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His employer, Alkana Sàrl in Saxon, is run by partners with very close links to the mountains. The Troistorrents native loves to broaden his horizons by travelling to places such as Nepal. This legendary itinerary, known as the Grande Traversée des Alpes, is the most famous long-distance hike in the world. Leapfrogging over the border separating the French Haute-Savoie from the Swiss Canton of Valais and circumnavigating a 2-kilometre long segment of the Giffre Massif, this multi-day hike appeals to mountaineers, history buffs and nature-lovers alike.

The rugged, 3 kilometre-long silhouette of the Dents du Midi mountain range dominates the Illiez and the Rhone valleys with 7 jagged summits, all over 3, metres high. One of the oldest hiking trails in the Valais, this tour offers the best of the Alps, from verdant, flower-filled meadows to dense forests to the stark magesty of glacier-scraped peaks.

Perched in the Alps between the Haute-Savoie and Valais, this hiking tour offers a mix of landscapes between high altitude hiking trails and gentler pedestrain trails. In addition to spectacular panoramas over the Bernese Alps, the Rhone Plain, the Valais Alps, the Mont Blanc Massif, the Chablais and the Jura, this itinerary is famous for a section of some fossilized dinosaur tracks dating back over million years.

This gracefully arcing alpine footbridge is 55 metres long and hangs 25 metres above the Sauflaz River Gorge, facilitating a treacherous passage between the Rossétan and Bonaveau pastures on the Dents du Midi trail.

Five educational panels explore glacial retreat, local geology, hydrology, hydroelectricity and groundwater in the region. This charming ramble takes you by a number of small, stone monuments placed here and there along the roadsides. Built by our ancestors to implore Divine protection, or in fulfilment of a vow, these miniature chapels are an integral part of our landscape and heritage and a gentle invitation to peaceful reflection.

Follow Séraphin the Smuggler and learn about his life, his chalet and his beloved mountains. This trail system is made up of 4 different routes, which take from 1 to 3 hours to complete.

This path delves into the intriguing world of bees; in this case the Buckfast variety. Step off the beaten path and into the magical environment of an alpine forest.

The Bridges Trail leapfrogs back and forth over the burbling Vièze river in Morgins. No less than 32 little bridges, each named after a native flower, make this walk in the woods uniquely fun and perfectly refreshing. One small step for mankind! This educational trail shrinks the astronomical dimensions of our solar system down to a human scale where each step traveled corresponds to a giant leap in space; 1 million kilometres to be precise.

Set off under the giant orange arch that represents the sun, then follow the path further into outer space, passing by the planets of the solar system on your way. Each planet has its own informational panel creme anti rides 70 ans homme is sized to scale.

The Antème Lakes educational trail showcases a unique ecosystem which flourishes on the shores of two limpid glacial lakes, in the protective arc of a magnificent limestone cirque. A recorded audio tour provides a wealth of information and a more dynamic approach to experiencing nature in all its glory. The trail follows a natural ledge over m long, carved out in places to create a continuous passage along the cliff facing the village.

The Galerie offers some of the best views of Champéry and over the whole Vallée d'Illiez, with the soaring church steeples of Val d'Illiez and Troistorrents in the distance. This trail goes with the flow of the rivers, streams, waterfalls and springs that feed into the Vièze River between Champéry and Monthey. You will explore the vital role water plays here and the myriad ways we use and protect it. Easily accessed by public transportation, this trail can be done in stages thanks to train stops along the way.

Perched above the village of Morgins, in full view of the Dents du Midi, the Vaudoise Alps and the Rhone Valley, this easy hike traverses sunny meadows and sheltered forest paths. This is the heartland of traditional Valaisan life. Do you dare trip trap across this intriguingly-named structure to get to Chenarlier on the other side?

This is a summer-long challenge for epicureans and nature-lovers! Pick up a participation map and set off to visit as many alpine refuges and restaurants as you can. The more you play, the more you win! Game card maps are available at the local tourist offices, the Cavagne shops and participating restaurants.

