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Brad must have taken when he made the high-paying overseas product-shilling deal. This kind of endorsement begs the question: Why is Brad repping one of the most iconic women's scents? He's not exactly the epitome of the effeminate fragrance's target demographic. If the new Chanel face stays mum, we'll just have to wait until we see the ads to piece this together.

Also on HuffPost:? If you needed any more conclusive proof about just how blinkin' good looking Brad Pitt is then this is surely it? The Hollywood star has just been signed up to be the new face of Chanel No. You know, the classic ladies fragrance? The year-old actor will make history as the first ever man to front the new advertising campaign for the French fragrance and has reportedly been paid a seven figure sum to do so.

Brad will follow in the high-heeled footsteps of Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Audrey Tatou, Catherine Deneuve and Lauren Hutton who have all fronted previous campaigns for the scent. Brad is due to film the ad in London this week, which is handy, as him and fiancee Angelina Jolie have just.

Brad is set to begin shooting the ads in London later this week. We like to blithely toss the word "icon" around in reference to our modern day fashion stars: Karl, Kate, Marc, Gaga and, uh. But all it takes is a few costumes to remind us that none compare to a true fashion icon like Coco Chanel. The tome honors the jacket created by Coco and worn by hundreds of socialites, models and celebrities ever since. But our favorite jacket-wearer?

Well, it's a toss-up. Carine dresses up as Coco herself, wearing the traditional straw boater, the strands of pearls and that signature jacket. In the unmistakable outfit, the former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief reminds us of what an icon -- a true symbol -- Coco Chanel was. Then again, Sarah Jessica Parker wears the jacket on her head. And totally owns it.

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Like we said: toss-up. Carine Roitfeldbut the former editor-in-chief has had no shortage of work since leaving the glossy.

Two weeks ago, we learned that Roitfeld -- including the catalog, the windows and a short film -- working with photographer Mario Sorrenti and Barneys creative director Dennis Freedman. She told Women's Wear Daily, "It's good to have a new life, because now I can do projects that I never dreamed of before. Working with Kaiser Karl, apparently. The new pics feature model-of-the-moment Freja Beha Erichsen, and Lagerfeld told the fashion newspaper, "The mix with Freja was genius.

Only time will tell. We wonder if one Tom Ford is jealous yet No, not some kind of new, super chic accessory. Cotton pads. Like the things you use to swipe off your eye makeup remover. When we firstwe balked. But hey, these things are probably nicer than Swisspers. And they are! They're downright international!

Sayeth Chanel:LE COTON is an exquisitely soft tri-layer pad developed in Japan: its outer lining, made from delicate, handpicked Egyptian cotton, and its inner filling, comprised of lightly entwined, elastic Australian fibers. Nothing but the world's finest to scrub off your mascara clumps. And there are more splurge-y cosmetics accessories where that came from; check out some other outrageously priced beauty tools in our slideshow below.

Don't steal designer brand names. Just, don't. Because those astuces pour maigrir en 1 mois xbox are really big and really rich and pretty scary and they will come and sue your butt. As AFP reported. Which may or may not be worse than that time when That's not counting the countless shoes, bags and clothes that have been confiscated for falsely bearing a designer name including just last week.

What have we learned, class? The silver-haired supermodel led the way for Karl Lagerfeld's cruise collection models, clad chiefly in black, white, black-and-white or a bold print What an utterly unsophisticated assumption.

Take a look at Karl's newest offerings. And to see who sat front row. Chanel's set designer was clearly inspired by the right? Today as Paris Fashion Week nears its apogee, Karl Lagerfeld capitalized on the drama, putting on a show that was soaked in luxurious coats and trousers as well as striking scenery.

As celebs like Alicia Keys and watched from the front row, Chanel's models strutted out in front of jutting crystal-like sculptures, walking on sand that was strewn on the runway. Fashionista's reporter one woman pocketing some of the crystals and sand. Who walked? Miranda Kerr ofwho strutted in an embroidered coat with glittering eyebrows, although our fave Karlie Kloss was nowhere in sight.

