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Exilis shrinks fat, Emsculpt makes muscles with a side effect of fat loss. Do the math. Whats the point? You are literally adding back muscle where you lost the fat. They are not interested in adding muscle. They just want to … get into that little black dress.

Emsculpt might be appropriate for someone who is already tiny and just wants some definition. But no one can do a consult via phone or email. You can talk to me or any one of our staff anytime 7 days a week til 8pm.

But the only way to know what is right is an in person consult. You know how to know if the place you are going to is honest? If they have at least five different technologies. Then they have no incentive to not sell you what is the best treatment for you. For example for your stomach we have Thermage, for loose skin, Exilis, for shrinking fat, Acoustic Wave, for cellulite, Carboxytherapy, for stretch marks and Emsculpt, for making muscles.

Do some treatments overlap? Of course they do. Emsculpt makes muscles and burns fat. But on the other hand each treatment excels in one area. Stick with providers that have 10 years experience and at least 5 different technologies. There are places listed in NY as New York cosmetic doctors offices.

How could you possibly sort through them? You will probably have less than 10 to choose from. Dont go by flashy websites. In fact the opposite is probably true, Anyone who has enough patients through word of mouth and also have been around for 10 years probably has a 10 year old website So the opposite is probably true.

As you know we constantly search the world for the best non surgical rejuvenation options for you from your head to your toe.

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Dr Lisa was actually offered the … first vaginal rejuvenation device years ago. We passed on it for reasons and concerns far beyond what the FDA is claiming.

To be delivering radio frequency that close to your ovaries could create problems even beyond what the FDA is seeing today. Today they are merely stating that they are concerned with burning scarring and indeed none of these devices are FDA cleared and there are serious risks.

Until we are certain that even more serious risks or harm as in accelerating abnormal growths will not happen, we can not offer this. As always we are the first with the best non surgical offerings, but if and only if Dr Lisa is absolutely certain they are safe for your use. Your safety always comes first. Thank you.

Ironically as much as radio frequency devices offer subtle improvement in the wrong hands the results can be devastating thats why we always advise you find the most experienced provider who has more than 10 years experience at a very high level. You can easily ascertain that with the physician locators. For example Thermage has only awarded us their Black Diamond Award every year for the past 11 years indicating we are the most experienced NY provider.

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AWT – Acoustic Wave Therapy

I dont know why its taking so long for the rest of the world to figure this out. Madonna bought her own acoustic wave machine in It's the best device in this class. I am very pleased. Mustafa Yakar. The programmability and the menu of the device is simple and clear, and the touch screen makes it easier to use. Thank you for your review.

We are generally satisfied with the ESWT. An easy and practical device. Applicator, air pressure of the device, patient satisfaction and after-sales technical service are very good. Problems are addressed immediately after reporting to the technical department and resolved as soon as possible. Mustafa Koçak. We are very pleased with the ESWT.