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Vous pouvez seulement contacter les workawayers avec une adhésion active. We spent three weeks here and had an amazing time!!!! We learned more or less riding, got to know new people from everywhere and gained new experiences.

It was great that we had the chance to get to know the stuff before the kids arrived, so they could be welcomed by a TEAM. We also joined to improve our english and especially french skills, but we didn't expect the english language dominating the camp.

We really appreciated the warm and friendly atmosphere of the camp. Laissé par le workawayer Rebekka pour l'hôte. It was absolutely great! Sometimes intense and tiring, but such an enriching experience. I really hope I get to meet these adorable people again! Loads of singing, playing games and yummy eating going on.

Plus we got free riding lessons before and after camp. Jess, Marion and Yannik are lovable hosts and will always make sure you have everything you need; and Sally will shower you with care. I can fully recommend this workaway : A hearty thanks to all of you for letting me be part of the team bubble!

Laissé par le workawayer Alisson pour l'hôte. Comment décrire cette expérience L'équipe est super, accueillante et toujours à l'écoute. Les autres workawayeuses complètement géniales. Tout était super. L'ambiance du camp … read more m'a fait retrouver mon adolescence, les soucis et les gènes en moins. C'est d'ailleurs cet esprit qui est transmis aux enfants qui viennent au camp : "be yourself".

Je suis vraiment contente d'avoir eu la chance de participer à ce camp et je tiens à remercier ceux qui le rendent possible. Mention spéciale pour la nourriture plus qu'Excellente et donc pour la cuisinière!

Haha See you soon. Laissé par le workawayer Giorgia pour l'hôte. Two words: simply amazing. This was my first Workaway experience and I couldn't ask for a better place! Jess, Marion, Yannick, Laura, Caz, Sally, Mark and everyone else are wonderful people and always made sure we were enjoying our time and taking care of ourselves too. Our main priority was the safety of the kids of course, and the work was hard … read more but the enthusiastic and friendly environment that created was so rewarding!

We had long breaks during the day so that we could give our best when in charge of the kids. The horses were beautiful and the dogs truly lovely! I miss them and everyone who was there so much! The children were seriously the most kind-hearted and funny human beings anyone would ask for! They were all incredibly respectful and so enthusiastic that it was impossible not to have fun when around them!

What made camp really special was the great partership and friendship that bonded us counsellors and made everything so much enjoyable and interesting. I could go on and on about how wonderful this experience was!

I recommend it to anyone who loves children and animals and wants to improve their English or French. Thanks to everyone who made camp awesome! Laissé par le workawayer Elena pour l'hôte. I stayed in France for 3 month and the camp was definitly my highlight!

It was a blast to be part of the magic Camp world. We have been a great team from all around europe and that was part of what made these four weeks to one of the best in my life!

Before camp there is a training week for the workawayers and it's a perfect way to get to know … read more each other and grow as a team. The atmosphere was great and we all had a lot of fun!

The camp was perfectly organized. Every staff member had a timetable and knew exactly what he had to do. There are plenty of opportunities to spend time with the kids but also to take a break if necessary.

The evening activities have been great fun for the kids and the staff. The big smile on a kids face was all I needed to forget about my tiredness.

They have all been lovely and everyone was sad to leave after one or two weeks in the camp. The cooking team was perfect and cooked vegan, vegetarian, lactose inolerant and "normal" meals. Before and after the camp we had the opportunity to ride and it was well organized with groups for different levels. Swimming in the lake with the horses was just awesome! Thank you Jess, Laura, Marion, Yannick and everyone else to make this possible!

I hope I'll be able to join another camp during the next years. I can definitly more than recommend this host! If you love horses, children, nature and meeting new people this is the place to be for you! Laissé par le workawayer Julia pour l'hôte. I stayed at the camp and at the farm this summer and it was one of the best summers I've ever had. It was hard work at times, but very rewarding and I learned so much during the time I spent there.

Yannick, Marion, Jess and Laura were incredibly hospitable and they gave me the chance to develop myself in every way. I was allowed to give the … read more horse theory and horse care lessons and they trusted me with designing them.

I can highly recommend this host to everyone who likes children, horses and is not affraid to get their hands dirty. Thank you Jess and the rest of the family, I hope to come back next year! Laissé par le workawayer fanny pour l'hôte. One of the best experiences of my life. I really enjoyed spending my summer with Jessica, Marion, Yannick and all the workawayers and staff. The children were lovely, the place is amazing and I really want to come back next year if I can. It wan awesome and I'm so happy that I could improve my English skills there.