The rest of the collection was similarly dramatic, featuring signature Chanel textiles like tweed and wool, and a crop of sheer plastic shoes that were also adorned with crystals. There was also a tiny, Chanel-bedecked tot on the runway -- whose dad Brad is a male model and close friend of Kaiser Karl. At the show's conclusion, Lagerfeld ambled out between the crystals to pay his respects to the crowd, who appropriately cheered him for putting on such an artistic fete.

Check out pics of the runway looks and video of the Chanel finale below:? More from TheKit. It was certainly a diverse collection of creations from A-lines to dropped waists, palettes that were muted or bright, and styles spanning decades.

But Tuesday's shows had one key thing in common: imagination. The French fashion president, one of the most discreet yet powerful figures in the world of fashion thus answers detractors who predict the demise of the age-old tradition. It's not just about selling clothes: it's an advert, an ideas factory," added Grumbach. Chanel haute couture. Their presence showed the unique and enduring allure of year-old Chanel.

Down the catwalk, adorned with vintage sketches of Coco Chanel's lavish house interior, went shimmering silk tweed skirt suits, ensembles from the '50s and '60s, and a '30s bolero jacket. Other outfits sparkled with a contemporary metallic sheen. In some instances, Lagerfeld resurrected the s. A series of ensembles in big, bold textured checks in black, grey and white channeled the decade's strong shoulders and narrow hemline. In other looks, pink tulle fringing recreated a dropped waist effect from the s.

Elsewhere, double-breasted A-lines, a Peter Pan collar and ensembles in pale pink and white might have come straight out of Jacqueline's Kennedy early '60s wardrobe. The boldest looks came toward the end: Lagerfeld let his pony-tailed hair down in a shimmering electric blue dress that could have been Coco's answer to s glam rock. The tulle with pearl took 3, hours.

Couture is for a world of privilege. But is there ever time for looking back? Not really, according to Lagerfeld. His accomplished fall-winter collection on Tuesday began with a daybreak of sorts, in lighter shades of mauve and lavender in organzas and double crepe.

Shoulders were emphasized, some with upward scooped tailoring. Then as the sun set, the couture got to work. Embroidered veils appeared, signalling the dimness of dusk.

Geometric embroidery accompanied black tulle tops with Swarovski crystals. Spectators gasped as the show climaxed at midnight in blue, naturally with some of the most sumptuous dresses seen this season. The subtlety proves one thing: Armani lives up to his reputation for versatility. Only last month, in Beijing he staged a show with bright va-va voom, mermaid silhouettes. Here, things were more restrained and the looks, mirroring the cycle of time, oozed elegant sensuality.

And what better advertisement for elegance across time is Sophia Loren? The beautiful year old film star sat in the front row. But rarely does the front row presence upstage a show, as reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, musician Kanye West, did during Stephane Rolland's rather predictable fall-winter offering.

The couple's entrance and exit triggered a crowd that spilled out into the street. The media scrum caused a mother and her young daughter to be shoved to the side. But the celebrity presence here is no great surprise. Last season, Yasmin Le Bon was Rolland's muse.

With the celebrity hullabaloo, fashion insiders momentarily forgot the reason they came: the clothes. The trains and long capes in many of the ensembles, like last season, floated past giving the model a Supergirl silhouette. But the lack of new ideas, made the show feel more like a diluted superhero sequel. Style confession time: while we love watching and could absolutely never afford Chanel's newest collections, we absolutely adore seeing who wears what in the front row.

And we weren't disappointed after Tuesday's Haute Couture show in Paris. Oh yeah, and there was a runway show featuring nearly every model of the moment draped in Karl Lagerfeld's latest creations. Are chokers coming back in? Take a look and tell us who was best-dressed at the Chanel show. The iconic house's fun, young collection headlined the penultimate day of Paris spring-summer show. The fact the show had nothing whatsoever to do with the several eco-turbines constructed for the event — no doubt at a huge cost to the environment — didn't seem to matter.

