Boot camp clik night riders 9th wonder remix

Gonna go down the rabbit hole and see where it goes. I know folks have been asking where I went on Mixcloud. I'm working on posting links better. I've been cutting down on social media as of late. My week is increasingly booked so I need to manage my time better. I'll get better at posting links in the coming days. Thanx to all y'all reaching out. I appreciate the loyalty and support to the movement. These are not official releases. It's just me having fun flipping some of my favorite songs and adding my own flavor to the mix.

I've love making beats and remixes, and also working with incredible talents that humble me with their creative collaborations. But there was so much dope music this year that the minimal count will stop at I had always involved myself in all facets of Hip-Hop DJing, rapping, horrible breakdancing and for a short while, graffitibut beats were always my passion. I started dabbling at 9 years old but 'S. There's no 'commercial' goals in doing this.

It's all about the passion and the journey of creating something from nothing; crafting snippets and sounds into some type of message. That you for being that Leap of Faith that now defines a part of who I am. Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Aide accessibilité. Adresse e-mail ou mobile Mot de passe Informations de compte oubliées?

One day he asked me to come with him but I said no because I prefered playing Game Boy! But he insisted and I came and was amazed to see a twelve years old kid playing guitar with such dexterity in fingers. Everyday I watched him practicing then one day we started to work on melody with his guitar and I told him that I made music because my father has music arranger and I brought him a tape that I made and this is how we started rapping together in Writing is powerful. My name was my first tagg and I was fascinated to see my tagg still visible after months.

Today, I still tagg but on paper. One day, a friend needed me for an event and I saw so many pens on table and, by rote, I started drawing and I noticed that I had a particular trace and I develop it.

To me, vinyl and live are the only sources orgnanic, there is a particular vibration. When you look at a vinyl cover, you look carefully at each details: design, if there is a mistake or not, colors, fonts, pictures. It is like a ritual. Then you take your disc to listen to it and your hear something incomparable. I will do my best to release my project in vinyl…. To finish this interview, at the risk of sounding cliche, love each other, share love, take and respect the love which is given to you.

Love is the center of our world. The music you make, the music you listen, the music you dance on, drawing, painting… EVerything is the translation of love…. Do you realize that, a Hip Hop roadtrip where lectures, discussions, debates, dance, shows are at the rendez-vous! The African Hiphop Caravan is an educational exploration of six African cities lasting one week per city from the second week of February in Cape Town to the last week of March in Tunisia. In each city, we will also participate in practical and theoretical work spaces that will lead to a continental action plan for Hiphop and street art social movements leading up to the World Social Forum WSF in Tunisia.

In each of the six cities, two performances will be organised, with one in a working-class community and another in the city centre. The performances will be a platform for Hiphop and street artists to interface with the poor and working people who are engaged in daily social struggles and thus foster an organic link between the cultural activists and the struggling masses.

I write that because we were so disappointed about the warm up. The warm up put us just down! At the beginning, the DJ mixed some good tracks but at a moment he just mixed what he wanted to without paying attention to the audience and that is scandalous! Sorry mister DJ but you were so wrong and you made everybody being so mad!

That is a shame because you froze the atmosphere. And when he left, he also left his nasty music on the stage and nobody changed it. We yelled in order them to changed but nobody moved. He did his best to save the catastrophe and he did much better than that. After his little warm up which was really useful, Dead Prez jumped on the stage and started the show. Out of contexte but, it is so funny to see through my window the sky because it is like we would be running after the sun. He wore a baggy jean with African patterns on it and so the same on his black sneakers.

That reminded me a baggy jean that I costumized with some African patterns when I was nineteen or twenty years old.

Muziek Fatih

About the quality of the show, it was great dope good jajajajajaja! Dead Prez have a really good energy and their combination with their official DJ is successful. After the show they took time to sign some dedications and take pictures… Really humble persons.

Conclusion: Thank God again rappers like Dead Prez are wonderful performers on the stage. It was my last live report for I hope you end up your year well. Make a point about what you did good, what you have to improve. I took my invitation then I went inside the concert hall. I met a good friend first and I said hello to the merchandising team. You could see at the merchandising stand, some Redman t-shirts, Method Man t-shirts and caps, Ready Rock hats and t-shirts, new Wu Tang Clan t-shirts, hoddies, hats, caps… I really wanted to get one Wu Tang hat but I was a little bit broke… I joined the front of the stage because I always want to see as much as possible and feel the energy of the artists but also the crowd.

DJ Dice warmed us up with a crazy set. It was surprising in the good way to see so many teenagers here I think I can still have hope for the next generations about Hip Hop. Garance Productions made us an amazing surprise: one of the best French Rap group performed at the first part. Les 2Bal were on fire and us too! Those young people knew all songs by heart! Then we had for second part Ready Rock plus Streetlife.

