Amusement park ride horror stories

Deadsville had one post office, one church, one store, etc. Though the town of Deadsville wasn't totally dead, hence the name. Just like everything this world has to offer in everyday life. Things can get rather boring unless you can think up new ideas that will stand out.

Darren and his family just got back from their vacation when Darren received a phone call from his aunt. Darren's uncle Henry was found dead in the wine cellar. Darren's aunt pleaded with him to take over the estate because her health and age could not handle the stress of taking care of such an enormous task.

As soon as Darren arrived at the mansion and Darren opened the door to the red room their lives would never be the same. But does this place really exist or is it just a legend? Here is where the story begins. It all happened one stormy night on October 31, Jane Edwards had just recently lost her husband unexpectedly and thought it was his time to go anyway because he had a weak heart.

She was sad just like any normal woman in her shoes would be, but as time passed by, she was able to cope with his passing the best that she could.

Jane loved to paint, but because her husband was very ill, her passion was put on hold. As the nights wore on and Jane was keeping busy painting, something was lurking behind a door in the attic that had been locked for over a century. Just over the hill stood a shack where the most beautiful woman you ever laid eyes on lived.

Her hair was blonde and wavy; her eyes as blue as the sky. Her figure would make any man lose his breath.

The only thing wrong with this picture was: She was a witch. Her name was Sarah and she was an evil witch at that.

One night when the Count was reading a book on ghosts, he caught a glimpse of something in the corner of his eye that frightened the willies out of him. It was a black cat with blazing red eyes. The Count brushed it off as just his mind playing tricks on him. The cat leaped from the window sill onto the ground, and headed to the front door of the castle What was once in every child's dream is now just an echo in the wind of a past gone by.

Horror Island Amusement Park had the largest Ferrous Wheel, biggest roller coaster, and a beautiful view of the ocean. As many years, weather, lack of funding and dwindling attendance, the amusement park was shut down and boarded up.

But that wasn't the only reason for the decrease in attendance and the closing of the park. Reports of poor maintenance on the rides were the cause of many deaths and the major cause of shutting down the amusement park.

Thirty years later, there were reports of strange things going on at the abandoned amusement park. At night the rides started up on their own and the funny thing was, is that the park has been out of operation for over thirty years without any power. The police were called out to the park many times to investigate, but when they located the power supply all the wires were ripped out of the fuse boxes.

The police also reported hearing laughter and voices as though the amusement park was still in full operation. A sign was put on the front gate of the amusement park which read "No trespassing! Any violators will be prosecuted. A local ghost hunting group decided they would try and solve the strange goings on at the abandoned amusement park. I though ok it's only 11 min. If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Horror Island Amusement Park?

I would not have published this in the first place. De : Drac Von Stoller. Lu par : Peter Jude Ricciardi. Durée : 11 min. Catégories : Anglais - FictionHorror.

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Trier par:. Tout 5 étoiles uniquement 4 étoiles uniquement 3 étoiles uniquement 2 étoiles uniquement 1 étoiles uniquement. Did a short interview yesterday with Rachel Mounsey about a kooky little dark ride that's been touring regional Australia. An incredible event with thousands of creators, distributors owners, buyers and academics in attendance.

Happy Halloween! Hey there! Please share it with others and encourage them to vote for us. I'm excited to reveal some of the first footage from Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England where we shot Virtual Reality footage of the oldest dark ride on the planet! Built in the Ghost Train was an original Pretzel Company ride construction. Special thanks to the Thompson family for giving access to their amazing family run park and to Stephen Burton for helping in this complex shoot. We shot heaps of footage in HD and VR and will be putting this out throughout the year, please share widely!

Sending our love to all the crew at Knoebels Amusement Resort who are dealing with some serious floods. Follow and get behind them! Knoebels Amusement Resort is dealing with a lot of flooding, as much of the park is under water. Some exciting announcements coming soon as we've been in the UK this week shooting for the first time! Introducing the Virtual Reality edition of American Dark Ride episode 1, the show that takes you on a journey to America's spookiest and strangest haunted attractions.

Joel discusses how he uses virtualreality to record classic dark rides that have influenced everything from cinema to computer games. Joel discusses how he uses … virtualreality to record classic dark rides that have influenced everything from cinema to computer games.

Happy Friday the 13th! Tc regimen side effects 720p phenomenal ride was one of the last built by Bill Tracy in Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Aide accessibilité.

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