A pinch of salt, too, may have been required Sarah Burton's ode to the McQueen bee, which mixed regal looking crinolines, s silhouttes with bees and insect armory. As ever, the Alexander McQueen's ready-to-wear show was Paris Fashion Week's most original, living up to the spirit of the designer who died in Trends on Tuesday included cutouts, as featured in a strong showing from Valentino — with Jennifer Lopez on the front row — and in Paco Rabanne's signature "69" dics that exposed inches of bare flesh.

Wednesday — the grand finale of a dense and vibrant week — includes shows from Elie Saab, Miu Miu and powerhouse Louis Vuitton. Silver bauble appliques became buttons, A-line skirts were playfully short, colorful checks contrasted funkily with geometric flashes, and feather fringing billowed exuberantly.

One model in a crossing "C" swimsuit even carried a three-foot nearly 1 meter handbag. A bold new fashion idea was the reworked bolero jacket with curved shoulders, often spruced up with inflated arms. The wide T-shaped bolero silhouette spread onto sweaters and inspired many of the show's best looks.

Naturally, many of the brighter ensembles stood out, too. Bright pink and blue felted oversized sweaters were accessorized to kitsch effect with huge pale or silver pearl necklace clusters.

There was a highly accomplished delivery of color palette also, which lifted one checked red-and-white A-line dress, with the top part sliced off. It paired beautifully with a contrasting, yet complementary loose blue and red coat. Another stand out piece was a white bateau-neck ensemble with check navy bands with a clean, slightly sporty vide. Lagerfeld, who turns 80 next year, certainly hasn't let age slow him down: It's the youngest collection Chanel's seen for a while.

At least it is for Sarah Burton, who tapped her fantastical imagination for Alexander McQueen to conjure up fashion week's most original show: Mixing insect-like armory with on-trend stiff bar jackets of the New Look, as well as 19th century crinoline.

If it sounds strange, it was — set to a backdrop of images of bees and honeycomb — with each model wearing a visor reminiscent at once of the s wide hat, a cage and a beekeepers mask. Have fashions over the ages, she seemed to ask, caged and protected us like in the natural world? A cinched metal or tortoiseshell waist band — a recurrent Burton feature — which fanned out into a peplum in some of the looks resembled an abdomen of a wasp or queen bee.

The fascinating collection of 31 looks — which had fashion insiders amazed — was as thought-out as it was perfectly executed with metal mesh materials that sparkled mechanically.

The s were visited in full skirts which mixed with structuralist fashion: Hard bodice cages, which showed the inner working of corsetry of the crinoline age, on the outside.

The last collections revisited the queen theme: Billowing structured skirts in beige, soft yellow and vermilion looked like a surrealist take on Marie Antoinette. Italian design duo Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli kept their strict, high collars and didn't bare too much flesh but eased their conservative designs, in razor-thin slits and tiny transparent cutouts. Elsewhere, diaphanous see-through outer garments in black tulle really worked well in bringing home the collection's message of provocative shyness.

Some of the outfits sported front bibs — wavy silk U-shaped bands — Valentino's more conservative version of the on-trend ruffle shown by Riccardo Tisci's show for Givenchy. Two gorgeous red silk dresses appeared at the end, evoking the spirit of the house DNA. Founder Valentino Garavani, 80, was seated in the front row and applauded thunderously when the show ended. The starting point of the show was Jean Clemmer and Paco Rabanne's controversial s photo collaboration called "Canned Candies," which resurfaced two years ago: Images of naked women in bold armorlike jewelry.

