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The schist stones buried deep underground were approximately 12 m in diameter. Large polished axes, millstones, hammers and shards were unearthed nearby. The chest is from the same period as the gallery graves seen near Paimpont forest. There are just two slabs that close the chamber, each of which has four bas-relief semi-circles.

A stone marker was built near the gallery grave when Miss Collum and Sir Robert Mond first excavated the site in Shop, bookshop, exhibitions, handson fun, information trails. The pilgrimage was originally a month-long tour. Chemins du Tro-Breizh relaunched the pilgrimage in and it now includes just one of the seven stages. This is a novel way to experience the spirituality of the pilgrimage, but also a good opportunity for hiking and exploring local heritage.

Some people also use it as a way to renew or strengthen their Breton identity. As well as being a spiritual journey, the pilgrimage can now also be a way of discovering the rich cultural heritage in the region. So there were three cathedrals in all! The south side onto the town is the most welcoming.

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The Nantes architect Mathurin Crucy designed a huge and very light neoclassical building which was only completed in and turned into what looked like a Roman basilica when Rennes became the religious centre of Brittany in It was as if Rome had moved to Rennes! To do this he seized a Benedictine church that was being built on the tip of the rock. The Gothic chancel is lower than the Romanesque nave, and resembles a ship going out to sea.

Since the end of the Second World War there has been a new spire and rose window at the rear of the chancel, lit by a stained glass window by Jean Le Moal. The liturgical furniture was finely crafted by Etienne and Arcabas. The Virgin on the Great Door 14th century has softened the harsh north nave.

A rich heritage drawn from 1, years of history. Old collegiate churches Funded by the lords who set up a college for canons who prayed for their dead. The collegiate church in Champeaux and its surrounds is a beautiful example. Churches parish churches: built since the Revolution of and another steeped in history. There are also bell towers and around 5, crosses, Christianised menhirs, stainedglass windows, altarpieces, statues, commemorative plaques, organs, and a wealth of often beautiful furniture.

Monks particularly those from the Benedictine abbeys in the Loire Valley - used their technical skills to help build the churches. Priory or parish churches were barntype buildings facing East with a west door and east arch opening onto a narrower and lower sanctuary.

The actual chancel was often extended by a semi-circular apse. The techniques that made it possible to make the walls lighter put the emphasis on the symbolic nature of light and particularly the light from the axial window. In the chapels in Redon, Dol and Saint-Malo, the large 13th century Gothic chancels, influenced by the Parisian or Anglo-Norman style, are very light and upright. Its stone steeple was destroyed in the 16th century by the cannonballs fired by the men of the Catholic League.

Its exceptionally fine enclosure is one of the oldest in Brittany. Many churches were rebuilt, particularly the chancels which became as long as the Romanesque naves. They took the form of roads leading to the light. The main stained-glass window, usually depicting the Passion and the Glory, are the most attractive elements of these churches. It was rebuilt in the early 16th century, yet incorporated some earlier features.

The monasteries are more austere in their style and reredoses replaced their stained-glass windows. The reredos is a blend of architecture, sculpture and painting in its centre. In aroundthe tabernacle took over from the reredos. It was decorated with wings, recesses and mirrors. At the close of the Revolution, churches became bright and cheerful. Classical models were still used, but many churches now had a more distinct cross shape. But the mindset towards and until was very different and appreciated the Christian models of an idealised Middle Ages.

It is famous for its polychrome architectural features and its Russian-style onion dome. The altar by Langlois is what remains of the naive, very zealous furniture. Every church had a war memorial and built new statues Joan of Arc and Saint Teresa. In the s the clergy wanted to go back to the essentials, a drawback of which was the rather brutal purging of all the church decoration. From the s to s, the growth of towns and cities led to the first modern churches that had a huge freedom of form.

It was designed by Perrin and its wonderful interior was crafted entirely by local Rennes artists, including Odorico, Garin, Brant and Rault. The square church has a central section topped with a pyramid roof. Always wear a life jacket. Before you go out, always tell someone where you are going and what time you should be back.