Prizes include ski passes, Cavagne gift certificates and even a weekend ski get-away! This unsurpassed landscape is a tableau vivant, at once wild and peaceful, ever changing and impervious. Now in her forties, the Gros de Vaud native has chosen the mountain life — but not to live as a recluse. Quite the reverse, in fact. Possessed of an innate sense of hospitality, the caretaker of the Susanfe mountain hut simply decided she would indulge her sociable nature against a background of majestic summits, including the Dent de la Chaux, the Haute Cime, the Tour Sallière and Mont Ruan — not to mention the enchanting Susanfe valley itself.

The stage is set; all you need to do is make the climb. The hike takes 3. It takes an hour longer if you leave from Van d'En Haut, while hikers tackling the climb from Les Marécottes should set aside just under eight hours. Whichever route you choose, the radiant smiles of Fabienne and her team will be waiting for you at the end of your journey. I think people rediscover who they really are during a stay in the mountains.

Summer naturally draws the most hikers to the mountain hut there are around 2, to 2, overnight stays per season. Guests come here to eat, freshen up and sometimes spend the night in one of the 70 beds before continuing their journey. Guests use their mobiles only to look at photos — generally of rides unlimited chicago.com climb up to the hut, as if to congratulate themselves on what they've accomplished.

The lights are switched out at pm on the dot, and a hearty breakfast is offered to early risers from am the next day. The day passes quickly, as the staff are constantly on the go, preparing meals, washing the dishes, cleaning, tidying and, above all, offering a personalised welcome for every group of hikers. Alpine Pastures These uncultivated, high-altitude grasslands were hard-won from the thick forests which covered the mountainsides hundreds of years ago.

Generations of farming families have brought their herds of hardy sheep, goats and cattle to spend the summer grazing in the sunshine, helping to keep the forests at bay and, in the process, creating unique ecosystems of plants, wild animals and traditions which vary from one hillside to another. Nowadays, these once secluded alpages have become a destination unto themselves, crisscrossed by an infinite network of hiking trails and dotted with farms offering home-made local specialties.

Just a stone's throw from the French border and the famous Portes du Soleil pass which gave this area its name, this limpid, green-tinted lake is one of the Portes du Soleil's loveliest natural sites.

The Lac de Morgins is listed in the federal inventory of amphibian reproductive zones. Sauffla, meaning 'breath' in our ancient dialect, refers to a constant breeze created by the torrential eddies of this river as it tumbles down the mountains and through craggy gorges before crashing to a halt in a majestic waterfall near Grand Paradis.

Flanked by the soaring limestone walls of a natural amphitheatre carved into the northwest face of the Haute Cime, two pristine glacial lakes invite the weary hiker to stop a while and contemplate the awesome beauty of the Alps.

These powerful waterfalls gush straight out of a cliff face in the pastoral They Valley at an altitude of 1, metres. This natural phenomenon occurs when groundwaters overflow out of a network of galleries eroded deep inside the limestone cliffs over the centuries by filtering rainwater. The strenuous hike is well worth the glorious surprise that awaits you here! From the Croix de Culet, just above the famous Champéry-Planachaux cable soin du visage cest quoi 69 arrival station, the panorama of surrounding summits is quite simply awe-inspiring.

Standing guard over Morgins, the Pointe de Bellevue is a rocky summit which offers neverending views over the Jura and Chablais Alps and Lake Geneva, all the way to the icy bulk of Mont Blanc.

For a truly international experience, ride the 4-man chairlift from the summit down in the direction of Avoriaz. Generally a two-day hike, this summit climb is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the air, in the water, with two wheels or on horseback, clinging to a cliff wall or with your two feet firmly on the ground, adventure in the Alps never comes by half measures!

Jean-Philippe developed prototypes for gliders, delta wings and, above all, paragliders. In his native Jorat, he and his brother would test his inventions by leaping from hills or the beams of the family barn.

His father, a farmer, would mow the fields to prepare a landing site for them. At 16, the young Jean-Philippe wanted to become a military pilot. To that end, he studied for his licence, but the low intake of Swiss French pilots into the air force prevented him from achieving his dream.

Undaunted, at the age of 20 he began studying mechanical engineering in Fribourg. His job became an all-consuming passion. Thanks to a brain constantly bubbling over with ideas, Jean-Philippe was able to join the trade association for inventors.

But he needed to recharge his batteries, too. Inhe decided to rent a chalet in Les Crosets, a resort he visited almost every weekend along with nearly work colleagues. He would go to the cinema, also in the hope of getting away from it all, but reality always caught up with him. In the darkness of the film theatre, armed with a torch, he would take notes and put the finishing touches to work assignments.