Maurer's show thus had a vibe of the sexual revolution with provocative dresses that bared much flesh — all held together with Rabanne's signature "69" disc. It evoked the essence of the founder, who first cut his teeth in jewelry design. One gold fringed number made a bold gladiator-like statement, marching past to the sound of rustling metal. But some of the tailored ensembles let the collection down. Here are our favorite Qs and As from the interview. For more. What do you think about everything that has been going on with John Galliano?

Well, I think that John Galliano is a genius. I've been working with him since I was young, and I admire him.

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I just wish for him the best. There have been a lot of images or editorials over the last couple of years that feature all black models -- you just appeared in one called February issue. How do you feel about these types of spreads? Do you feel like they are gimmicks or do you think they help take steps toward more inclusion in fashion? Edward Enninful is an amazing stylist for Italian Vogue, and he called me up and he asked if I would be a part of that story.

Of course I said yes. I think that anything that's going to help better the community and [allow it] to stick together and stand strong, I'm definitely going to be a part of. The story came out beautiful. So you find them empowering? I think that [diversity] is becoming a very very huge thing for the market.

I think that it'sand it's definitely time for change. And I'm just really grateful to be a leader in helping that change. Do you see yourself as the Tyra Banks or the Naomi Campbell for the next generation? No, I look at myself for who I am. I think those girls are good at what they do, and they have an amazing name for prix augmentation mammaire chu strasbourg hautepierre they are. I'm my own person, and I want people to know me for who I am.

And to see Chanel in the "Black Allure" spread. What is with these ladies?! One V. Secret model is living on water before a show and now another is gorging herself to gain 15 pounds which sounds really unbelievable considering the fact that 15 lbs would change her measurements Either side of the polarities not eating or gorging is still not a healthy image to project to women.

I have some advice for these models, how about not talking about what you eat or don't this is one time when I wish these models would stand quietly and look pretty. Stop putting this potentially harmful information out there, young girls are listening, watching and learning. If you can't say anything to upgrade the conversation don;t say anything at all! I know this is harsh but I'm just annoyed!? See, this kind of crap is why I say the world has gone mad. What is wrong with you people!? And what's worse is I guarantee that there not only are people out there who not only wish they could have this silly crap, but people who would actually pay that much for one.

And people wonder why so many people want to raise taxes on "the rich. I personally have never seen the preoccupation and obsession with "shiny things. But gold is too soft to be used for anything but. Yes, diamonds are ultra hard, and make for great abrasives and cutting tools, but their ridiculously exorbitant costs make them impractical in wide scale use. And then you have things like this, or rappers who spend a half million dollars on a diamond encrusted cross, then go and rap about killing people, raping women and doing drugs.

I say tax the rich at an ever increasing rate commensurate with their level of income, until everyone is within just a few thousand dollars of each other.? Have you officially made it as a model when you're a frequent victim of Photoshop disasters?

If that's the case, then we'd like formally to welcome Chanel Iman to the elite models' ranks. Just like fromsomething very egregious is going on with this new February cover of France's. Is it just us, or are her hands the size of her face? We're pretty sure Chanel doesn't have arms that slowly expand lengthwise as they reach her wrists.

A quick scan of her previous campaigns, reveals that, yep, Chanel's arms are downright normal IRL. The whole gaffe kind of reminds us of Maybe it's just a bad month for magazine cover airbrushing. Check out the Photoshop-abused cover below, and see even more retouching disasters in our slideshow. Mon dieu!

Scroll down for more photos. Related on HuffPost:? What would you do if you found your man cheating with another woman? We're sure there would be lots of be yelling, a complete emotional and physical meltdown--and you may even pile all his belongings into his car and set it on fire Too much? Gotta love. But in a new short filmmodel Chanel Iman channels the emotions of a jilted gal in a somewhat unconventional way. The Victoria's Secret beauty decides to slip on some sexy lingerie, sedate her cheating lover and seductively torture him.

