Anti-cellulite vacuum massage silicone cups

Your customized design is always available. The technique is safe and credible. There is no infection and pain in treating diseases. It is convenient for operator and easy to accept. It has extensive indications, limited contraindications. It can be used not only for hospital but also more suitable for family. By squeezing the silicone cup, you expel some of the air inside. Cups can be moved across wet skin, or simply left on the skin surface. About the product. Stretch weak, tight or atrophied muscles, reduce post-surgery adhesions, ease medication dependence, reduce spasms and cramping, lessen depression and anxiety.

If you suffer from headaches, migraines, neck, shoulder or lower back problems, muscle stiffness, tension, sport injury, Carpal Tunnel - Cupping can help! Accept no substitutes. We stand behind every product, offer best customer support and a lifetime product replacement warranty. Your order will arrive packaged with printed instructions and include video tutorials. Choose the brand professionals trust time and time again!

How to use. Apply cream or nourishing cream or oil to you skin 2. Squeeze the Massage Cup in the middle 3. Using both hands, move the cup smoothly in straight-lines, circles, and zig-zags 5. Business Type. ManufactureTrading Company. Main Products.

Anti-cellulite vacuum massage silicone cups

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Can you accept samll order? Yes, we can accept trial orders ,it's the starting of businessbut according to different product the price may be higher as normal quantity. What is your company product range? We are mainly engagen silicone product,we offer one-stop service,OEM is welcome. This technique is also easily used at home for preventing and treating many cellulite female legs conditions such as: cellulite, obesity and perepheric nerve damage.

It also improves blood and lymph circulation, it can be used to treat wrinkles and dry skin and can be used to help in the removal of dead cells. The silicone cup has a smooth action which helps to increase skin respiration and the condition of muscles.

What is "Vacuum Massage and Cupping"? Vacuum cupping massage is one of numerous methods of anti cellulite massage that can be done with the use of massage cupping-glass and any kind of massage oil or cream. Cupping Vacuum Therapy:. Cupping massage has the ability to improve the condition of the capillaries, so that the skin becomes more supple, smooth and elastic. Cosmetic indications for the use of vacuum canned facial massage - dullness of the skin, dry skin, wrinkles, any age-related changes.

Cupping massage improves blood and lymph circulation. Causes local and reflex dilation of the blood and peripheral blood vessels. It has a soothing and resolving the action. Eliminates stagnation, increases skin respiration. The skin becomes firmer, increases its resistance to temperature and physical effects, improving the state of the muscles. One of the most effective methods to reduce cellulite is vacuum cupping massage.

It works very effectively for local fat elimination and restoring skin compactness in problem areas of the body. You can get ride of cellulite using your home cellulite remedies. With vacuum cupping massage you can very effectively reduce body weight and fat layer, as well as contribute to removal of the fatigue and pain.

Indication for Use:. This cupping is used for the treatment and prevention of cold-related and inflammatory diseases, including pneumonia, pleuritis, bronchitis, bronchial allergy; radiculitis, myositis, neuralgia, neuritis, osteochondrosis, as well as the treatment of cellulites.

This cupping is unexpendable for vacuum massage, at which the affluxion of blood and lymph to the skin is performed, its nutrition is improved, and the skin is becoming elastic and flexible.

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Directions for Use:. When using wonder cupping it is recommended to apply massage oil or cream for better effect; then set the cupping glass with regulation of vacuum pressure by its squeezing. The duration and the course of treatment are appointed individually for various diseases. At spinal osteochondrosis you should massage the area from below a small of the back and upwards to the cervical vertebra. At cervical osteochondrosis you should massage the area around the seventh vertebra with round movements it is the most prominent at the forward flexion of head.

At acute respiratory diseases, bronchitis, and pneumonia you should perform spiral movements from the middle of the back to the shoulders. During the cupping glass massage the breath improves, the expectoration lessens, the body temperature is reduced. In case of radiculitis you should massage the lumbar region. In case of cellulites you should massage the problem areas of the body with linear and circular movements; while doing this the fat cells are destroyed.

The practice shows that the capilary walls are not affected even at the strong vacuum compression. The contraindications to use:. Customer Service:.