Talk about going above and beyond! It was time to think of himself, rather than letting life pass him by as he lost himself in work. He left Bobst to make a leap into. The topography of the valley creates different air masses, which collide and then propel your glider.

The tandem paraglider has made a big contribution to training by making it feel safer. I was the first to start using them. These movements are also influenced by the temperatures emanating from the earth. The direction of the sun, the presence of the Dents du Midi — they all play a part in determining whether a region is good for paragliding or not. Nature and adventure go hand-in-hand, especially in a treetop ropes course. Perched high above the forest floor, you'll defy the laws of gravity, clinging to rope bridges, scrambling over wooden walkways and flying through the trees on zip lines.

Each test of courage and agility will build self-confidence and pride in your achievements. Trail running is, quite simply, going for a run on rugged terrain at the heart of nature. Take off for adventure ; the Alps are yours for the conquering! Indoor climbing gyms provide scope for the imagination for climbers of all ages and abilities no matter what the season.

The wall at the Champéry Palladium offers a surface of m2, 9. Please reserve Rocky gorges, eddying pools and plunging waterfalls The rivers that have shaped our valley over the centuries are an invitation to exploration as you walk, slide, scramble and abseil your way through some of Nature's most dramatic and elemental scenery. Please reserve Hurdle down the hillsides on a 4x4 go-cart!

At the bottom, just hook your cart onto the ski lift and head back up for more fun. Equipped with suspension and disc brakes, downhill scooters are a thrilling activity for all ages and the perfect means of transportation for exploring rugged hillsides. I would also like to thank all our partner events around the world who have enabled you to discover our magazine and that we have been proud to publish in our pages.

All that remains is for me to wish you happy reading of this very special edition. I look forward to seeing you again soon for the launch of our new projects!

Après 13 ans… 48 numéros…. Equestrio devient une communauté qui bénéficiera de nouvelles opportunités.

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Vous pourrez toujours découvrir nos reportages exclusifs sur equestrio. Vous pourrez retrouver toutes les informations sur notre site internet et rester informés en vous inscrivant à notre Newsletter.

Je remercie également tous nos événements partenaires autour du monde qui vous ont permis, chers lecteurs et lectrices, de découvrir notre magazine. Nous avons été fiers de les publier dans nos pages.

Je vous souhaite une bonne lecture de ce numéro très spécial et me réjouis de vous retrouver pour le lancement de nos nouveaux projets! Not The End. The fervour which takes over the sporting world as the Olympic Games approach is always magical, but can sometimes be a bit surreal.

Everyone has only one thing on their mind. Of course, equestrian sports are no exception and have no less passion than any other sport. Each member of the entourage lives and breathes the Games and feels just as involved as the athletes themselves. And if an Olympic medal should be won, every one of them is an Olympic champion. Husbands or partners will remain somewhat in the background, afflicted by the prince consort syndrome Particularly the French staff. Talking about the French, if it were to happen, one man would remain in the background, ever discreet, as he has been throughout his mission.

His neutrality helps us to not get carried away, which is so important in France. The new year is off to a flying start and with a samba soundtrack already playing loud and clear for With the mid-August appointment for the Rio Olympics already penciled into diaries, the Games cross the Pond for the first time in two decades the last time in the Americas was inin Atlantaand the first time ever in South America.

The world of sport, taken in its most all-embracing sense and in its most thrilling and meaningful spirit, is experiencing the emotion of this four-yearly event, which represents the acme of the entire movement. With the Olympic Games, sport changes gear and powers its way into general global communication. When Olympic champions step up to the podium, they become national icons for the rest of their days.

The challenge is tough for the top equitation competitors, perhaps more challenging than for the number-ones of other sports because results depend not on one but on two athletes: the rider and the horse. Good luck to all of you, champs! Having been a three-day eventer during the s, he became an amateur showjumping rider in Germany and is now a polo player. Caterina has always had a special feeling for horses. From the time she was a small child she spent all of her free time with the animals she loves the best.