Hmmmm, definitely not the typical reaction but to each their own. The film's description reads:"After apprehensions that her lover is cheating on her, a woman seeks revenge to ultimate circumstances. What begins as innocent foreplay turns into a deadly game of confession. And although we loveit's hard to notice at anything other than Chanel's killer body and equally killer disposition.

Check out Chanel and her cunning and revengeful performance in the video above. Withwe often forget how young some of these gals are. Case in point: Chanel Iman is about to celebrate her 21st birthday! To ring in the alcohol-soaked milestone, Chanel's got large-scale plans although for a girl who's walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, "large-scale" is a very relative term. Me, my family and my closest friends are staying at a really cool resort called Round Hill and I'm going to throw a reggae-themed party on this island.

Maybe we can tag along, Chanel? We suppose we'll settle for seeing fun party pics afterwards. We just hope they don't give the younger models any crazy ideas Karlie, you've still got a few more years to go.

But watching a Chanel jacket come to life before our very eyes? Totally our jam. The seamstresses carefully cut the patterns and sew the pieces of the iconic tweed, collar-less jacket themselves, finishing it off with a Chanel label on the collar.

With all the manpower that goes into it, you realize why these coveted jackets are so pricey -- and thus why they're worn most often by celebrities, socialites, royals and the occasional stylist we're looking at y'all, Caroline Seiber and Rachel Zoe. Check out our slideshow of the famous Chanel jacket in all its iterations -- black and pastel, cropped and long, embellished and spare -- and bliss out with.

Want to school your children in the ways of chic? Chanel has launched a fun interactive website to accompany an exhibit they're hosting in Beijing. The exhibit's best feature, in our opinion? It also includes a digital coloring book. The coloring app is, we begrudgingly admit, designed for children, but we're kids at heart, right? To get started, go to click "English" if you preferthen click "Kid's Space" at the bottom. Pick your Chanel design and digitally color away!

We'll see you in about 3 hours. When you're done, you can also play. Unfortunately, there's no "Order Now" button you can click after you custom-color your Chanel shoes; just our fantasy for the future, Chanel webmasters. Check out some of our creations below. How did we do? The new line will include 23 shades, 20 of which will be available in the U. The shades are categorized by skin tones ranging from very fair to very dark, and include pink to yellow undertones.

Mainstream companies such as Chanel, and CoverGirl are starting to take notice of the large amounts of money black women spend on cosmetics. Let's hope this interest extends not only to the expansion of their color choices but also their advertising dollars. There is no word on whether a black model will also be represented. Fingers crossed! The celebrated designer rolled out a baroque-tinged cruise collection on Monday at the seat of French opulence, Versailles Palace, with film stars and other celebrities such as actress Tilda Swinton and singer Vanessa Paradis in appearance.

Eclectic gold platform sneakers were among the touches that broke up the historic feel, making this one of the funkiest Chanel shows in some time. Nowadays, they're used as a lucrative means of re-stimulating fashions in the mid-season lull, in an industry that's increasingly buoyant and bucking the global financial downturn.

Model of the moment Cara Delavigne opened the show in a velvety, pale blue denim dress, with a crisp A-line skirt. But the rest of show felt more like Chanel's answer to a Baroque history lesson. Beauty spots, bottom-heavy skirts, and floral chokers infused spectators with a feeling of Marie Antoinette's heyday. Baroque-tinged wigs and ruffled, courtly hair bows in silk, meanwhile, added a splash of androgyny.

It's well known that Karl Lagerfeld is a workaholic, but in this show he seemed to have studied every reference under the sun. One outfit dizzied: a white, double-breasted skirt suit, with embroidered gold roses and a stiff shawl collar mixed with a short tennis skirt and glam-rock platforms. The width of the skirt and shoulders matched identically, in extravagant visual unity. Added to the mix were silver chokers with roses, a look that recalled 18th-century trendsetter Madame de Pompadour, as captured by painter Jean-Honore Fragonard.

