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The itinerary includes the Lavezzi islands and Bonifacio. The boat sails at a leisurely pace along the coast, while the captain acts as a guide and points out various sites such as the Cerbicales islands, Palombaggia, Santa Giulia, la Rondinara, Sperone and finally Bonifacio, where passengers can marvel at the limestone cliffs sculpted by the wind and the famous caves. At At 4pm, the boat heads towards Cavallo, where passengers can take another dip in a cove with turquoise waters.

The boat returns at around 6pm. With the map of Ptolemy, an Alexandrian geographer, we can locate, well to the south of the Rhotanos River the Tavignanuthe Koumasenoi tribe discovered by the Greeks in the 6th century B.

Antiquity The written history of our region begins with Roman colonisation. It was used by legions to travel in the inland regions hostile to the power of Rome. This was an era of Byzantine oppression and the people of Corsica appealed to Pope Gregory the Great. Under his influence, religious structures were erected that would endure into the Middle Ages.

Under the Genoa Republic Victims of Barbarian invasions and malaria, the inhabitants left the coast to seek refuge on higher ground. In the middle of the 16th century, the Most Serene Republic took over large tracts of land and confiscated the lands of feudal lords who supported Sampieru Corsu against it. After building towers to protect the coastal areas, it redeveloped farmland and Aleria regained its status as an administrative seat.

The Genoese colonisation strengthened the extreme resistance of the Fiumorbu inhabitants. With France during the Revolution and the Empire Spurred by years of famine, the revolt was first directed against the Old Regime and then turned against the Revolution of To address this opposition, the revolutionary administration applied repressive measures. Inunder the pretext of an epidemic, the revolutionaries burned the village of Solaro without concern for the safety of its inhabitants.

This repressive attitude was responsible for events such as those provoked by Crocetta, a movement influenced by and headed by A. Giafferi and the landing, under the Directorate in of the Paolist rebels. Hunted down as far as Alta Rocca, they were decimated by French troops led by Salicetti.

In Januaryin an atmosphere of unrest, and with rivalries and intrigues dividing the major dominant families and under the false pretext of responding to aggression against its law enforcement officers, Morand, who had been appointed General by Napoleon 1st, organised the repression and deportation of the inhabitants of Isolacciu. From the war to the modern day The First World War bloodied our region and accelerated the depopulation of inland villages, and the Second World War of brought first the Italian occupation followed by the German occupation.

With the rehabilitation of the marshy areas by the Americans and the large number of returnees in the 60s, the plain returned to its farming origins and its population increased. From the 80s on, the growth of eco-tourism made our region one of the favourite destinations of visitors to our island. Over the years it has been modified, extended cellulite corsa o camminata veloce made higher. It was classified as a Historic Monument inused as a storehouse intransformed into a Department Archaeological Museum inbefore finally becoming the property of the General Council of Haute-Corse in The Museum recounts more than ten centuries of Alerian and Corsican history, from the 5th century A.

The objects exhibited on show are archaeologically significant, not only from an Ancient Corsican point of view but also from the point of view of ancient civilisations that populated the region of Aleria and the entire island.

Closed January 1, May 1, November 1 and 11 and December Two rooms are dedicated to messenger services, the written word and changes in communication from Antiquity to the modern day. Opening hours: Open Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm Reservations required for other days for clubs and groups of 11 people and more.

Village surrounded by vineyards, citrus trees and olive groves where every year on May 1 the parishioners and their friends gather for a country-style feast to celebrate Saint-Philippe.

Aghione, advantageously located just a few kilometres from Aleria and its region, is well known for its wines. Today, these ruins bear the signature of a thriving era in Antiquity.

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A small town with a prestigious past, it reflects a multitude of Mediterranean influences. The nearby pond Diana was the best shelter on the coast for ancient boats. Aleria was therefore one of the most important maritime and commercial areas in the Mediterranean, from its founding in B. Its interior was renovated in and these works brought to light a prestigious past where religious relics were discovered under the altar.

Overlooking the Tavignanu Valley m above sea level from its rocky promontory, the village of Altiani is an ode to discovery where natural, cultural and religious heritage coexist in an atmosphere of yesteryear.

Presses, ovens and wash houses will take you on a journey of the past cultural richness of the village. This lookout village, overlooking two deep valleys to the sea, has retained its overall harmony. Its tall houses built on the ruins of watchtowers, follow stony path that crosses the village from top to bottom.

It was the backdrop of a fearsome vendetta in the 19th century whose main protagonist, the famous bandit Galluchio, became a character in a novel.

Profile minceur ghisonaccia korsika

Franciscan monks built it in the 15th century from a rudimentary chapel. Over the centuries, the convent was expanded.

Private property. Can be visited on certain dates. Known for its production of citrus fruits, Antisanti dominates the valley of Rio Magnu and Tavignanu.