Thank you so much for … read more everything. Laissé par le workawayer Xenia pour l'hôte. I had such a great summer thanks to the camp! Jess and Laura's detailed planning ensured that camp ran smoothly, and Marion and Yannick's hospitality made sure we felt welcome in their lovely home.

It was clear that Jess and her family not only cared about the welfare and enjoyment of the children at camp, but of the staff too, so it is a very … read more happy place for everybody involved. The two weeks of camp were tiring, but also extremely rewarding, and there were plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy riding the horses before and after camp. It was really great to be able to take a step back from busy life back home, and just enjoy having fun inside of the camp bubble!

Hannah was a fantastic member of our team this summer. She took everything in her stride and performed any task with a smile. She was great with the children and a brilliant team player. I could feel confident giving Hannah various responsibilities and knew the job would be done properly and with no fuss. She totally got into the whole camp … read more spirit and got on well with everyone. I would have her back in a heartbeat and can wholeheartedly recommend her to any host! Thanks again for everything this summer Hannah!

Laissé par le workawayer Hannah pour l'hôte. What a great experience I had at camp thanks to Jess, Marion and Yannick, all the other lovely workawayers, the campers and the ponies of course! Camp itself was very … read more well organized by Jess and her sister who - with lots of enthusiasm and effort - wanted to make sure the kids had an amazing summer - and not only they enjoyed it, I did too.

Even though it could be quite tiring from time to time, I found working as a counsellor very rewarding and fun. I made new friends from all over the world and in addition, there's the opportunity to practise your language skills since camp runs both in French and English. There were different teams as described above with different responsibilities while camp was on and with everyone having a detailed timetable it worked out well in my opinion.

Marion and Yannick did their best to ensure we were all comfortable, well and happy. All in all, I can definitely recommend working at camp - it's this feeling of being in a place where so many small, apparently important things from the "outside world" suddenly don't matter anymore, where you can focus on what's really important like friendship, being with the horses, seeing the children happy etc.

If you love horses, being outdoors all day in a very beautiful part of France, meeting new people from many different countries, working with children and just want to have loads of fun, then you don't want to miss this! Thanks so much, especially to you Jess, for giving me the opportunity of being a part of camp this year! I loved it! I'm sure it will be even bigger and better next time :. Rosa was an invaluable member of our team this summer! She worked as camp photographer, among other things, and captured some fantastic footage which we have been able to use in our promo material.

Rosa is one of the most helpful, happy, friendly, funny volunteers we have ever met. She is full of good initiative and never shys away from work. Jackie Allison George. Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. Vous semblez rencontrer des problèmes pour lire cette vidéo. Publié par Samantha Victoria Buncher. Someone stole my main squeeze ride today!! Lilly Rae - Horse number 6 today!! This mare Loves to work! She has a beautiful trotjump, and change. She will easily make a Jr hunter but also has enough scope for the jumpers as well!

Arriving today Every little girls Christmas Dreams! Cross rails to Children's Hunter! Neo does it all! Easy and uncomplicated and the owner is motivated! The Sale horses are loving the New course set and the freshly drug footing! What a wonderful weekend it was!

Mid 4's negotiable to great home. Such a sweet boy, ready for his new person!! Lara helped out with our horses at our ranch last summer. Her horsemanship skills are great and she put on a lot of miles, riding our 'green broke" horses and putting more training into them. She got along well with the other staff and helped out with whatever she was asked to do. If you are looking for someone who rides well Lara would be a great … read more choice! We'd take her back anytime Anouk was a great addition to our summer camp staff.

She was very friendly, easy going and helped out with everything. She spent a lot of time in the saddle guiding kids riding groups, helping to teach horsemanship and also riding some of our "green broke horses". We put in some long days and there were not complaints, she was always happy to help … read more out where ever we needed her.

She was very thorough and careful in whatever she did and that was important to us. Anouk got along well with the rest of the staff and all the camp kids. We would highly recommend her as an awesome addition to any program. Laissé par le workawayer Leandra pour l'hôte. The ranch is such a magical place and Bear and Diane are great hosts and amazing, inspiring people with an awesome herd of horses.

Join our family Ranch in Central Alberta, Canada

I really enjoyed working with the kids in summer camp, … read more which was challenging and not always easy, but also very rewarding when you saw them connect with their horses and their smiles when they were with them. Another big plus on the ranch were the other staff girls and junior counselors that you could always count on.