Ready Rock has a newschool rap while you can feel with Streetlife, the Wu Tang touch. Both of them kept the level high. The guys were amazing! They gave their lives on the stage, then danced, they talked to us, they jumped like a thousand time on the crowd, they made the show!

Real talk. This years was the third edition and the festival was divided in two parts: Black programme minceur shanna instagram and shows. Thursday April 5thI took my sport bag, backpack and laptop and I jumped into a car to Rennes. Buses in Rennes are definitly better than buses in Paris and it means thousand time better than buses in New York!

I was immediatly very well received by the Dooinit team. They took time to take care of me, to make me feel comfortable. Everyone should know that: treat people as you would like to be treated! Oh… Sorry, I write too much and I forget to explain the most important: who is going to perform tonight? I remember that I saw a door opened in a corner and I recognized J-L and his team.

They were quite surprised of seeing me here! Torae is a very cool man and he is full of humility. Those rappers are hilarious, professional, clearsighted, bright and totally out of control!!!! But like Torae, you will have the interview at the next episode…. JL and Mic Pro opened the ball. I can tell you that they were perfect to perform before the Americans. And he killed much more than everything!!!!! I need an explainations!

Torae is amazing and I definitly fell in love with him on stage! Congratulations Torae! Oh… I forgot to tell you again … I loose my mind and everything is uspide down because I want to gve you evry details! It was good to see you buddy! Oh My Gosh, they assassinated us! They made us laughing, dancing, screaming, having fun and singing. Everytime I see them on stage, that is just happyness! Incredible, after the show, nobody was tired… How comes? Did I go?

Well, my first night in Rennes was insane! Paris, you have a serious competition here! They are less than you but they made definitly more noise than you! Think about it! To celebrate spring, lots of events, parties, shows, showroom, dance and more… Check this out:. Cet album salué par la critique et par ses pairs est incrusté de nombreux et joli featuring notamment avec Slum Village, Rachel Claudio et AYO. Stalleyest de retour à Paris sur la scène du Club ce Mercredi 2 Mai pour une date unique.

Plus que Mad, elles sont surtout Friendly! His technical skills and a pure selection transform his sets in original hip hop masterpieces. No surprise to find Lord Jazz on the line-ups of massive events in France and Europe. Serial digger qui met sa passion au service du dancefloor! Percutant, moderne, réactif font de ses qualités un prêcheur des bonnes soirées funky parisiennes.

Le Panic Room est un bar très agréable qui vous a le mérite de vous recevoir comme il se doit! Après les dernières éditions de Rennes et Lyon, nous voici de retour à Paris pour la douzième édition avec un plateau thématique Hip-hop conscient hors du commun. Avec clinique médicale damaigrissement soutien de Posca, Agnès B.

CHEF Perspex. Un vendredi à surligner au stabilo orange. Il nous a donc confié la présentation de son label Congaloid dont on peut déjà compter les succès. Ce résident du club Fabric de Londres nous réserve un set house aux accents tropicaux et booty-shaking.

Un maxi sorti sur chacun de ces labels en quelques mois et le voilà propulsé au firmament de la fine fleur des DJs.

Tout ce beau monde accueilli par le duo CHEF, qui nous régalera avec sa sélection house tantôt slow-motion, tantôt ghetto-style mais toujours jacking.

Suite au succès de la 1ere édition au numéro 15 du vendredi 6 avril dernier, Retrouvez dorénavant la soirée du salon de tatouage EaZy Ink tous les premier vendredi de chaque mois au dans ce nouveau club.

Les 50 premières personnes qui envoient un mail a secret. Infos, réservations pour la soirée ou le salon de tattoo : GG : 06 14 07 79 54 www.

Venez nombreux!! La projection sera accompagnée de performances artistiques et de surprises. This year the world final takes place in New York City in late August. The Boogieman! Il suffit de 5 centièmes de secondes à Teddy Laztec pour revêtir son scaphandre de combat.

Mais revoyons la scène au ralenti. Cette année de nombreux MCs phares de la scène rap française sont de retour pour notre plus grand plaisir. Cette exposition se déroulera à Confluences, tout au long du mois de mai et rassemble les oeuvres de 33 artistes issus de la scène graffiti parisienne.

Les artistes sont invités à travailler sur des supports carrés au format vinyl 33 et 45 tours. Michael Wayne Atha, plus connu sous le nom de Yelawolf, est né en Alabama Etats-Unis auprès de parents amateurs de rock. Enil se blesse et doit tout arrêter. Une page se tourne et laisse place à son deuxième amour : le rap. La nuit sera toujours précieuse et confidentielle, nichée dans la mezzanine de la célèbre salle de concert de la butte Montmartre.

Pour ce voyage Dj Flag Jones sera votre commandant de bord. Nous vous proposons un concept de soirée alliant artistes confirmés, et en devenir,mêlant hip hop et électro afin de vous faire découvrir des artistes et de satisfaire les connaisseurs.