Another look twinned a black, fitted sequined zipper jacket, with a raw-edged, silk bustle skirt which hung like petals in soft pastels of pale pink, blue and yellow. Was the opulence a bit too much in a country that just elected a Socialist president, who has vowed to tax the uber-rich more?

I don't delve into politics here," said German-born Lagerfeld, after the show. All you Chanel shoppers out there and we know there are oh-so-many of youlisten up: your clothes are in serious danger. But Chanel, purveyor of some of the most desirable high-end luxury goods, has.

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The danger? The clothes fail to meet federal flammability standards and thus pose a fire hazard to all of Chanel's well-heeled customers. The recall announcement was listed alongside a warning aboutand. For all of you with said silky garments hanging in one of your many walk-in closets, have no fear. Just kidding. A phone call to Chanel's customer service will suffice.

We're big fans of high fashion here at HuffPost Style. But even we're having a hard time wrapping our heads around the price of this whimsical Chanel bag. Part of -- remember, the show where? The gym, not so much. And the special version that's covered in real pearls?

While your bag is quite cute, Chanel, we don't think we'll be slapping our Visas down for this one any time soon. Check out the devastatingly expensive bag below, and below, see avis gerlinea solution minceur OTHER really pricey clutches shaped like inanimate objects. Yes, there are plenty! In case you had any doubts, the Chanel interlocking C's can be put on anything.

On ping-pong paddles? How about some tennis balls? You bet. What about heinous neon high-tops, circa ? Oh, hell to the yes. There was also a treasure trove of branded athletic gear including some pairs of shockingly bright kicks. Then again, they're just the thing for when you play a game of H-O-R-S-E with price upon request, obvs. Check out the sporty designer gear below -- how much are you loving the idea of Anna Wintour wearing these sneakers?!

Thou shalt not use the name of Chanel in vain, or so readers of fashion newspaper WWD learned on Monday. The fashion house took out a back-page ad reading:"A note of information and entreaty to fashion editors, advertisers, copywriters and other well-intentioned mis-users of our Chanel name:Chanel was a designer, an extraordinary woman who made a timeless contribution to fashion.

Chanel is a perfume. Chanel is modern elegance in couture, ready-to-wear, accessories, watches and fine jewelry. Chanel is our registered trademark for fragrance, cosmetics, clothing, accessories and other lovely things. Although our style is justly famous, a jacket is not 'a Chanel jacket' unless it is ours, and somebody else's cardigans are not 'Chanel for now.

Our lawyers positively detest them. We take our trademark seriously. Merci,Chanel, Inc. Anne told the style site, Chanel is "policing their brand. They have to do it, because if they end up in court with a trademark issue and they can't prove to a judge that they've been trying to protect their brand, they will lose credibility.

Karl Lagerfeld has continued his foray into films with a minute-long piece entitled "The Tale of a Fairy," set to be screened at the Chanel Cruise collection show next week.

The Kaiser described his new project as "a movie about an ill-advised use of money which begins with violence and ends with feeling. Meanwhile, Kristen McMenamy has both a gambling problem and a nose ring, and may or may not be involved with Lagerfeld man muse Baptiste Giabiconi, whom she calls a "bad boy" and slaps.

You can find the full production on. Until then While we prepare our barbecue menus, pack our beach bags and strategize the best firework-watching locations, celebs and designers are in Paris making some fancier plans. It's Couture Week, guys, when all of Hollywood's classiest It Girls pull up alongside designers, editors and assorted socialites to take in the world's best fashion from the front row.

Yesterday was all about -- and everyone was on hand to judge his success or failure. But today other designers got their moment to shine, namely and.

One day, two major couture shows: who landed the best guests? One less predictable face? Apatow was a couture fan? Turns out she's fairly devoted, considering she pulled a double-header and showed up at the Armani Prive show as well. Chanel FTW? Not so fast. In the flesh! So who has it: the It Girls vs. Judge for yourself in our fashion-filled slideshow. I have gained some weight and am at my biggest to date in these 22 years. At this size, the only way I'm participating in any of the new fashions is if I get some serious alterations, mainly in the booty region.