Her dream in life was to work in the horse world, and she has done it in a wide variety of ways, as a rider, a breeder, a coach and journalist. Her work as a Press Officer is legendary, and amongst the most important events at which she has officiated are the World Equestrian Games inthe World Cup Final inthe Samsung Super League Final in and the much-loved Pavarotti International Horse Show staged in the fabulous surroundings of Modena.

Avec pas moins de passion que les autres sports. Du propriétaire au groom. Chaque membre de cet entourage vit cela à fond et se sent tout autant concerné que le sportif lui-même.

Et si une médaille vient à tomber, tout le monde sera champion olympique. Enfin, surtout le staff français. Pas de souci, ça se bouscule au portillon derrière lui. Quand ils montent sur le podium, les champions olympiques deviennent des icônes nationales pour le reste de leurs jours. Bonne chance à vous tous, les champions! In this issue show jumper Hannah Selleck reveals she is just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside during our fashion shoot at the International Polo Club, Palm Beach, even quite literally taking the plunge for our pool shot.

Top women in horse sport, Barbara Banke and Susan Grange, discuss a hands-on approach to business as well as rearing horses as the key to success. And world champion dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin shares what she discovered by traveling to an equine fair in India to see The Brooke in action helping working animals, an experience that proved both inspiring and heartbreaking. Il regime transitoire equation differentielle a beaucoup à apprendre en dehors de notre zone de confort.

She competed in equitation and hunters through her junior years. After earning an undergraduate and graduate degree from Northwestern University, she pursued her next passion of writing.

She is dedicated to discovering the best of the luxury lifestyle. Passion for sport transcends borders and links cultures, a bit like CNN, so as a truly global network, it is only natural that it has been an area of consistent growth in recent years.

We already had dedicated shows for Formula 1, golf, tennis, skiing, sailing and horse racing and, with Rio beginning to loom, the various disciplines of equestrian sport were an exciting new source of stories and an important addition to our portfolio. Since its launch inCNN Equestrian has run on CNN International as a regular slot in our flagship show World Sport, as a standalone minute program around some of the major events in the equestrian calendar, and obviously online at CNN.

Our producers have covered the sport on five continents. Ultimately, CNN excels in telling stories about people; and without doubt, equestrianism provides a rich environment to find elite athletes and passionately dedicated characters with fascinating back stories. And in that regard, our thanks go to Equestrio magazine—we appreciate the attention that you have given our show by profiling us in your pages and featuring our videos on your website.

We look forward to working together in the future as the sport gears up for the big one in Rio. Nous diffusons déjà des émissions dédiées à la Formule 1, au golf, au tennis, au ski, à la voile et aux courses de chevaux. Depuis son lancement enCNN Equestrian est devenue une rubrique régulière de notre émission emblématique World Sport. Nos producteurs ont couvert cette discipline sur cinq continents et passent en revue les événements majeurs du calendrier équestre.

Je suis heureux de vous annoncer que nos efforts pour vulgariser les sports hippiques, ont aussi reçu un écho favorable du monde équestre. Born in Indonesia inPutu Sayoga is a travel and documentary photographer based on the island of Bali. After reading politics at Gadjah Mada University, Putu Sayoga graduated from the Department of Politics and Government inhaving taught himself photography—especially street photography—during his college days. His current project The Fragile Island documenting over-development and environmental issues in Bali was exhibited at the National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta and published in Internazionale.

As a freelancer, he concentrates on stories of social relevance with the aim of enhancing public awareness of unbalanced situations. His work, which is published by the major Italian and international media, is often used as debating material during conferences, television programmes and festivals, and exhibited and projected in museums, galleries and universities. He has been represented by the French agency Cosmos since After studying communication, Jessica began her career as a press officer with the RB press agency six years ago.

Initially more fascinated by photography than equestrian sports, she enjoyed discovering this world through her lens, observing every last detail with the eye of a novice. What she likes most about this sport is the relationship between rider and horse, as well as all the emotions that are stirred by wonderful stories, atypical personalities and the magical moments experienced at big events.

That is why she often stays behind the scenes in order to capture these moments, attempting to be discreet and to find herself in the right place at the right time in order to share beautiful pictures with passionate enthusiasts. Son projet en cours The Fragile Island, illustration du surdéveloppement et du problème environnemental dans son île natale de Bali, a été exposé à la National Gallery of Indonesia, à Jakarta, et publié dans Internazionale.