En alternant entre guest Hip Hop et électro, accompagnés de plateaux mélangeant mc et dj, nous souhaitons apporter une touche concert a une soirée club. Le 12 mai, Excuse My French revêt sa tunique rétro-futuriste avec un plateau à la croisée des genres… un mélange explosif de haute volée, la recette des toutes meilleures EMF! Sa marque de fabrique : un éclectisme musical et une énergie contagieuse, un mix détonnant qui font de ses sets des performances uniques! Bouillonnante de botox cosmetic cpt, elle tape, claque et mélangehip-hop, électro, bassmusic, rock, bref… une torpille!

Boot camp clik night riders 9th wonder remix

P, Yara Bravo. Bref, un éclectisme et à coup sûr une puissance que nous ne regretterons pas de découvrir ensemble pour cet événement national!!!

Ayant su puiser les sons oldies de leurs préciseuses galettes noires, les SBC se servent de cette matière pour construire et créer leurs propres compositions. InFunkWeTrust présente la soirée Paris a le Groove auclub du quartier Etienne Marcel à la déco atypique inspirée du cinéma et du street art.

Le cadre idéal pour se payer une énorme tranche de plaisir dans un esprit simple et funky! Bon à savoir : Invitations à imprimer pour les filles avant 01h Happy Hour de 23h à 00h30 Espace Fumeur confortable.

My Grooves fait sauter toutes les barrières et embarque son monde au confins des sons les plus festifs: disco classics, early soul, funky house, latin grooves…. Masta Ace, de son vrai nom Duval Clear, est un rappeur américain.

Il débute sa carrière en dans le milieu underground avec le collectif de Queensbridge, Juice Crew avec Marley Marl, Mr. Il a également sorti quelques albums très respectés qui étaient néanmoins peu écoutés en dehors des puristes du genre.

Son dernier album, A Long Hot Summer, a gagné les faveurs des critiques. Au début de sa carrière, Masta Ace était très énergique Cf. Jeep Ass Niguh. Le puncheur des mots de Minneapolis revient avec un EP sortie mars et nouvel album dans les poches sortie Aout sur le vieux continent.

Tout récemment, la rédaction de Snatch a décidé de lancer une nouvelle publication : Snatch Mini. Derrière cet intitulé junior et simplet, voilà un petit canard au format tabloïd mettant en scène sur quelques pages un avant-goût de ce que peut offrir son grand frère mais aussi quelques bonus qui font du bien.

Replay du replay : la bonne affaire.

Qui peut test le Grandmaster!??? A peine le temps de relacer tes sneakers que ce sera au tour de Gero de prendre la relève, toujours au top, avec son serato en surchauffe pour délivrer un hip hop electro fort et sanguin qui sonnera comme un giffle monumentale. Viendra enfin le tour de Supa! Bookez donc la soirée dans vos agendas ou vos i-bidules. Free Your Funk présente le samedi 19 mai à La Bellevilloise sa nouvelle résidence dédiée aux beatmakers et aux rappeurs français.

Sandra laisse béat par sa sensualité, son énergie et ses textes poignants. Le collectif Jazz Attitudes et le label Bab Musique proposent une soirée autour du jazz dancefloor et de ses dérivés.

Cette soirée unique à Paris revendique un jazz ouvert et dansant, fil conducteur permettant de traverser différents territoires musicaux : hard bop, jazz vocal, acid jazz, jazz funk, rare groove, hip hop jazz, latin jazz, future jazz, broken beat, afrobeat ou encore deep house. Des légendes du rap français et de nombreuses surprises de tailles sont au programme de cette soirée hommage.

Reggie Noble, alias Redman, originaire de New Jersey, se fait connaître à la fin des années 80 par un certain Erick Sermon. Nous sommes au début des année Ses thèmes préférés restent les mêmes : les délires et la fumette.

As I promised, you have the second part of my RedBull Tour. I took a sit because a discussion was organized from to Back from the food adventure, I met my brother from another mother Chu Gotzto take pictures of his artist he is artist manager and CEO for Mafia Magazine. We were waiting for the expected Wu Tang but during the discution, just Raek, Ghost, Masta and Capp were here and a show with just four rappers out of nine… Sorry but that sucks!!!!

But finally. She was perfect! A huge shout out to Ghostface Killah, I love the way you move! SunGod is a rapper too, here are two links of him that I like:. He explained that Hip Hop culture was born there, how it was the biggest phenomenom that he never saw and lived, how Hip Hop influenced and changed lives, how it started and helped people. He gave some example of life situations… He talked about Hot 97 too, his involvement in Hip Hop, people he met….

Regime verbes francais also gave us a wonderful set of old school rap! After those artists have performed, we had a break. Time for us to chat about what we heard, to dance, to enjoy this moment and feel the real Hip Hop vibe.