The worst part about my struggle with ill-fitting clothes was that I didn't want anyone to think less of me as a fashionista.

I am ashamed that my concern with my weight gain was not my health or well-being, but what I could no longer wear nor buy.? One model in a crossing "C'' swimsuit even carried a three-foot nearly 1 metre handbag.

There was a highly accomplished delivery of colour palette also, which lifted one checked red-and-white A-line dress, with the top part sliced off. Interesting pictures of Chanel. One correction is needed. Pic 4 of 60 with Jackie Kenned arriving in Dallas in her pink 'Chanel' suit is wrong.

Jackie liked this style so much she had this copy made by an America for this particular trip. It has been so often referred to as 'Chanel' it has almost been impossible to remove this tag including Wikipedia. It sat in the attic in her house in Martha's Vineyard still with the blood stains in a box marked 'November 22, ' for years until her death.

The suit is now stored out of public view in the National Archives and will not be seen by the public until at leastaccording to a deed of Caroline Kennedy. At that time, when the year deed expires, the Kennedy family descendants will renegotiate the matter.? If Coco Chanel designed for liberated female customers, it may have been because she counted herself among them. Biographer Lisa Chaney also chronicles Coco's drug habit opiates, of course.

Who knew? Movingly, it explores the origins, the creative power, and the secret suffering of this exceptional and often misread woman. Plenty has been made of Chanel's eclectic past, including two recent movies. She also served as the subject matter for thewith illustrations by Karl Lagerfeld,Coco "wasn't only a designer -- she was a woman of her time.

So you want to be a French seductress. Simply put, it's all about simplicity. Less is definitely more except, perhaps, when it comes to champagne and personal grooming. Although restraint is key, a significant effort must be put in at all times, as 'prevention' is always better than a cure!?

At least they didn't as they made their get-away. Dakota Fanning, a newly-minted NYU freshman, has been adjusting to college life as well as any celebrity can. She goes to class, The year-old star wore her sneakers, black workout pants and a tough leather jacket.

She toted, of course, a giant black Chanel bag. We're a bit surprised the bag was not by Marc Jacobs. But we're not at all surprised that she was doing the classic water-and-cell phone carry.

What good are luxury bags if you actually put things in them? Very, very BAD things happen to people who betray their own genetic race, ancestors, family, culture, society, and most of all our Creators. If you actually think that you can go bopping around this world having sexual relations and biracial offspring with those who are NOT your own genetic race, think again!! And one last note about the subject of offspring.

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Predictably, and with the complicity of reviewers in the corporate media, a near decade of shame and evil will morph into the benign portrait of an American champion of liberty and democracy in a nation that could afford her No Higher Honor.

En me promenant un peu rien que sur wordpress, il est affligeant de lire les pro-kadhafistes. Mais de là à considérer kadhafi comme un héros anti-impérialiste, une sorte de nouveau ché, en brave représentant des pays non-alignés. Cela fait encore plus peur que la religion musulmane elle-même. Sur la Libye contrôlé par des vilains islamistes qui appliqueront la charia, cela ne changera pas grand chose. Le régime Libyen appuyait sa doctrine, sur le livre vert et le coran vert lui aussi.

Par ailleurs, sur le résultat du suffrage tunisien. On ne botox clinic toorak pas être pour la démocratie et ne pas accepter le résultat des urnes. Je trouve cela curieux. À quels intérêts servent le plus ces nouveaux modes de communication?

Plus on en a, plus on en a à protéger, plus on prend de mesures pour y arriver. Ca excuse pas les coups de cochons fais de notre coté, mais dans la vie, des fois, les deux cotés ont des torts, par example. Pouvez-vous me donner une source Geek?

