Ninja rocket rides himself

J'ai commencé mon stream vers 9h et mon chat a littéralement explosé. Les gens n'arrêtaient pas de spammer que Drake me suivait sur Twitter. Juste après, il a suivi Fortnite sur Twitter et j'ai demandé à ma femme : 'Est-ce que je devrais lui proposer une partie?

Finalement, je ne l'ai pas fait et il m'a envoyé un message deux jours plus tard. Le streaming est devenu un job à plein temps pour Ninja depuis huit ans. Il a commencé à 18 ans, sur Halo.

C'est son frère qui lui sa transmis la passion pour ce jeu. C'est le jeu qui tout changé" rembobine-t-il. J'avais ce jeu-là sous la main. Ça aurait pu être Call of Duty et ma vie n'aurait pas été du tout la même. Mais il a choisi Halo, et l'histoire se résume à ça. À l'époque, c'était le meilleur jeu sur le marché. Ces temps-ci, c'est sur Fortnite qu'il passe des heures.

L'époque Halo est révolue. Mais il ne s'agissait plus vraiment d'Halo. Le jeu lent et méthodique que j'ai connu. Et reste assis-là, à vouloir changer le jeu en rajoutant plus de trucs, alors qu'il faut faire l'inverse. Garder la même formule, celle qui fonctionnait. Pour atteindre un tel niveau sur Fortnite et attirer plus de viewers en simultané, il faut s'entraîner. Et ça, beaucoup de gens ne le comprennent pas.

Les revenus des streamers sont régulièrement inspectés à la loupe par les médias. Les gens s'intéressent toujours à l'argent, alors qu'on sait bien que la profession ne se résume pas qu'à ce simple aspect.

Tyler Blevins confesse que, pour atteindre une telle position dans la chaîne alimentaire, il a eu un peu de chance. Mais qu'il a dû surtout beaucoup bosser. Le message qu'il souhaite transmettre à son auditoire? Alors qu'il faut faire l'inverse" balance-t-il. Il faut avoir des revenus publicitaires, des abonnés, des dons, surtout si vous n'avez aucun followers sur les autres plateformes.

La plupart des gens qui songent à quitter leurs jobs pour se lancer n'ont généralement pas de followers. Peser le pour et le contre avant de se lancer.

Un sujet qui lui tient à coeur. Aide accessibilité. Adresse e-mail ou mobile Mot de passe Informations de compte oubliées? À propos. Publications des visiteurs. Ansel Muñoz. Darthnoobeus Dnoob.

I am Darthnoobeus, I am a fortnite youtuber. I post one live video e … veryday of me unedited. It is funny video's. Afficher la suite. Jack Kuss. This is indeed a 'glowing report', and you may be sick already of all the good compliments, but we don't care. Ride On is THE video to get. Buy it. The riding, camera work and production set new standards, but more importantly, the video captured the mood of that era perfectly.

The industry was at an all-time low, but the scene couldn't have been better. We were a small tight knit group that pushed riding to new levels. Produced by Mark Eaton in Time : 40 min. Jay Miron close double flip attempt, opposite handrail, double truckdriver over the spine, Taj Mihelich, transworld.

Still, for just a few days filming I remember thinking it turned out ok. Not only does it feature the burliest team in freestyle, Madd Matt is also edited by the finest video maker in freestyle; Mark Eaton was hired to make the video, and even though the film is only 35 minutes long it rules. But where the hell is Kevin Jones, flatland guru and designer of the Big Daddy frameset? Footage from contests include the BS events, around Europe, at Woodward camp, and plenty of fidge.

The filming and editing is the best we've ever witnessed on a bike video, the music is the best music we've ever heard on a bike video, and the riding is the best riding we've ever seen on a bike video [you WILL have to see it -double flips on a funbox, Hoffman on his 25ft tall halfpipe, and more]. But what do you expect from Hoffman Bikes? The thought of Matt Hoffman riding and Mark Eaton editing should be enough of reason to buy Madd Matt, but there's more.

Matt riding his 21 foot high halfpipe, Taj at 9th Street in Austin, Day Smith's flatland originality, and Jay Miron ripping hard at Woodward are just a few of Madd Matt's hottest footage.

Most of the footage is very original [not contest footage], so expect fresh, unseen stuff, including Jay nearly pulling a double backflip. James White's clip from Madd Matt. Day Smith's clip from Madd Matt. Taj Mihelich's clip from Madd Matt.

Music: G. Jay Miron's clip from Madd Matt. Produced in Time : 75 min. Chris Rantell, www. And I for one am glad it was Hoffman Bikes. Only Mat t Hoffman could come up with a story so stupid for a bmx video it is actually fun to watch.

The idea here is that a futuristic Mat sent back MonkeyBoy to acquire a bmx bike to bring back to the future in hope to save the universe. And along the way MonkeyBoy comes across the Hoffman Bikes team to try and swindle bike parts from them.