While doing your chosen activity, you should follow the applicable rules each sport has its own rights of way and rules ns motorcycle rides florida movement and respect the environment around you water is a natural resource that must be protected. The town is committed to implementing a supportive and coordinated approach, as well as developing, organising and promoting water sports.

ThePointPassionPlageteams are on hand to advise you about the different activities. You can hire recent equipment that is appropriate to your ability catamarans, dinghies, kayaks and windsurfing equipment and this is all done in a safe environment.

If you want to learn a new water sport or further your skills, ask for a private lesson so that you can benefit from one-to-one tuition. One-man sea kayak and twoman self-draining kayak hire. Catamaran, laser, windsurfing hire and private lessons. Boat no licence requireddinghy, kayak and windsurfing hire. Special rates are available except in July and August. All requests are dealt with as quickly as possible. Boat hire, private lessons, introduction to sport catamarans, dinghies, beach kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding and body boarding.

Hire and private lessons. Corporate events and Federation members - make the most of our great prices! Everyone welcome, all abilities. Optimists, catamarans and windsurfing. Regattas organised here. Camp Marabout label. Lessons are tailored to beginners or advanced kayakers or sailers so that you can progress at your own pace. We offer a range of different activities so that you can choose which one you would like best.

Sailing dinghy or catamaran and kayaking courses suitable for aged years. Private lessons for sport yachts and catamarans. The French School of Sailing label is an AFNOR label awarded to water sports centres that offer courses, high quality water sport services qualified staff, modern equipment, excellent teaching and learning that is tailored to the expectations, technical ability and age of the learners and have been in business for at least 9 months.

Open for sailing all year round. Sea kayaking: Hire, private lessons, kayaking trails. Children, adults, groups and corporate groups welcome. School trips all year round. Explore, have fun and enjoy. This label is used by the Federation to guarantee a warm welcome and quality teaching and services offered by its centres. Rowing is a water sport that appeals to everyone, whether you are already sporty and looking for a new challenge, you like being outdoors and enjoy peace and quiet, or you are simply curious to try it.

A range of sites - inland lakes, rivers or the coast are available and all are easily accessible. Rowing is a way of discovering a new environment and enables you to explore the treasures of the sea and river.

All ages, abilities and personal aims welcome. Location: Plaine de Baud water sports centre, Rennes. An ideal way to explore the different natural areas in the Vilaine Valley. Weekend trips from Messac to the Arzal dam. The French School of Canoeing and Kayaking seal guarantees high quality teaching. Canoeing and kayaking can be a sport or simply a leisure activity and a perfect way to escape, relax, explore or have fun. Come and explore the coast, islands, flora and wildlife, climate and sailing between Mont-Saint-Michel and SaintBriac-sur-Mer.

Paddling on the rivers and lakes you will discover the history of milling, the locks, flora and wildlife, calm waters and whitewater. If you would like to experience this for yourself at your own pace and to see how the sturdy and comfortable canoes and kayaks can open up a world of possibilities for you to explore the region, please contact one of the many hire centres that can be found throughout Illeet-Vilaine. Come and see an instructor at one of our centres if you would like to learn the basics of canoeing and kayaking, and learn how to sail alone so that you can go wherever you want safely and comfortably.

Canoeing, kayaking, sea kayaking, kayak polo, upper river descent racing. Equipment hire and courses. You can also try twoman inflatable canoes and inflatable kayaks. Come and enjoy the whitewater 8 years and over. Hire: Canoes and kayaks; artificial river rafting.

Come and discover the River Vilaine aboard canoes, kayaks or waveskis which are light and easy to handle. Canoe and kayak hire. Private lessons available. Take a tour with a guide who will tell you about the history, the heritage and the legends of Montfort. Canoeing and kayaking: Activity available in summer. Equipment hire, supervised sessions, 3-day sports course at many locations on both river and sea 4 or 5 persons minimum per group.