Son travail, publié dans les principaux médias italiens et internationaux, fait souvent matière à débat dans des conférences, émissions de télévision ou festivals. Il est également souvent exposé ou projeté dans des musées, galeries et universités.

Au départ, plus passionnée par la photographie que par les sports équestres, elle a apprécié découvrir ce monde à travers son objectif, observant les moindres détails avec un regard de novice. Any reproduction, even partial, is strictly prohibited. Wellington, FL www. They reveal that inside even the tamest of beings there is a desire to run wild.

Photographer Troy Moth knows this feeling well. He left a life of high fashion photography to return to a remote cabin in Canada and travel to far flung destinations in order to photograph wild horses.

Le photographe Troy Moth connaît bien ce sentiment. Il a abandonné sa carrière de photographe de haute-couture pour retourner vivre dans une cabane reculée au Canada et faire des voyages vers des destinations lointaines pour photographier des chevaux sauvages.

Designed by Gérald Martinez, a former mounted bullfighter, French balneotherapy center, Malleret works with horses to ensure that they are truly…. Exceptionally sought-after and nonetheless incredibly quick to return the love that is given to them, horses deserve the best when it comes to well-being.

Balneotherapy, which is making a comeback to the field, brings unparalleled benefits, and particularly at Malleret where the equipment has been fully researched. The latest Aquatrainer Hydrozone, an active machine combining a swimming pool with targeted jets and treadmill belt, replaces three hours of intensive work on the flat in just minutes, with the added advantage of eliminating any inconvenience. Only seven of this type of machine exist in the entire world. The passive Spa. Systematic showers, drying off in solariums and weighing on high-precision scales complete the personalized treatments given to horses who are luxuriously accommodated in padded boxes with sprung, anti-slip coverings.

The stable and adjacent treatment room are monitored with video cameras so that clients can keep an eye on the progress of their beloved animal to which they are offering the ultimate in therapy and comfort for a session lasting several days or several weeks.

Not to mention the idyllic setting of the Château de Malleret and the mild Bordeaux climate. La balnéothérapie, qui fait son retour dans le milieu, procure des bienfaits à nuls autres pareils, notamment à Malleret où les équipements ont été dûment étudiés.

Le Spa. Douches systématiques, séchages en solariums et pesées sur balances de précision complètent les soins sur mesure délivrés à des chevaux qui sont accueillis luxueusement, dans des box capitonnés avec revêtements amortissants et antidérapants. Sans oublier le cadre idyllique du château de Malleret et la douceur du climat bordelais.

Des soins préventifs réguliers sont de nature à améliorer les performances de votre cheval et à prévenir les blessures.

A legend in the s, this German rider is paradoxically almost unknown to younger generations of show jumping fans despite doing a great deal for the sport and wet n wild junior rides being one of its major stakeholders.

In the shadow his older brother, Alwin, who is also a legend Olympic champion in Montreal inPaul made his name in the arena largely thanks to a horse with a charismatically unconventional look.

It was with the famous Deister and his singular canons of beauty that he won the European Championships three times in a row inand Their performances fascinated everyone. He was a captivating character and every win went down in history. This rider has always had a formidable sense of business and is a jack-of-all trades who made his first Deutschmarks… with chickens!

He was also involved in both transport and construction, his main business soon focused on horses. The chicken farmer became a merchant with a sprawling empire. In Mühlen, the chicken coops were converted into stables and, at the time, accommodated some show jumping horses which were all for sale.

But, as if that was not enough, when the Berlin Wall fell, Paul rushed into the former GDR to buy a 3,hectare collective farm in Lewitz where he currently breeds, breaks in, and trains some 4, horses. With Ulli Kasselmann he also co-founded PSI, the most extravagant auction, where three-year old horses with prestigious pedigrees are sold at seven-igure prices.

The stables were once used as a base for the German team and, at one time, Otto Becker, Franke Sloothaak, and Ludger Beerbaum in particular discovered at a national show and who he helped propel towards his renowned international career trained there at the same time. Véritable mythe des années 80, le cavalier allemand est paradoxalement un quasi anonyme pour les jeunes générations fans de jumping!