Each team rider has a small acting role in the video from Taj in overalls as a farmer, to Rick Thorne in a fight with a biker GackMark Owen in a karaoke contest in which he wins bike parts for first place. After the team sections in the first half of the video there is a ton of Hoffman footage from all over the world in places like Portugal where bmx is just outta hand, people mobbing him rock star style and huge crowds just to see demos.

And the riding is totally ridiculous in typical Mat Hoffman style just throwing a million different tricks on every wall for however long he wants, constricting shoulder-brace and all. The music in Until Monkeys Fly isn't exactly music I would go out and buy, but it definitely suits the video and mixes in really well.

Soin du visage le mans moto

All in all I would have to say that this like every other Hoffman Bikes video is worth buying, amazing riding by all the riders, fun soundtrack and crazy story-line make it really fun to watch an over hour long video. The first half is like a sci-fi b-movie with its apoctalyptic tale or maybe tail of Monkey Boy.

He meets up with the masters Hoffman riders and gets parts from them. The plot is inter-cut with each riders section. Then the video changes gears. You see the typical day at work at HB HQ. Follow that with some traveling and some base jumping.

The music is very varied,you have to like something.

This video is well worth the money. You will probrably laugh your ass off the first time you watch the plot,but then wear out the batteries in your remote getting to the rider sections. It runs 1 hr 16 minutes with about 15 minutes of plot. Get this vid. I don't know where to begin with this one. I think Aggro Man for a new generation might be a good start This is Matt Hoffman's first go at making a video, and I for one think he did a really good job.

This thing is an hour and fifteen minutes long, and features a story that Matt wrote along with riders' sections. If you have a sense of humor, then you'll dig this video. If not, then you might not get the whole plot of Monkey Boy and his efforts to save his planet.

Even if you are an uptight buffoon, you should watch this just to see sections by the whole Hoffman team Taj, Rooftop, Butcher, Swope, Thorne, Day Smith, Leif Valin and morethe new Hoffman park, as well as show footage, some insane footage from Matt overseas, and John Vincent cliff jumping with a bike.

This video has to be watched to truly understand, so check it out. How could you go wrong? Ride BMX UK june Matt decided that he'd make his video his way, have fun doing it, and bugger the standard method of making a team video - he went back to the drawing board and came up with a video that's 1 hour 15 minutes long, with a tale about Monkey Boy who is sent back in time from the year to save the planet from war by beaming back Hoffman product.

Ninja, l'homme qui valait 600.000 viewers

The Monkey story might get right on your tits after a while, but we like it, and it's pretty hilarious in places. As for the riding, what can you aspect from the strongest freestyle team in America? Each guy gets a section and all the top blokes are on here: Taj [real core street riding, real lines], Mike Escamilla ruling street lines like you get in skate videos], Leif Valin, Butcher [this dirt jumper is sick!

Tweaked seatgrab superman barspins? Matt really takes the biscuit when it comes to vert riding, and his section is filled with demos from around the World, the variations are endless [never once repeated], with one-to-ones on vert, double barspins, seatgrab rocket barspins, God-knows what else. It's all pretty sick, and you just have to see it to believe it. Mental BASE jumping too. On the strength of this video, seeing Hoffman ride vert live again this summer in Brighton in August will just be too much Released in Images déjà vues pour la plupart.

Good job it's a video at least you can fast forward! It begins with a look at the Hoffman Bikes factory and a glimpse of how it is run this is done in a spoof fashion, at least I hope it is! Then piqure pour combler les rides efficace a brilliant sequence of the Hoffman riders on the ramps at the factory those of you who have played Mat Hoffman on the Playstation will recognise the place. As you have probably gathered this is not a short video, 1 hour altogether this makes the video good value for money.

Paul de Jong, www. Mat Hoffman is setting a new standard where he shows that we don't need "proffesional" cameramen, editors, Vdo-spotters, bands, etc etc, it can all be done by you and me. Everyone at Hoffman Bikes and lots of riders more helped to put this TV show together. It's not an easy job believe me, I was at the Merrit Island contest where they were editing this while the rest was going out to enjoy theirselves, and at the HB office it was Mat himself who was working 25 hours a day for over a week to put this together.

Josh Heino rules and so does the whole HB-crew. See Dave Mirra's double backflip, go on a trip with Props Road Fools 5, find out how some of the top pro's set up their bikes, and take a look at some clips from a film by Jem Cohen and Fugazi called Instrument.

Check out what went down at the first round of the CFB season at the oldest running skatepark in the world, Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville Fl. The event took place over four days with a bowl jam, dirt jumping, flatland, vert, and park competitions. Jason A.

../videos/Hoffman videos

Davis, www. I know we have all seen pictures of the I knew it was going to be in the video. What I didn't know was how I was going to react to it.

The only way I can describe it is when you are out riding with your buds and someone if riding in a little over his head. You don't want to tell the person not to do it. You get the butterflies in the stomach for your friend. That is the only way I describe what I felt watching Mat hit the 24 ft quarter pipe. Seeing Mat crash on that ramp made me hurt.

Anything time I pass something on the road that is 50ft tall I think about Mat. I guess you could say the huge air on the huge ramp is the best in intro to a section. There is so much in his section.