At nightfall, we all meet at Paimpont Lake for a kayak or pedalo tour. You will be rocked by the gentle motion of the waves and the stories told by torchlight traditional tales, nature stories or night-time stories. Organisation and equipment on request. Accompanied tours. Trips at sunrise, halfday, full-day or evening trips.

Suitable for young people and families with children. Canoe trips: Accompanied moonlit canoe trips. Paddle school, leisure and competition, equipment hire. All kinds of canoeing and kayaking on offer, whether on calm waters, on whitewater or at sea. Canoeing and kayaking: - Hire: Single kayaks and twoman canoes for 90 minutes, half-day or full day.

Take a trip at sunset to enjoy the peaceful location and see nature in all its glory. Port Hue beach, reception above the first-aid station. Sail to the foot of the Saint-Malo ramparts and around the many small islands in the Bay.

Location: Departures at Bon Secours beach in the walled city. Land yachting is a highspeed sport which you can do on wide stretches of sandy beaches, using a sail which is powered by the wind.

The driver sits inside and balances the steering and the throttle. This is a sport which can be done by anybody over the age of 8 years. Land yachting is a great outdoor sport and involves driving so it will sharpen your reflexes and engage all your senses. Why not give it a try? Beaches stretching for 7 km along the Bay of MontSaint-Michel are the perfect place for you to discover land yachting.

You can have private or group lessons with nationally qualified professionals and instructors. We also organise seaside study or school trips, seminars and corporate events. This is a sport which involves speed and technique to fully engage your senses. Location: Cherrueix beach. Everyone over 8 years welcome. A minute lesson will set you on your way!

There are three main criteria: progress, safety and a friendly atmosphere. Activities for young children, Optimist, catamaran sailing and windsurfing. Equipment www.pousse des cheveux, private lessons and courses. Whether you are a beginner or ready for competition, the sailing centre will suggest the option that is most suited to your ability. Qualified and competent instructors are on hand to give you everything you need to start having fun and make quick progress.

Summer courses: 5 half-days. Courses all year round. Seaside field trips, live-in courses. Peak season: Weekly courses. Off season: school and corporate trips. Weekend activities. Sail and dine excursions on old sailing boats. Holiday courses available for children of 4 years and over. Sailing: Private lessons, courses and boat liposuccion maroc casablanca prix. Traditional sailing: Private lessons and courses.

Equipment for different activities Optimist, catamaran, windsurfing, traditional sailing boats. Flexible approach with motivated instructors. Near the cities of Rennes, Nantes and Sainte-Nazaire. A club that is enjoying something of a revival. Sailing:Privatelessons,courses various lengthsequipment hire.

Traditional sailing: Excursions. You will be guided gently and when you do your first dive you will see how much fun it is. TheBayofSaint-Malo,famous for having the strongest tides in Europe, has a typical ecosystem.

You will quickly be enchanted and calmed by the silent and peaceful Emerald Coast inhabitants, and they are hardly disturbed by the presence of curious divers. But your amazement will not stop there. The rich history of the sea means that the coasts are also full of shipwrecks which even beginners can get to and explore.

Anyone over the age of 8 years and of any ability can don a pair of flippers: introductory sessions, sea dives, lessons for all abilities, environment discovery and exploration. Whether you come with family, friends or in a group, our experienced and professional instructors will be happy to help you explore the enchanting underwater world. Sites brimming with marine life and shipwrecks. March - Oct: Weekend excursions on the boat Cyana 18 people.

Unlimited draught. Fuel 4 km away. Unlimited draught at sea. Fuel available on site. Shuttle service. Maximum draught: 2. Maximum draught: 2 m. Fuel 4 miles away. Fuel 3 km away. Shuttle service during the summer. Fuel available on pontoon. Maximum draught: 7 m prior agreement from harbour master required. Fuel available in Saint-Malo. Our ferries are outstanding for the quality of their services. Our advisors can be contacted on to help you plan your trip.

Car ferry crossings depart from Saint-Malo to Portsmouth 9 hour crossing. Three highspeed car ferries. Range of onboard services including duty free shop, restaurants, bar, walk deck and club class.