I met wonderful people this summer, made some great experiences and I still miss everybody, people and horses especially Seeker. Cassidy was a great assets to us last summer for our girls summer riding camps. She helped with night supervision in the fort where the camp girls stayed. She stayed in a rustic cabin no power or running water supervised 24 girls with help made sure everyone got to bed, helped with supervision during the day for the riding programs and … read more more Very easy going young lady, cheerful smile, helpful, the camp kids loved her and were always braiding her beautiful long hair.

Cassidy pitched in and did whatever was needed with no complaints just a nice big smile. We would highly recommend her. Diane and Bear. Lauren was a great help at our guest ranch last summer.

She is very good with horses and children, she was a main supervisor for a group of 6 intermediate level riders. Lauren is very confident and able to handle responsibility. We enjoyed her easy going personality, she got along well with everyone - staff and guests and cheerfully pitched in … read more and did whatever was needed.

Hard working and no complaints We would love to have her come back again, anytime Lea was Fantastic, we really enjoyed having her stay with us. Here is someone who can pitch in and know what needs to be done before you even ask for it : Wonderful outgoing personality, gets along well with everyone - people and animals. Lea has an outgoing personality that was perfect for her role helping out with kids riding camps and … read more supervision of them in the evenings.

She was very creative with getting them to play games and do fun things at night. Fun loving - lots of smiles and very easy to get along with! We would welcome her back any time :.

Laissé par le workawayer Lea pour l'hôte. I think, I had the best summer of my life! I learned so much and I am so thankful that I had that opportunity. Doing so much with the horses and being outside the whole day was just amazing. A really nice place to go to. I definitely have to come back one day and I miss all the wonderful people I got to know.

The other workawayers were … read more amazing and I got to meet so many people from around the world. Diane and Bear are so caring and the ranch really felt like home to me. During the summer camps there was lots to do, but If you like children and horses that should be okay : I was able to improve my skills with children AND I got the opportunity to ride and get so much more confident in riding and working with horses. I will never ever forget this summer and I'm thinking about that place many times a day.

Thank you Diane and Bear for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to be a part of your wonderful ranch! We thoroughly enjoyed having Katie stay with us last summer. She was eager, willing and always game to help out with anything. Katie helped us run our girls riding camps, she rode many different horses and she is very competent with horses and people.

We would take her back in a heartbeat, loved having her become part of our herd :. Laissé par le workawayer Katie pour l'hôte. This ranch is a fantastic place! I met some amazing people from all over the world and got the opportunity to ride lots of great horses.

I got to ride everyday here and I learnt to do lots of great connection work with the horses. The work I did teaching the kids to ride was great fun and really satisfying. I think I had a smile on my face the … read more whole time I was there.

Thanks Diane and Bear for this amazing opportunity and experience :. Loved having Georgie join us at our ranch. She is easy going, fun loving and a wonderful help, willing to pitch in with any kind of job.

We saw that she has a bit of a magic hand with horses and can catch even those that are "very hard to catch". We will miss her! Laissé par le workawayer Bethany pour l'hôte. This mountain ranch is an amazing place, filled with wonderful people and horses; if you get the chance to spend time here, drop everything and go! I got to ride almost everyday and teaching the children was great fun, rewarding and at times challenging.

The chores were never arduous and if you smile then everything you do will be enjoyable. Diane … read more and Bear are great hosts and I can't thank them enough for this opportunity and for introducing me to the horse of my dreams, Fudgee. Bethany was awesome! She helped out with every chore that she was asked to do from helping run the programs for our riding camps, doing lots of camp dishes, helping with general ranch chores and more We had a few horses get sick and she was very helpful in caring for them.

She developed an incredible connection to one of our Fjord ponies … read more Fudgee and he just loved her - she put some great training miles on him while she was here. We would love to have her come back anytime :. Maria was a great help at our ranch, excellent with the horses - helping out with all aspects of our programs. Friendly and cheerful and willing to help where ever she was needed. She even helped Bear do some chain sawing!

Very skilled in many areas. We would love to have her come back and join us anytime! They have great organizational skills - helped up clean up our storage sheds, put lots of good miles on our horses that we use for summer camps, helped out with everything that we asked them to do: and always with smiles and enthusiasm. It was wonderful sharing our home with them and would love to have them come … read more back anytime!

If you love horses, Diane and Bear's ranch is a very good place! The surroundings and sunsets are beautiful! It was so much pleasure to hang out with the 60 horses in their field during the evening!

We could ride whenever we wanted to, in the forest or in the arena! During summer camps, there is lots to do with the girls! You need a lot of … read more energy to keep the girls secure as most of them are beginners. But it was very nice to see them improving during the week. It was sometimes hard to share a house with 10 other workaway girls but we met wonderful people from all over the world!

We were not allowed to go out during the week but week ends were free!

