$2 uber rides

They also are not nice. They also don't count the promised incentives. This job is all about dealing with people and if you can do that you will be fine.

The problem with the job is the app and the lack of management. You are completely when alone when working the job but if you have a problem with a rider or have an acident you are stuck playing phone tag with the people of uber for months. Simple, Fun and Easy. The primary responsibility is to create a pleasant environment for the rider, and this can be achieved through a variety of efforts. My status currently maintains a 4. Poor pay, dependent on Uber System, can block u anytine.

Poor pay, dependent on Uber System, can block u anytine, poor, nor in favour of Drivers but for customers, U will be always worried about rating. Good place to work if you need a second job or if you have a changing schedule. I worked during school and it helped me pay the bills. Don't waste your time!!! I drove Uber part time for 4 months mainly on the weekends along the Jersey shore shuttling party animals to and from bars, clubs and to their homes.

At these rates, unless you drive the shore area, you are driving for FREE. I only do 1 trip a month to prevent deactivation as I plan on driving the busy summer months at the shore for extra income. If you're interested in trying this losing proposition, go on the Uber drivers forum to get a feel and feed back from other drivers.

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Meet new people and create your own schedule. You create your own schedule. Decent pay but there is wear and tear on the car. Wear and tear on the car. Waiting for riders who don't show up in a timely manner. Great flexibility but mediocre pay.

Uber is a great side-gig. I would not recommend it full time. The amount you end up paying for gas and maintenance puts you close to minimum wage depending on your area. The referral program is great at least!

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Very part time job as a driver for Uber. The winter and poor weather effects my hourly rate so I supplement my income by driving for Uber. Great second job. Great second job to make some extra money. Flexible schedule, work whenever you want.

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Checking the arrivals schedule: Checking the arrivals schedule at YHM can help you maximize your earnings with information about when flights will be landing at the airport and when it will be the busiest. See YHM arrivals schedule. Dites-nous où vous êtes. Sélectionnez votre langue English français Canada. Guide du chauffeur Où conduire John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport.

$2 uber rides

John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport Information for driver-partners. Information Uber at YHM. Règles et réglementations. Fonctionnement des demandes de prise en charge Pickups at YHM. Based on feedback from YHM, please be mindful of: Waiting in the areas in and around airport grounds, but avoid loitering at the terminal curb.

Respecting the waiting areas of taxi or shuttle operators. Map of waiting lot. Fonctionnement des demandes de destination Dropoffs at YHM.

Uber is a reliable option for travelers heading to their airport. Rematch We've launched the Rematch feature at this airport. Helpful tips for airport trips Conseils de pro.

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