Information and bookings at www. Daily departures April - September. Condor Ferries operates crossings to mainland UK. Deep-sea fishing. Saint-Malo-Dinard water taxi service. Discover the pleasure of sailing and explore the marine environment. Please enquire for prices and the different packages we offer. Leaving from the Sailing School, the sail and dine trip is 3 hours of pure pleasure. From the water you will explore the jagged coastline and spot egrets and seagulls sheltered by the Bay.

Or choose the sail and dine trip where you will savour the riches of the Cancale sea. Day trips or longer excursions with professional crew, short excursions and courses. You can even join in manoeuvres and firing the cannon - excitement guaranteed. Everyone welcome. Day trips or weekend trips, summer camps for teenagers, family parties and receptions.

Bar, restaurant, picnic deck, open-air terrace. Visit our website at www. Departs from and returns to Rance dam between Dinard and Saint-Malo. Large free car park. Excursions with commentary. Departs from Redon seating capacity: March - late December. Both types of boat can accommodate people and are well equipped. No licence required. Discover the city of Rennes and the surrounding countryside from the River Vilaine and the Ille-et-Rance canal.

Compagnie Corsaire runs excursions on the River Rance. Cancale, Saint-Malo, Saint-Lunaire, Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, Dinard with its distinctive blue and white beach tents - all these famous resorts have miles of sought-after beaches. The well-maintained, fine sandy beaches have all the facilities you need, and pets are not allowed during the summer season. La Grande Salinette Tel. It is more rugged than the Grande plage but still has good facilities so it is also popular with families.

It is also well sheltered so it is a good place for families. Free of charge and available for people with reduced mobility and parents with young children. It has been awarded the blue flag for 8 years running which is proof of the high quality of its water! Saint-Enogat This charming part of Dinard has a very well equipped beach. There is a beautiful view over the islands, and rocks that mark the entrance to Saint-Malo harbour.

There are shops, a casino and an Olympic-sized swimming pool nearby. It is botox rio de janeiro perfect family beach. Open-air seawater swimming pool. At low tide there is an outdoor swimming pool where you can swim without having to walk too far.

Perfect for a relaxing drink on the terrace. Kite surfing and beach football permitted. It is also popular with volleyball players in the summer. The Plage du Minihic. The steps down to the beach make access difficult for families but it is still a very pleasant beach when you get there. It is well sheltered from the wind and is perfect for spending a day at the beach. Anse Duguesclin This beach is in a natural and unspoilt area. At low tide you can walk to the foot of Duguesclin Fort. The Equibreizh trail online: An indispensable tool which youcanusetolookattheroute and all the tourist attractions nearby.

Gives addresses for accommodation and equestrian tourism centres and files for download in IGN Rando and Carto Explorer formats. Signage The bridle paths that are of particular interest in Ille-en-Vilaine Equibreizh trail are marked with plastic orange signs. Children aged 5 to 18 yrs. More information at www. The trail follows part of the Equibreizh route and local interest routes that are maintained by the local towns, town community associations and the Ille-et-Vilaine Departmental Council.

Accommodation and rest stops: There are places to stay and eat, as well as leisure facilities, along the route so that you and your horse can enjoy a well-earned rest or just a short break. Contact them to book your stay. Details can be found on the route guide maps. Useful services The addresses for the nearest tourist information centre, veterinary practice and local farrier are given for each of the different sections of the route.

Download routes and accommodation information in gpx format. Equestrian tourism guides. Riding ring, 2 sand schools, dressage arena and crosscountry route. Horse rides, short treks 2 dayslong treks week, fortnight or longer. Beginners, experienced riders, show jumping, eventing and endurance riding. Carriage driving and harnessing and Competition Horse riding Techniques school. Courses: Day and week-long courses during the school holidays.

A countryside family-friendly club passionate about the outdoors and outdoor pursuits. The centre offers day or week-long riding lessons and sessions for children throughout the school holidays. It also organises treks for adults on Sundays, at weekends beginners or more experienced riders or weeklong treks. Sand school and riding ring. Trekking for beginners. Horse-riding, short treks 2 dayslong treks week, fortnight or longer. Courses and camps. Horses for riders of all abilities. Horse riding, hacking and riding lessons for adults and for children of 5 years and over.