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Sinon, il est très difficile de savoir de quoi vous parlez. Dans la vie, ont peut avoitr X ET Y. The first party to open offices in towns across the country, Ennahda soon blanketed Tunisia with fliers, T-shirts, signs and bumper stickers.

Unlike other parties here, it operates out of a gleaming high-rise in downtown Tunis, gives away professionally published paperbacks in several languages to lay out its platform, distributes wireless headsets for simultaneous translation at its news conferences and hands out bottled water to the crowds at rallies. Vous demandez si les autres partis ne reçoivent pas également du financement. Et certains articles alternatifs sont publiés par des médias deux de pique comme la BBC. Cela est un fait.

Vous vous dites critique, mais vous ne les critiquez pas, car vous les croyez. Donc, certains faits ne sont pas toujours publiés. Ainsi, vous pouvez croire à ceux qui sont publiés.

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À propos, avez-vous cru aux échanges médiatiques le soir et le lendemain de la première élection de Dubya Bush? He is an internationally published and syndicated freelance journalist and editorial columnist.

On recommence un débat déjà terminé en cul de sac, truthez-moi ou truthez-moi pas! Cela dit, sur un blogue, il y a deux choses: des billets ou articleset des commentaires. Même chez Jeanne Émard. Et même chez Jeanne Émard, certains commentaires sont des vecteurs de désinformation; je pense à ce Minarchiste que vous avez vous-même ainsi rabroué le 25 octobre:. Bizarre, M. Mais il y a plus. Mea culpa. Chu trop jeune pour vous Papi! À chacun e ses susceptibilités, et les poils de Monsieur Séguin seront bien ébouriffés!

Ben oui! Le singulier serait-il mieux approprié? A connaît bin mal eul bonshomme, la bonnefemme. À bas âge, je comptais déjà la présence de six soeurs. Il y avait aussi mon grand père toujours près de moi.

Le tout se faisait le plus souvent avec un sourire caché, mais parfois avec une bouderie. Pour certaines personnes, une batterie de grande capacité est d'une importance capitale.

Si votre voiture tombe en panne par exemple, vous devez savoir que vous pouvez appeler à l'aide en cas d'urgence. C'est pourquoi le Xone Phone est si impressionnant. Cette Batterie mAh Li-Polymer est l'une des meilleurs de l'industrie actuelle, avec une autonomie en veille de heures, et une autonomie en conversation qui dure environ 9 heures. C'est puissant, et parmi le top de la technologie. Cela signifie que vous avez à peu près 23 heures de musique et 7 heures de vidéo.

C'est génial parce qu'il dispose également d'une prise casque de 3,5 mm pour que vos écouteurs standard de prédilection fonctionnent parfaitement. Le Xone Phone vous évitera d'avoir à recharger votre téléphone toutes les deux heures.

Lorsque vous considérez les caractéristiques les plus importantes d'un nouveau smartphone, l'une d'entre elles doit être l'appareil photo.

Pour la plupart des gens, c'est leur façon de prendre des photos, il faut donc l'améliorer. Trop de smartphones modernes prennent du retard dans ce domaine. L'appareil photo à double flash vous permet de ne rater aucun moment et de le capturer d'une manière impressionnante et d'une clarté saisissante.

Il y a plusieurs modes disponibles pour vos photos. Si vous voulez capturer un selfie de haute qualité ou utiliser le mode beauté et toute autre fonction, vous savez qu'il va être pris dans une clarté qui plaira à tous.

Une plainte fréquente avec les smartphones est que son stockage peut s'épuiser trop rapidement. La dernière chose que quelqu'un veut est d'être constamment supprimer leurs photos et vidéos préférées afin qu'ils puissent libérer de l'espace de stockage. Gardez vos précieux moments sur votre téléphone avec Xone Phone vous en aurez assez pour la plupart des utilisateurs. Si vous avez besoin d'un supplément, vous pouvez obtenir jusqu'à Go avec une carte SD.

Vos fichiers peuvent rester au même endroit, là où vous en avez besoin.