Pourtant Paul Schockemöhle fut un acteur incroyable et reste un maillon important de ce sport. Leurs sorties fascinaient. Le personnage captivait. Et à Mühlen, les poulaillers se sont transformés en boxes. Le premier Kaiser fut bien Paul Schockemöhle. Une vraie personnalité, grand électeur du Bundespräsident, très médiatique et dont le visage était et reste imprimé dans la mémoire de tous les Allemands.

Olympic Eventing team! Mark Cellulite oder wassereinlagerung has been called a visionary and together with his wife Katherine, dedicated partners, and talented team at Tryon International Equestrian Group has managed to make the unimaginable reality. What started as a casual conversation with partner Roger Smith, a longtime resident of the beautiful hunt country in North Carolina, has emerged in short order as the Tryon International Equestrian Center, destined to become one of the premier centers in the equestrian world.

The state of the art facility includes ten riding arenas, over permanent stalls, an enormous covered riding facility, on-site lodging, numerous restaurants, shops and a stunning new high tech arena and VIP club. Future expansion includes a sports complex, two hotels, sporting clay course, and an hole golf course along with a full calendar of equestrian competitions and activities.

In response to great demand, village top condominiums have also made their debut. The support that the facility has towards the community and their willingness to bring them in and share the sport was one of the main reasons that I wanted to keep coming back. I was continually impressed with the way the show was run, always organized and professional, as well as the response from the local and regional community towards the venue, athletes, and events.

The number of people we saw here this season and the atmosphere was incredible. Being in the thermal belt with mild weather benefits the facility which hosts classes in hunters, jumpers and equitation in the spring, summer and fall. It is accessible via Charlotte, Asheville and Greenville-Spartanburg airports.

For the local community it has been a boon to business to provide jobs and opportunity and been widely welcomed. Revamping the successful Saturday Night Lights series as seen in the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida has also created an exciting and family friendly environment for the entire community.

Tryon will also host its own version of the Great Charity Challenge which is an exciting pro-am team competition that raises money for local charities. While the facility is super high tech, the vibe is one of an old fashioned hunting community, nestled in natural beauty with forests and streams and rolling hills far from the maddening crowds. It dares the Type A Personality to sit back and relax. And their horse as well. Pour répondre à une forte demande, la première résidence en copropriété a également vu le jour.

Le site est accessible depuis les aéroports de Charlotte, Asheville et Greenville-Spartanburg. Le Gouverneur de cet état est même un visiteur assidu. Tryon accueillera également sa propre version du Great Charity Challenge, une captivante compétition pro-am par équipe, destinée à collecter des fonds pour les associations caritatives locales. Une invitation à tous les hôtes de marque à venir se poser et se détendre.

Tout comme pour leurs chevaux. The British, and Londoners in particular, love a bit of tradition. Olympia combines two classics: Christmas and a love of horses. The program varies little from one year to the next. Classes featured still include a puissance, and legs of the Show Jumping World Cup from the onset in36 years ago and its dressage counterpart, now complete the line-up.

The same public is enthralled year after year by the inevitable Shetland pony race, the must-see dog agility event and the bombastic Disney Christmas-style show. Spectators will happily part with a few pounds to place a bet at the bookmakers, buy a few Christmas gifts at the surrounding stands, or enjoy a bite to eat at one of the many food trucks.

The atmosphere is festive and joyous and the event takes place in an art-deco hall which adds to its singularity. Equestrio is proud to be a partner of this very British show, which marks its first step on British territory. Les Anglais, les Londoniens sont fidèles aux traditions. Les spectateurs dépensent volontiers quelques livres-sterling pour parier sur les épreuves auprès du bookmaker, dans les stands commerciaux, parfaits pour les cadeaux de Noël ou dans les food-trucks.

Getting to the grand age of 90 is quite an achievement in itself, but it becomes truly impressive when the candles on the cake are for a queen.

Even more so when that crowned head belongs to Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, the quintessential ruler, a figure universally acknowledged as extraordinary, not to mention the most wonderful and prestigious celebrity endorser of the equestrian world and its way of life. To celebrate her ninetieth birthday on 21 April in a fitting manner she has commissioned the renowned HPower Group Simon Brooks-Ward Producer and Director to organize four performances of a show choreographed around horses in the castle park.