Riding courses ponies and horses all year round. Come and discover the fun of horse riding. This familyrun and friendly stables in its countryside setting is perfect for beginners right through to competition riders.

Sale and purchase. Lessons for children and adults. Test centre for equestrian examinations. Riding courses day or week during the school holidays. Centre 15 km south of Rennes. Riding ring, 3 sand schools, cross-country trail.

Taster sessions during the school holidays. Accompanied hacking. Friendly environment for riding and lessons. Riding courses during the school holidays. Riding ring, 2 sand schools, courses, rides and treks. Courses for beginners or experienced riders during school holidays. Rides Maylate Aug. Beach riding and hacking. Horse riding tuition, from beginners upwards.

Half-day courses during the school holidays. Times flexible, adult riders of any ability, horse rides for more experienced riders. Many different activities available, just m from the coast. Riding ring for horses, riding ring for ponies, sand school, dressage, show jumping ring, cross-country trail. In the heart of a beautiful hectare estate, we can offer many different activities, including show jumping, dressage, pony games, outdoor riding, trick riding, and equestrian examinations.

Horse rides, hacking, and riding lessons. Courses throughout the year. Food available, club house and accommodation on site. Children and adults welcome. Sand school, access to trekking trails. Weekend or week-long riding taster sessions, rides and short treks during school holidays. The centre teaches the Olympic disciplines of show jumping and dressage, as well as beginners driving and harnessing lessons, hunter and trick riding.

Lessons for children and adults and courses during the school holidays. Rides in the forest all year round. Riding lessons and courses during the school holidays. Open all summer. Sand school. Equestrian tourism guide, 1 instructor. Horse rides and short treks 2 days. Hour-long rides along the banks of the Rance, short treks 2 days.

Riding for beginners or more experienced riders during school holidays children of 6 years up : 6 hours of horse riding activities during the day, including time in the riding ring, hacking and pony games.

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Plus: Supervised swimming, nature trips. Refreshments and accommodation available in a family atmosphere. Sand school, ha indoor riding ring. Access to forest. Teaching available for all disciplines.

Campsite, farm animals. Riding ring, sand school. Pony camps dormitory or tent accommodation in the fields near the horses according to time of year : - 3 day themed courses Asterix, Cowboys and Indians, Lucky Luke for children aged years - 5 day themed courses e.

Horse and cart rides, trick riding, pony games and Competition Horse riding Techniques. Day courses. Horse hire available if 3 gaits mastered. Horse rides, short treks 2 days. Educational farm.

Pony and horse stabling. Weekend and weeklong courses. Holiday camp, food and campsite. Week-long courses during the Easter and summer holidays with on-site or off-site accommodation min.

Pony club riding in the countryside. Riding ring, 2 sand schools. State horse riding and show jumping examinations.

Stabling: 12 box stalls, breeding farm.

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Individual sessions available for tuition, recreational riding, and hacking in unspoilt countryside. Disabled welcome. Rides on the beach for riders of all abilities. Teaching for all levels and competition tuition. Half-day,fulldayorweek-long complément alimentaire pour activer la pousse des cheveux 2014. No accommodation available. Treks: Hacking in the rolling countryside and sunken lanes for an hour, half day or whole day.

Riding ring, 3 sand schools. Preparation for show jumping competitions and advanced courses. Day or week long courses during the school holidays for groups of the same ability, trekking, food available advance booking required and on-site accommodation for 30 people.

Horse rides. Weekend and week courses. Hour-long hacking and trekking in the summer. Exam preparation. Beginners courses on ponies for ages 5 yrs and over. Riding centre located in 5 ha of land, facing the sea in the centre of town. Rides in the fields for more experienced riders or on the banks of the Rance; nature guide available to show you all the local flora and fauna. Courses: days - aged 3 years and over - no particular ability required. Accommodation: Ferme du Point du Jour farm campsite and guest rooms.

