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When using these verbs in passé composé, remember that these verbs are être to be exempted from using avoir in this tense. I really hope this helps you guys in your language journey, trust me, this mnemonic saved me in many paragraphs and papers I had to submit in my French classes. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to add onto this! La liaison française affecte la façon dont on parle et il faut apprendre les règles pour vraiment connaître la langue.

Il existe 3 types de liaison : Obligatoire, Interdite, et Facultative. Voilà les règles pour chaque type. I amend you, Monsieur, and commend you similarly. My deepest, most sincere, apologies. I just woke up. Je viens de réveiller. Le thème de la grammaire était délaissé au profit de la communication orale. Indéniablement, il est aussi essentiel de parelr de la littérature en cours. Tu es fou? De refaire la grammaire entière dans sa tête?

J'étais déjà bien sensibilisée aux questions de sexisme et de genre en linguistique, mais le fait de me replonger dans la grammaire française j'ai démissionné après avoir obtenu le CAPES de Lettres Modernes, mais en ce moment, je donne des cours particuliers intensifie encore plus ma colère. So um, does no one see my posts?

Can someone please tell me what they think? I must be the type that really fucks people up, because every time I end something with someone they go MIA and delete all forms of social media. I had more followers when I was inactive tbh. Am I seriously that fucking bad to be around?

Or understand what people want. But then get upset when I do so. It really feels great collecting the courage to meet up with new people and then having them never text you again. It would be easier and better for you. Log in Sign up. Ask red-vines-unofficial a question cant we be homies kinders official am i that bad? You: Tony crashed into the sand, skidding to a stop face down.

There was a long story behind the concussion in his head, and the long flight to Sudan. His face plate lifted, coughing as he watched two young boys run towards him. Their words were hard to understand, but hopefully they would call for a doctor. You: Bruce runs away to help people in Sudan? I know he's a physicist. D: Stranger: it's cool, it's cool. I'm l huile d olive pour les cheveux uptobox 2014 it, just give me two secondsssss :D You: Okay lol Just clarifying.

Take yo time. Stranger: Bruce was worried when the boys approached him, their feet sandy and dry. They were clearly distressed, and they finished each other's sentences, seeming to take breathing in shifts, and when he finally understood what they were saying - man falling from the sky, terrible thunder noise - he rushed out, yelling a hurried thanks over his shoulder. He approached the new valley in the desert and saw a very new sight: the Iron Man suit, the man inside clearly injured.

You: Tony heard a familiar voice, blinking as he tried to focus his vision. There was sand in his mouth and he tried to spit it out, blood coming along with it.

What a mess. Stranger: "What the hell happened? You: Toy pulled his helmet off with a groan, a few broken pieces of the eye falling off.

He shook his head, wincing at the throbbing in his temple. Stranger: Bruce winced sympathetically, shaking his head. You: Tony rose up, legs shaking under his own weight. There was blood dripping down his forehead and you could obviously see where someone had hit him in the side of the head.

Stranger: "What? Let's get you better first. You: Tony was happy to see his vision was returning, but now he could feel everything.

There were dents from bullets in the the suit, and it was hot as hell wihtout the cooling system. Which was only worse because that meant it was broken.

Stranger: Bruce nodded slowly, lip twisting in thought. You: "Nah. Taking it off manually, and with broken ribs, was going to hurt worse. There was a small crevice where the chest plate could be pulled off. Stranger: Bruce nodded, reaching his hand out toward the seam between the parts, and pulled it toward him gently. When that didn't make the metal even budge, he pulled harder, knowing that this was probably going to be really, really bad.

It came away that time, which was the good news. The bad news - "Shit," he said, seeing Tony's bloodsoaked shirt. He laid a hand, feeling some definite internal damage. You: "You should feel it. He helped remove the other parts, but it was difficult finding the sweet spots to pull the armor loose. Once he knew which seams to look for, it was pretty easy. You: "Ugh, I hate being bed ridden. Not only would he be on the news, he would be the bad guy.

Attacking U. Not a good plan. He was sure whoever those guys were they would spin it in a bad direction. The feeling of blood dripping down his skin was never pleasant, and his broken ribs made him feel like he was having a heart attack.

He hoped there wasn't too much damage around the arc reactor, that could get messy. Stranger: Bruce was filled abruptly with a swell of admiration at the bravery of his friend. Seriously, the fact that he was making jokes when he very well might have died was still stunning to him. He looked sideways at Tony, wincing anew at all the bruises and cuts on every inch of exposed skin. You: "Don't look at me like that. Am I really that ugly? He couldn't afford to have a bad attitude, not when someone was after Bruce.

This was a puzzle he was desperate to solve, and he needed to get better quickly. Stranger: Bruce chuckled without any real humor. He helped Tony into the building, telling a passing nurse to perdre ventre biere rapidement a bed for my friend, he's seriously hurt.

You: Tony groaned, taking it slow as he sat down on the bed. It took him a good few minutes before letting go of Bruce. He reached up, touching his head and looking at the blood on his hand afterwards. Stranger: Bruce's arms folded across his chest as he leaned back against the wall. After a moment of silence he pushed off, withdrawing a few medical supplies from the cabinet. You: Tony sighed, little clips of memories flooding back into his mind. He closed his eyes tight, trying to decode the images.

And I refuse, of course. I called for the suit and managed to escape. There was a lot of fire coming at me. I don't remember a lot. Why had they wanted to find Bruce? He'd thought he was done being hunted by You: Tony bit at the inside of his cheeks, keeping up appearances as he felt the sting of antiseptic.

They were soldiers, military guys. Stranger: Bruce's brow furrowed at that last part. If this was Ross and his men again, he was going to punch something. And then do yoga to avoid razing a city to the ground.