The event is scheduled for 12—14 May, during the traditional Windsor Horse Show. For the occasion, horses will be arriving from all over the world for some stunning performances, including the Royal Cavalry of Oman, Chilean Huasos, the New Zealand Army Band on horseback, Azerbaijan Cossacks, the Fiji Army Band and Dancers, with countless others.

Each evening a member of the royal family will be present, and Queen Elizabeth herself will be in the stands on the closing night. The celebration, of course, is a non-profit event and revenue—expected to be significant—will be donated entirely to charity. The tickets went on sale on 24 November last, and sales data received suggests that the event sold out in 12 hours!

It will be a fascinating journey through the life story of a beloved monarch, from her birth in to the present day, including World War II, her coronation inand the most significant moments of a reign that has spanned over 60 years. Queen Elizabeth inherited her expertise and dedication to the world of thoroughbreds from the Queen Mother. Their horses, wearing the unique royal racing colors registered at the Jockey Club purple vest with gold braid and scarlet sleevesare always the stars of the most important race meetings.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was President of the International Serum anti rides acide hyaluronique thalgo Federation for years from toa role also performed by his daughter, Anne, the Princess Royal from to Un membre de la famille royale sera présent chaque soir et la reine Elizabeth assistera en personne à la soirée de clôture.

Troy Moth is a study in contrasts. Part mountain man and part high-end fashion photographer, and just 30 years old, he describes himself as an old wandering soul. Troy spent the first few years of life living in a tent in a remote tree-planting camp on the West Coast of Canada. He loved the wild and abundant nature he grew up immersed in, but eventually the call to adventure became too much and he moved, first across Canada to the big city of Toronto, then across the world to India, to pursue a career in photography.

I moved back to Toronto and drove back to Vancouver. A bad accident deterred him from riding, but his love of horses continued. They are turned back to the wild in spring.

They have human contact every year. I want to show the horse in the landscape instead of just a close-up. In the icon series I really pulled back. Je suis rentré à Toronto et suis reparti pour Vancouver. Cela fait maintenant cinq ans. Ils entrent en contact avec les humains tous les ans. There are many very famous works at the Louvre, particularly the Venus de Milo.

And of course the woman with a smile It is a pyramid of glass and metal designed by architect Pei and inaugurated in More Egypt!

Well, after a visit to the Louvre Museum, a short walk to the Jardin du Luxembourg. Its been there since ! The Jardin du Luxembourg is very large so you can get plenty of exercise! For example, you can jog, play tennis or basketball.

Avec combien de calories par jour pour maigrir

There are also activities for children, such as puppet theatres or pony rides. There are many fountains, sculptures and statues. Do you know these animals? Okay, you're still doing well? Okay last step - we go to the Musée d'Orsay. It's beautiful is it not? The museum is housed in a former train station. In the museum, there is the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionists paintings in the world.

Come on, a little test: what impressionist painters do you know? Yes, Claude Monet of course. And then, like me, you'll say "I love Paris! Video in French about modern Gabon and its history as a French colony with captions in French that can be turned on or off.

It also discusses the life and legacy of Doctor Albert Schweitzer who set up a hospital for people suffering from leprosy. The video has French subtitles that can be switched on and off using the caption CC button.

A video in French about present-day Egypt and its mysterious past, especially ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The video has captions in French that can be switched on and off. It forms part of the Passeport pour la Francophonie website. Video in French about the geography and culture of France. It also has French captions that can be switched on or off using the caption button.

Video in French about the lowland gorillas of Gabon and the methods employed by the government to protect them.

The video has captions in French that can be switched on and off using the caption CC button. Video in French about the plants and animals of Madagascar.

Part of the Passeport pour la Francophonie website. A video in French about the gods and goddesses worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. It provides information about the goddess Bastet who was often portrayed as a cat and explains the special regard ancient Egyptians had for cats. The video also has French subtitles that can be switched on or off using the caption button. Video with French intertitles in which a mime artist pretends to use a umbrella.

It is part of a collection of videos about learning mime included on the Passeport pour la Francophonie website to illustrate an aspect of French culture and arts. Video narrated in French that takes the learner on a journey around Madagascar. It has French subtitles that can be switched on and off using the caption CC button. The video is part of the Passeport pour la Francophonie website, a modern languages resource for primary learners.

Video narrated in French about modern Polynesia, its geography, history, languages and why Polynesians love surfing! It has French captions that can be turned on or off.