Indoor swimming pool and pool table. Near Cancale 5 km and m from the sea horse riding and trekking in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel in a friendly atmosphere. Led by an adult. By appointment only. Beginners welcome. Children aged years some courses for year olds.

Educational farm to learn about life on the farm, try horse riding and look after the animals. Pony club for learners and advanced riders, courses and horse rides. State examinations, show jumping. Beginners trekking, crosscountry, dressage and pony games.

Lessons and hacking for riders aged 3 years and over. Courses: day and week long courses, school holidays. Gentle donkey cart rides accompanied by a guide. Between Dol-de-Bretagne and Mont-Saint-Michel, come and meet the donkeys and enjoy an authentic experience with a traditional guide.

Children aged between 4 and 12 years can get to know the donkeys by stroking them and finding out about how to groom and care for them. Whether you come with family or friends, you will enjoy a unique trip along the woodland paths.

Riding courses first week of the school holidays or upon request. Friendly, family-run business. Just 10 minutes from the centre ofRennes,thisBretongolfcourse is very similar to the American golf courses. The course here has very wide fairways and large greens.

A majestic and diverse landscape for golfers to enjoy. The clubhouse has a bar, 5 meeting rooms and a restaurant. Differenttypesofaccommodation areavailable. Compact 5-hole course, driving range with 30 outdoor and 10 indoor bays. This 7-km naturally undulating golf course crosses lakes and year old woods. Itsrhododendrons and many different species of trees make this a charming golf coursethatiswellshelteredfrom thewind. This famous links course was the second golf course to be built in France over years ago.

It has always hosted many national and international events. You can see the sea from every hole and it is playable all year round because of its excellent sandy course. This technical course is made more difficult by the winds. A guide to the flora and fauna is available for you to enjoy the surroundings as you play. Panoramic clubhouse. An hole course which is special because of its speed and the quality of the greens, 9-hole course and pitch and putt for novices.

This course is special due to its varied natural setting. The meandering river and the old trees which line the fairways soften the technical difficulty of the course. Clubhouse in the stables. Food available. Open 3 January - 22 Dec. Just a couple of minutes from the centre, this is a friendly and high-quality course which blends in with the surrounding water.

A new clubhouse opens in Spring Cap Malo golf course offers a beautiful floral setting, each of its 9 holes has a botanical theme. The driving range, practice facilities and clubhouse have been open since October Open all year round, except Tuesdays off season.

Session lasts 10 minutes. Track lit indoors and outdoors. Open daily from Thrills guaranteed as you drive round the m track that is complete with bridges and raised bends. Open to anybody aged Multi-activity packages available 1 outdoor site south of Rennes.

Access is moderately difficult but is not accessible for people with limited mobility. Rope 70 m minimum. First section open to all, with steps to the following sections.

Rope 60 m minimum. Crash pad. Access difficult for the first section and moderately difficult for the second section. Helmets must be worn. Access for all, including people with limited mobility.

Access moderately difficult. Not accessible for people with limited mobility. Rope 50 m minimum. Access difficult. Deep in the forest is a park where children 5 years and over have access to three different trails and a park for adults with five trails, which can take up to 5 hours to complete. Picnic tables available and different obstacles ready for you to try. The only requirements are that you are in good physical condition and that you are over 1.

There is a trail specially designed for children. There are harnesses and carabiners available to give children a taste of adventure. Excitement guaranteed on the giant zipwire m above the lake. This is a perfect and safe opportunity for you to dig up all those childhood dreams that have been lost in the mists of time! Minimum 8 people. The two spa centres in Dinard and Saint-Malo offer wellbeing breaks and their treatments are tailored to suit individual needs.

You will love the charming town of Dinard which is right on the doorstep - a resort that is famous for its invigorating sea air, microclimate and its Victorian houses dating from the end of the 19th century. Treat yourself to treatment at Thalassa Dinard where health, fitness and beauty blend into one. Hydro pool with sea views. Just a couple of minutes from SaintMalo, the spa gives you the opportunity to restore your energy, experience the healing powers of seawater and try out the aquatonic pool.