International, Bilingual French/English Pony Camp in France!

We fell in love with two beautiful horses, Skipper and Gritt! Thanks a lot for this great experience! Sarah was an awesome help on our ranch. She pitched in and helped out with all the etats unis regime politique, from raking the lawn, feeding horses, fencing, clearing trails and more Easy going, great "take charge" ability which was awesome for us.

Also helped put miles on our riding horses getting them ready for summer horsecamp. We loved having Sarah join us and … read more would take her back in a heartbeat! Jill helped us with the cooking at our girls riding camps and she did great. Very personable and prompt. Willing to help out with whatever was going on at the time. We enjoyed having her stay with us. Bear and Diane. Julia and Kristin were awesome! They helped run our girls riding camps with a very professional attitude.

Both are skilled horsewomen and we had a great time with them at our ranch. Excellent people skills and horse skills. We would take them back in a heartbeat!

Friendly, hard working, cheerful, up for anything that was asked of them. These two sisters helped out with a lot of chores during the riding camps and with the horses. They put in some long days getting horses ready to ride and teaching horsemanship to our riding camp guests.

They also helped out with the stretching exercises that we were doing … read more on the horses that are in the horse rehab program. We appreciated their help and would welcome them back anytime! Awesome, hard working, innovative just to name a few Anna-Lena was a great help at our ranch. She cheerfully participated in all aspects of our business, from helping teach horsemanship to the younger girlssupervising evening games, learning new techniques of horse therapy for horses that need bodywork and more Loved having her join us … read more at the ranch and look forward to seeing her again next year!!

Hurry back!! Hi Weib, thanks so much for joining us at the ranch, we had a lot of fun with you. We appreciated all the help you gave us with the new horses and training some of the younger horses. The kids loved your wonderful energy during the winter camps - many wonderful memories were made hair volume cheveux jenifer that time! Very willing worker, pitched in and helped with … read more everything we were doing - even though it was winter and cold outside : Good luck in your journeys and come back and join us again anytime.

Laissé par le workawayer Wiebrich pour l'hôte. Thank you Bear and Diane for this wonderful experience! I learned so much in the two months I stayed with you. The work with the horses is amazing. They learned me how to really connect with horses and that is the best feeling ever!!! The kids camps are also great, the kids love the horses and they are always so excited, I really felt like a kid … read more again during those camps.

I would like to visit you lovely home again sometime! Gemma, it was so much fun having you join us for the summer. Your great energy and enthusiasm was infectious. Your confidence in yourself grew by leaps and bounds as we asked you to take over the running of the young girls riding group - thanks for stepping up and taking on a big challenge!

The kids loved your stories and the time you spent … read more playing games with them. Even the dreaded "dish washing duty" came off without a hitch thanks to you and the help of the other girls : We would love to have you come back anytime. Laissé par le workawayer Gemma pour l'hôte.

Wild Horse mountain ranch is one of the best places on earth!

Ride high equestrian centre jobs

I had such a fantastic experience! Bear and Diane are so welcoming and are some of the nicest people i've had the pleasure of meeting. Would highly recommend anyone to visit who are looking to experience a western lifestyle, i made so many memories and friends that will last a lifetime. Laissé par le workawayer Riet pour l'hôte. Veuillez consulter notre politique relative aux feedbacks pour en savoir plus sur les raisons de la non publication de ce commentaire.

Laissé par le workawayer Line pour l'hôte. This was my first workaway place, and it was amazing. Bear and Diana is really sweet people and make you feel welcome right away. The job's was different every day, and that was nice. Also the food was fantastic!! When I'm going to Canada again, this is the place I want to go back to. The ranch is fantastic, and the friendship I have found here, … read more is something speciel. Thanks is a small word, but hopefully I can go back and smile some more!

Always happy with a big smile, she willingly did any job we asked her. We loved having Line stay at our ranch, we look forward to having her come back again!

Laissé par le workawayer samantha pour l'hôte. I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoyed my time at the ranch. Bear and Diane were fantastic hosts and the work was fun and varied, with something new to experience every day.

You get out what you put in, and should ask if there's something you are interested in doing. I got the opportunity to do some horse training, and learnt how to do … read more join-up and energy work, among lots of other things.

I think about my time there every day, it was an incredible life experience and I feel like I made some real life long friends. Fantastic, friendly, hard working, just to name a few. We Loved having Sam join us on our ranch in Alberta and we would take her back in a heartbeat! We had an awesome time with these two girls, they helped us get our horses ready for summer riding camp. They became part of our herd and it was terrible to have them go home However they have promised to come back!

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