Infiltrating/sealing proximal caries lesions a 3-year randomized clinical trial

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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. White spots on enamel: Treatment protocol by superficial or deep infiltration part 2 International Orthodontics, Elsa Vennat.

White spots on enamel: Treatment protocol by superficial or deep infiltration part 2. Nous main reasons for its failures. Ó CEO. All rights Ó CEO. Traumatic hypomineralization. Deep infiltration. Infiltration en profondeur. We first proposed [17] an extension of the indica- masquage des taches blanches postorthodontiques [16]. Cette technique, qui vient de recevoir une nouvelle and can be referred to as superficial infiltration. Nous verrons que ce dernier nous treat all enamel lesions effectively, whatever their etiology.

Comme les taches role of whitening. No involvement of the first molars this is not a case of MIHno symmetrical involve- ment this is not fluorosisno demineralization of carious origin unusual position, accessibility to brushing. By elimination we therefore suggest a diagnosis of hypomineralization of traumatic origin.

Slight infiltration by extrinsic pigments produces discolora- tion brown on the mesial part of the spot. Note here that, since access is easy, surgical protection is provided simply by dry aids on the buccal side and good aspiration.

The brown discoloration has disappeared.

La dyschromie marron a disparu. The application of Icon Etch should therefore be repeated see the section on alcohol as an indicator of the position of the lesion. Infiltration by resin should offer still better mask- ing. Infiltration with Icon Infiltrant is therefore performed. If, at this stage, masking following application of alcohol had not been suffi- cient, a third application of Icon Etch would have been performed.

To accelerate the procedure, the acid can be rubbed in for a few seconds using a microbrush or the syringe tip supplied. It is important to ensure good light-curing of the surface of the lesion after the first infiltration and the recommended second infiltration. In order to limit the layer inhibited by oxygen we recommend, after polishing, the application of glycerin followed by a third light-cure. Polishing seems to be an important parameter to ensure chromatic stability of the resin surface [13].

It is for mum mm. The spot is markedly opaque. In traditional dentistry, it would be impossible to hide the opacity at this stage using composite in such a thin layer. La tache est bien opaque. Alcohol can play this role. An optical effect is visible at the center of the lesion but not peripherally. Moreover, the lesion close to the free edge of 11 has not been modified by alcohol.

Further milling will be performed in these zones. Another cycle will be performed. Another cycle of preparation is necessary. All the lesions are translucent. It only remains to fill the hollow by bonding a very small volume of composite.

Whitening visibles que le reste de la dent saine est peu lumineuse. En effet, lors de trated, the color re-emerges very clearly. In the case of deep tement. Therefore, whitening is often a de se remettre dans une situation que nous savons traiter useful technique so as to transform a pigmented spot into a tache blanche.

Infiltrating/sealing proximal caries lesions a 3-year randomized clinical trial

Cette application cations of Icon Etch. A phase of whitening was proposed, with the idea of performing infiltration in a second phase. The patient is perfectly satisfied and does not wish to undertake further treatment. Recent in vitro studies give contradictory prudents [18,25]. Some authors consider that infiltrated enamel remains contradictoires. The first case was treated by Dr.

Attal figs. The second case was treated by Dr. Maud Denis figs. Dr Attal fig. Dr Maud Denis fig. Superficial infiltration is planned in the superficial lesions fluorosis and deep infiltration into the deep lesion MIH.

Deep infiltration will be performed here, prepared by milling. Infiltration is now possible. Note that this resin appears slightly yellow since it contains camphorquinone.

The yellow tinge has disappeared because the camphorquinone has been consumed. Next, composite will be placed on the square part of the tooth that was drilled. She would like us to improve the appearance of this tooth, which alters her smile. Involvement is asymmetrical, predominantly on The discoloration of 21 is complicated by a brownish halo around the white spot. The lower incisors and the molars are not involved. Les incisives mandibulaires, ainsi que les molaires sont indemnes.

The increased brightness of the healthy enamel reduces the dominance of the spots, which nevertheless remain visible. The patient wishes to go further in the attempt to mask the spots. La patiente souhaite aller plus loin dans le masquage des taches. Impregnation by alcohol, with its high refractive index, simulates the final result. Opacity persists, predominantly on Deep infiltration is decided on, and a sandblasting stage will be performed on this tooth. Selective sandblasting is then performed.

Despite the surface erosion treatment and sandblasting on 21the heart of the lesions has been preserved.