show Judges to have a grounding in gundog work as well as conformation. Field event judges have a grounding in conformation. Heures au format UTC. Page 1 sur 2. Sujet précédent Sujet suivant. Nuray Besbudak. Dernière édition par Nuray Besbudak le Jeu 20 Sep,édité 1 fois au total.

Sujet du message: Posté: Jeu 20 Sep, Don't doubt anymore: Pink and dark are both OK. Nuray wrote : Citer: I've read in books, that the colour of the nose is of the darker colour of the coat. Orange of course. Yet often, the nose of a white and orange is either brown or black, never So, in the current standard, the sentence has been rewrited to be more realistic.

Guy Bagshaw. Sujet du message: Posté: Ven 21 Sep, Sujet du message: Posté: Sam 22 Sep, Patricia Rush. Sujet du message: Posté: Dim 23 Sep, White spot on the nose is called in French "ladre" and, this is a defect.

Sujet du message: Posté: Lun 24 Sep, Sujet du message: Posté: Mar 25 Sep, David Campbell. Sujet du message: Posté: Mer 26 Sep, Sujet du message: Posté: Jeu 27 Sep, Sujet du message: Posté: Ven 28 Sep, Citer: 'Goldie' I look at web pages of UK breeders and notice the very short legs so short that when you lay a ruler up against the photo the dog is in an ratio of height to length