Subgingival caries treatment

Periodontal maintenance with supra-gingival air polishing. Figure 2j. Figure 3a-b. Initial situation: Purulent discharge in the vestibule of 12 and 22 and significant perio pockets in the palatine areas. Figure 3c. Initial long cone results showing the presence of subgingival tartar and a significant osseous alveolysis.

Subgingival air polishing

Figure 3d-e. Absence of gingival inflammation and reduction of periodontal pocket one year after periodontal treatment. Figure 2d-f. One year after the start of the initial periodontal therapy, the disease has been brought under control. A temporary restraint was put in place to secure 12 to Orthodontic treatment could then begin under good con.

Figure 4a-b. Retroalveolar x-rays at the initial consultation. Note the advanced bone loss distal to 47 and at the level of Figure 4c-d. X-rays in Januarysix months after periodontal cleaning and night mouth guard. Figure 4e-f. Situation one year after the start of periodontal and occlusal therapy. The very good response of bone lesions initially observed in 47 and 36 can be observed. Figure 5a-b. Probing through the fistula, as well as distal to the implant.

No infectious episode has so far been reported by the patient. We are happy to provide state of the art dental care for a patient having numerous dental problems in a short period of time. Patient was on a vacation to Kerala and we finished all the dental work in one week.

Multiple visits were needed for various treatments like root canal treatment, re-RCT, post and core, deep margin elevation, fillings, crowns, overlays etc. A unique case of 6 root canal orifices in an upper first molar. An operating microscope is indispensable in such cases, where there is chance of failure in future because of one or more missed canals.

Single visit root canal treatment and resin core build up done under rubber dam isolation and magnification. Treatment completed in 2 hours, since the patient had time constraints. Isolation for restoration Complete healing of lesion of endodontic origin.

I had 5 day … s to complete endodontic treatment. The patient gave a history of fractured central incisors when 9 years old, and endodontic treatment was done on one of them at that time.

He was accomodated in between regular appointments, and the treatment was completed in 2 visits, with interim calcium hydroxide.

MTA was used to seal the open apex, and the rest of the canal was filled with thermoplasticized gutta percha. Access sealed with composite and patient referred back. Follow up at 8 months shows complete resolution of the periapical radiolucency.

I had 5 days to complete endodontic treatment. MTA was used to s … eal the open apex, and the rest of the canal was filled with thermoplasticized gutta percha. Magnification enables me to "see" the difference between wet, moist and dry dentin.

Just thought of capturing and sharing with you all. Non surgical retreatment in tooth Patient is a dentist, and the tooth has been symptomatic since it was treated initially.

Complete resolution of symptoms after the 1st visit itself. The treatment was completed in a total duration of 3 months, because the patient was travelling from another city. That gave me an opportunity to actually document evidence of periapical healing. This is a case of adjacent class 2 cavities, done for a dentist, my senior. Due to coronal movement of the gingiva and the supporting bone, periodontal surgery is often required to restore a proper gingival contour. Surgical extrusion, also referred to as intra-alveolar transplantation, was introduced as a faster alternative to orthodontic extrusion.

Since the tooth is first extracted, deep root injuries can be diagnosed more easily compared with orthodontic extrusion.

Caries celiaquia

Prognosis after surgical extrusion was shown to be favourable, however the level of evidence is rather low. A study evaluating periodontal healing following orthodontic versus surgical extrusion procedures in a dog model revealed favorable histological healing in both groups. However, possible reduction of alveolar bone and root resorption remain a drawback of surgical extrusion.