You: "Nope, but they were dead set on it. He'd heard stories about Bruce being hunted, but he never thought the military would do something like that. Bruce was as hero now, after all. Stranger: Bruce frowned, moving to Tony's face with his tongue still poking out between his teeth. He didn't say anything, but his mind raced; was it Ross? What if it wasn't? No matter who it was, this was an immensely worrying situation His thoughts ran in circles as he found a nasty gash on the side of Tony's head.

You: Tony noted the silence, but he was busy watching Bruce's movements. The way his veins popped out when he was focusing so hard. He hadn't realized how much he had really missed him since he left the tower. Maybe it was just the concussion, but he reached out and took Bruce's hand gently.

Stranger: Bruce looked abruptly toward the hand that was now clasped in Tony's, then looked up to Tony with a shaky smile he was going for reassuring, but it might have fallen short.

He was a bit alarmed to note the unexpected proximity between their faces, and Bruce returned to rubbing the dried blood away from the open wound. You: Tony kept eye contact, catching his bottom lip between his teeth. When Bruce turned away he rolled his eyes, always so bashful.

It would be better if he could distract the doctor from worrying about him. It would only lead down the trail of apologies, and he had been there done that with Bruce. Someone probably pistol whipped me. Stranger: Bruce winced. His hand felt suddenly cold without the contact, but he forced himself away from that train of thought.

You: "Are you kidding? He looked at the side of Tony's face, upset that this situation had come to pass, then quietly pushed the needle into Tony's skin, sewing up the gash carefully.

la grammaire

You: Tony's heart started to race when he heard there was no anesthetic. He hissed in pain when the needle pierced his skin, hands reaching out and grabbing Bruce's hips. Stranger: Bruce bit his lip, keeping himself from protesting, and at the pained noises Tony was making he pressed hard enough to draw blood.

He was relentless, though, if only for Tony's sake, and he finished it as quickly as he could, a quiet murmur of "Sorry" passing his lips as he tied the thread. You: Tony didn't let go, trying to keep his breathing steady. He closed his eyes just for a moment in a silent apology, then opened them and smiled weakly at Tony.

The lines he had from frowning all the time were depressing. Tony wished he hadn't made him worry so much. But those lips were so perfect, and he has missed Bruce so much.

Before he knew it he was leaning in to kiss the other. You: Tony realized there was no reaction and pulled back, a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth. Tony could handle being slapped, or pushed away. But nothing. Stranger: Bruce shook himself back into reality, botox treatment birmingham rapidly and clearing his throat. He finished winding the leftover thread and set all of the materials on the table, heart frantically racing as if to make up for the seconds it had missed.

You: Tony sighed, "No I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. Why was he so stupid? He knew how bashful Bruce was and then he went and did something like that.

Stranger: Bruce looked sharply back up to Tony. Softly, hesitantly, he pressed a kiss to Tony's temple, right on the stitches he'd just sewn. I didn't think you felt-" Stranger: Bruce cut him off with another kiss, this time to his lips, and this was new, this was very, very new, and he didn't really quite know his way around this novelty, but he'd be damned if he wasn't trying.

He pulled away with a sheepish grin. You: Tony's jaw went slack and he looked up at Bruce with wide eyes. This was the first time he had seen the normally relaxed and awkward doctor do something so. He reached up and put a hand on the back of the other's neck, pulling him in for a proper kiss. Eyes closed, head tilted. Stranger: Bruce allowed Tony's hand and gravity to guide him back down, heart thundering, roaring in his ears, and everything was blocked out but the feel of Tony around him and the calmness that was coming with it.

He smiled, fingers tangling with Tony's at his side. You: "Lucky for me they left my lips and hands alone. Was this real? Maybe he was hallucinating from the concussion. Stranger: Bruce laughed, feeling his breath rebounding off of Tony's lips, then pulled away. You: Tony laid back, resting his head on his arms. Don't be afraid. Stranger: Bruce blushed, shaking his head. You: "Just rip it off. I don't need a shirt. Stranger: Bruce pulled up the metal chair, hesitating to even lay his hands on Tony's chest.

Finally he did, though, just leaving them there and unwilling to move them, lest he hurt Tony further. His heart broke at the tangible damage - three, no, four broken ribs, internal bleeding, bruising, lucky not to have lung damage - and had to forcibly tamp down a hot spurt of rage. He took a deep breath, then another, then two more, and dared to feel his way gingerly around the purpling skin. You: Tony watched Bruce, brows furrowing. What was with the breathing and the face?

He didn't know it was possible for someone to feel as much empathy as Bruce obviously did for him. He reached out and caressed the other's face. He was no good at making people feel better.

His lip was probably irreparably damaged by now, if the way he was biting down on it was anything to go by, but he continued to explore what he could of Tony's injuries with his calloused fingers. It didn't look like there was too much irreparable damage, which, frankly, was too good to be true, so he kept looking.

You: Tony smiled when he pulled away. He enjoyed the feeling of Bruce's hands on his skin, even if it was tender. Does anyone ever touch you?

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Stranger: Bruce blinked, hand over Tony's lung, and frowned. Please, let everything be okay, he thought desperately, hoping he'd hallucinated that grating feeling. You: Tony suddenly didn't want to talk, and that was rare. He pushed Bruce's hand off of him. He placed his hand back over Tony's lung again, not forgetting to be gentle, and repeated his request. He hoped nothing was wrong, things were bad enough. Stranger: Bruce exhaled sharply, eyes closing. You: "What is it now?

Credit: Alan Walters awaltersphoto. There are a number of U. Some of these allies include the Netherlands, Canada and the United Kingdom. When the system is complete it will be comprised of three functioning satellites and a spare satellite. These satellites will be inter-connected and are capable of communicating with one another.