Half-day, weekend and weekly packages for the Thalasso Spa available. For complete relaxation, stay in one of brides-les-bains thermes 2, 3 or 4 star hotels or residences studios and apartments. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a simple massage that uses techniques inspired by Chinese medicine, from the ancient art of vital breath to work exploring energy flow, and we will do everything to help you feel your best again, including body wraps, body sculpting and massage.

Pleasure and relaxation guaranteed. The spa offers a range of treatments which set the mind and body on a journey of relaxation and are given by staff constantly on the lookout for original treatments. Monday - Wednesday Friday - Saturday Sunday End your visit relaxing in the tea room after your treatment.

Aquatonic spa: Let your senses go as you breathe in the aromas and experience the rituals. Our facials and body treatments will restore your body and mind to a state of well-being.

It is a real haven of peace, leaving you feelingenergisedandrelaxed. The doors open onto the sun deck. There is also a gym available with a weight and stretch area. Balneotherapy area: steam room, jacuzzi, sauna and beauty treatment room.

There is also a 56 m water slide for water cushion rides. Swimming training. Closed public holidays. Pergolas, 2 speedminton courts and a volleyball court available in summer. Closed Mondays except during school holidays.

Open every Sunday except during the summer. Various activities available, including swimming lessons for beginners and improvers, help for water phobia, fitness and fun swimming for babies, water garden for children of years, water aerobics and a jacuzzi and steam room.

Swimming all year round in a heated seawater pool. There is also a paddling pool for children and a gym for adults. Saunas and jacuzzi also available. Pool 50 m x Free for children under 5 years. No general swimming. You can do your chosen activity in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere so that you can relax properly. Sauna available. Lots of fun in the water with counter-current swimming, jets, mushroom showers and massage jets. Sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. Closed 1 May. Swimming lessons for children and adults, water phobia treatment and aquagym classes.

Swimming pool, paddling pool and relaxation area. Free for under 4s. Adult prices apply for 16 years and over. Family-friendly prices. Open every afternoon during the school holidays and Sunday afternoons in July and August. Open Sunday mornings, Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons. Late night opening on Tuesdays during term time. Closed Mondays. The Grand Aquarium is a unique aquarium with animals that live in cold and warm seas and freshwater habitats. There is also the weird and wonderful sunken galleon and the tropical section which is bursting with vibrant colours.

Underwater voyage on the Nautibus submarine. Closed November and November. The animal handlers can tell you all about the different animal species, most of which are protected across the world. Unique Birds of Prey and Pack Hounds shows. Caters for all ages and tastes so that everyone can join in the fun. Guaranteed fun. No extra charge for attractions.

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April, May and Sept. Just 15 minutes south of Rennes, this fully indoor park offers an amazing adventure through 11 themed worlds, including mazes, riddles and games. Come as a couple or with family and friends and enjoy hours of fun and adventure. Open all year round: Wed. Last entry at Booking advised.

Barbecues allowed. Beginners pony rides. Corn maze in an hectare field. Come and spend a happy couple of hours escaping everyday life in one of the biggest mazes in Europe. Games, riddles and bouncy castles will add to the fun. Set aside a whole morning or afternoon to visit the maze. Picnic area and food outlets. Circus activities: workshops and show. Circus day with workshop, entry to the park and show.

So much on offer! Amusement, cultural and relaxation activities: golf, multiplex cinema, games area for children, bowling, karting and indoor football. On site: Adventure playground, adventure activity trails, orienteering trails, hiking and horse rides, botanical nature trail, fishing, pedalos, refreshments. July - August: Daily April, May, June and September: Weekends and public holidays Free entry to the complex, charge for some activities.

New: completely safe Via Ferrata horizontal climbing. Let us organise your multiactivity treks and challenges, treasure and scavenger hunts. On-site accommodation and food outlets. Landscaped beach, adventure activity trails, equestrian activities, environmental activities, mountain bike and kayak hire. Nature centre: slide show, models, lake, themed excursions. Open Tuesday - Friday Reception at the entrance to the Pont du Rachapt: Weekends Entry to the complex is free.

