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Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. Taxi Medallion Owner Driver Association a partagé un lien. One more to the list. Uber is being sued by three Latina engineers who allege that they, as women and people of color, were paid less than their white male and Asian colleagues.

Uber sued for gender, racial pay inequity. Uber discriminates against women and certain minority employees. Uber, the international ride-sharing company which has been frantically trying to stabilize its course after former CEO Travis Kalanick resigned in June amid allegations he oversaw widespread sexual harassment, is facing another lawsuit. Public-relations woes may be catching up with Uber.

The New York City Council is weighing a bill that could double the number of yellow cabs on the streets. The bill would allow medallion owners to add a second vehicle under their current medallions. NYC may double number of yellow cabs. On the weekend, we try to keep you current on the big ideas that.

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Your brain is selling you out, Uber is making traffic worse, and more trending stories. Another reason to quit driving for app-based companies Another unhappy aspect to Uber's Xchange program. Uber drivers thought leasing cars would boost their credit scores.

Nearly two-thirds of the city's traffic citations are issued to Uber and Lyft drivers. Hoping to prop up the struggling yellow-cab industry, a Manhattan lawmaker is proposing a tested sales technique: two vehicles for the price of one medallion. City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, chai….

Councilman proposes 2-for-1 medallion deal to save taxi industry. And still nobody cares! Yesterday, social media was overtaken by a furry of status updates containing the hasthag MeToo. This campaign is an offshoot of an initiative launched So what's next for the industry?

Food orders are a nightmare, bags from some places come already sealed so it is Impossible to check to make sure everything is in there but you take the fault if there is anything missing from the order.

Wear and tear on vehicle is not worth the money being made. Poor management. Uber gives too much power to their customers. Some customers get upset and complain and give unfair ratings and a lot of people including myself lost their Uber account just like that. The job is unreliable.

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I work for Uber over three year I did about 10, ride. I have 4. But one day somebody lied and reported to Uber saying I was in an accident and they deactivate my account for over a week without any explanation or Without asking me what happened at the scenario.

Not worth your time. If you work full time, the less money they pay you.

Extremely misleading. Points positifs. Nice to make my own hours. My review for Uber is very conflicting because it is really nice to be able to make my own hours and take time off when I need it but it can be difficult to make a living when I do take time off. I work hours a week sometimes and don't make enough to pay my bills.

Great opportunity to be self employed. The money is a issue. Great drivers work hard for great pay. It would be great if a driver would receive bonuses for tenure and great ratings. They also should be compensated for their hard work. You determine how much money you want to make with no supervision. I myself have had a few weeks where i eclipsed one grand. Unable to get help when needed. There is no contact number, nobody to answer any questions.

Scary, anonymous riders. And the money opportunity is very poor. Fun job to work for. Working for Uber is very fun and a great way to meet new people, I have learned so much about Los Angeles that it woes me. I have made so many new friends and business networking this job has been good to me. Not worth the money. Always complaining about everything never happy.

Nice place. Decent place to work if you need a flexible schedule. The only downside is there is not always a steady flow of passengers. Uber pay is to low. I do not want to drive for Uber anymore because of the low pay and excessive wear and tare on my automobile. Rideshare sucks.