Botox sweat glands face

We began treatment with 20 percent aluminum chloride hexahydrate solution. Irritation and burning sensation, respectively, resulted in poor tolerance by the patient.

Botox sweat glands face

Because of the psychological concerns of the patient, we decided to begin treatment with botulinum toxin botox type A. On examination 4 months after treatment the improvement was still present. Cromhidrosis is an unusual disorder that usually occurs in puberty, when apocrine secretory function is activated. Yonge first described facial chromhidrosis in Clinical diagnosis is not difficult.

The apocrine glands appear normal in size and morphology, but the number of glands varies. Lipofuscin is a yellow pigment that is not specific to apocrine glands.

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The reason for the development in only a few patients is unknown [ 1 ]. It is necessary to consider differentiation from true eccrine chromhidrosis and pseudochromhidrosis.

Botox sweat glands face

Satisfactory therapy for this condition remains a challenge. The mechanism by which BTX-A suppresses apocrine chromhidrosis is unclear. Therefore, it is possible that BTX-A suppresses apocrine secretion by blockade of cholinergic stimulation of apocrine glands.


Successful treatment with capsaicin cream supports the role of substance P in chromhidrosis [ 9 ]. As in our own experience, on previous reports, results persists for 4 to 5 months after treatment. We report an unusual case of facial and axillary chromhidrosis with improvement with botulinum toxin type A treatment. Figure 1a. Furthermore, the injection technique is different because spreading superficial microdroplets are not performed, but small, homogeneous, and controlled amounts of solution are injected.

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Each 0. The solution is delivered intradermally, using an electrical needling pen and setting the depth penetration of the needles at 3 to 3. The 2 conjugated techniques play a 2-fold action on the skin. The technique was applied to a group of 63 patients dealing with face, forehead, cheekbones, and neck. La solution de botox est hyperconcentrée par rapport à la dilution habituelle ou à la dilution au microbotox ou au mésobotox.