Boat and pedalo hire at the campsite. Hiking, mountain biking, fishing. Animals near the lake. Play area for children. On-site restaurant. Overnight stays. Open daily all year round. Perfect for canoeing, picnics, hiking, mountain biking and climbing. The Casino is opposite the prettiest beach in Dinard and all its rooms have wonderful sea views. The Casino has slot machines, an English roulette room, blackjack, stud poker, Texas holdem poker and La Boule.

The casino has slot machines, La Boule, blackjack, English roulette, a bar and restaurant. Place your bets! Geocaching is a fun and different activity that you can do with family or friends. It is a fun activity for both adults and children and can be done all year round. Interactive walk through the heart of the medieval city.

Use a multimedia guide and GPS to go on an expedition along a route filled with riddles, reproductions of old images, and archives. You follow the old line of the ramparts which let you in on surprising and unexpectedsecrets.

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Liquid Spell. Finest Pigments. The Circle Chronicles. Collections Nature Quotidien. Gamme Bio. Aura Botanica. So Pure Cooling. Color Care. Huiles Essentielles. Moroccan Argan Oil. Source Essentielle. Mulato Repigmentants Naturels.

Flow'Air Tous types de cheveux. Cheveux fins. Cheveux colorés ou méchés. Cheveux ternes. Racines grasses pointes sèches. Huiles Capillaires. M par Mulato. Compléments Nutritionnels. Cattier Produits Capillaires. Soins Visage. Soins du Corps. Soins Bébé. Soins Homme. John Masters Organics Shampooings. Soins Visages. Soins Corps.

Logona Cheveux Shampooings. Après-Shampooings et Masques. Visage Purifier. Nettoyer et Démaquiller. Apaiser et Protéger. Colorations Végétales. Melvita Cheveux Shampooings et démêlants. Capillaire Expert. Visage et Corps Eaux Extraordinaires. L'Argan Bio. Bouquet Floral. Eaux Florales. Huiles de Beauté. Nectar de Miels. L'Or Bio. Nectar de Roses. L'Or Rose. Nectar Pur.

Nectar Suprême. Weleda Soins capillaires bio Shampooings. Après shampooings. Huiles et lotions. Soins du visage bio Nettoyants et démaquillants. Peaux sensibles. Rides et fermeté. Sérums et masques. Soins yeux et lèvres. Soins protecteurs.

Soins du corps bio Huiles corporelles. Laits corporels. Soins mains et ongles. Soins pieds et jambes. Gamme sport. Soins spécifiques. Hygiène Crèmes douche. Savons naturels. Soins Homme bio. Top Marques Idées Cadeau Produits. En promotion Oui 4. Utilisation Tous à rincer 1.

Contenance Tous 10 - ml 17 - ml 47 - ml 7. Cibles Tous Homme 31 Femme Service client 03 85 86 90 80 Du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 18h Appel non surtaxé. Cliquez ici Nous vous rappelons. Mail Cliquez ici pour nous contacter! Chat Questionnez nos conseillères avec le chat en bas à droite. Kalista a sélectionné pour vous tout un ensemble de soins antipelliculaires des marques professionnelles, pour vous offrir les meilleurs traitements possibles pour enfin venir à bout des pellicules et retrouver un cuir chevelu sain et en bonne santé!

Montrer 24 48 par page. Afficher tout. Schwarzkopf Shampooing Shampooing antipelliculaire. SP Removing Shampoo Shampooing anti-pelliculaire. Redken Dandruff Control Shampooing quotidien SP Remove Tonic Lotion antipelliculaire. René Furterer Shampooing Shampooing antipelliculaire pour Phyto Phytosquam Intense Shampooing-soin antipelliculaire René Furterer Gelée Antipelliculaire Gelée exfoliante antipelliculaire.

Phyto Phytosquam Hydratant Shampooing antipelliculaire