In the old part of the village, three typical houses, adorned with niches and vaults, are testament to a bygone era peopled by famous characters including the bandit Gallochju and Pascal Paoli. From the upper part of the village, an observation post is key to a rewarding discovery of a natural heritage that embraces the region from sea to mountain. A statue of Hercules supports the pulpit. The harmony of this village was carefully conserved over the years with its houses gathered around a shale bell tower and their lauze stone roofs.

The fountain located in the shade of large trees remains a refreshing resting place for walkers. Located 10 km from the beaches, Canaledi-Verde remains, during the summer season, a real haven of peace and beckons you with its panoramic view on the plain that overlooks the Tuscan islands.

The flagstone church square made from regional stone is the meeting place for the villagers, with a monument that was built in honour of the war heroes from the village. A venue that lends itself to meditation, the church of San Michele was chosen in the 6th century by Gregory the Great as the site of one of the first Corsican Abbeys. The village is now known for its singing and improvisations.

Nestled in the greenery of pine and oak trees, surrounded by mountains and dotted with waterways, this village is located 15 km from the sea and m above sea level in the Natural Regional Park of Corsica. Legend has it that it was originally populated by people fleeing a vendetta.

The patron saint festival takes place on July 25, Saint-Jacques day. One of the most beautiful pictorial creations on the island, with its neo-Byzantine fresco paintings. It is now listed in the national inventory of remarkable trees. En hiver, la station de ski attire de nombreux amateurs. This village has been in existence since the start of the 14th century. It is the ideal departure point for hikes and walks. In winter, the ski station attracts many ski enthusiasts.

Contact the Ghisoni town hall and the Ghisonaccia Tourist Office for more information. Take the path on leaving the village to reach Tavignanu for your first canoeing-kayaking experience or take advantage of the lake created by the dam. The old granite houses of the village surround the church. It comprises a long nave close to 15 m which ends in a circular apse.

It is located in the cemetery and cannot be visited. Perched m above sea level on a steep foothill, the village offers a wonderful view over the plain Bravone. An ideal vacation spot for relaxation and peace, it has a wide range of activities and quality accommodation.

Linguizzetta has the longest nude beach in Corsica where you can enjoy 12 km of sandy beaches and relax in total calm under sunny skies Although it is a tourist-oriented region, it also benefits from a wide variety of agricultural activities. A small village open to the sea with a superb panoramic view.

It is made up of old stone houses, notably the Titellu tower dating from the 16th century built on a rocky peak. The location gives it a unique character that is in harmony with the architecture of the village. It is classified as a historical monument. It overlooks the old church at San Quilicu which has a remarkable wooden painted and sculpted door. The buildings are in stone and linked with vaulted passages. Its geology is unique with an arsenic spring discovered in during a flood. A mine was in operation from to Its soil also contains lead as well as serpentine, a rock with a rich green colour.

These concerts are also put on in other villages in the canton. A place of pilgrimage where the virgin is said to have appeared in the 18th century, it proudly symbolises the religious heritage of the Oriente region of Corsica. On September 7 and 8 pilgrims come from all over the island and the continent to gather together and pray in hope of a healing or a miracle.

You can slake your thirst at the spring where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared and have a rest in a nice shady spot with a view of the sea and the plain. Mettre des chaussures de marche. The sheep pens dotting the trails are evidence of this farming activity. The Bravone river will delight you with its waterfalls and swimming areas. Make sure you have walking shoes. Located m above sea level, this village hugs the foot of Mont Gaggio which rises to 1, m.

The site has been occupied by humans since the Bronze Age, and numerous prestigious civilisations passed through this settlement from that time to the present day, including the Romans and Pisans. U Castellare, the Genoese bridge, the chapel of Saint-Antoine and the windmill in the valley are worth a visit.

It was restored in fully respecting the structure still in place. On the outskirts of Castagniccia, this village green stone gets its name from this shale in different colours of green exposed in the area. It is built on a rocky outcrop and some houses are constructed on rather spectacular crags.

It is made up of the chapel of Santa Croce chapel and a magnificent five-tiered 38 m high belfry. With an exceptional location only 10 minutes from the beach, Pietrapola is crossed by the Abatescu, a river brimming with wonderful swimming spots. It comprises beautiful traditional houses built in granite and has been renowned for its thermal springs since Antiquity.

It is currently occupied by villagers. People with vision problems used to come here to pray and implore Sainte-Lucie by bathing their eyes in the water found in the hollow of this rock. Located m above sea level, Pietraserena has a double panoramic view, of the Tavignanu valley and the Tyrrhrenian Sea. The church square, the centre point of all your outings, is the departure for numerous walking itineraries.

During your walk, you will observe chestnut trees, olive trees, washing houses and fountains that link you with nature and culture.

Une balade dans le village vous permettra de voir sa maison. Birthplace of the curate Dominique Carlotti, better known by his pen name Martinu Appinzapalu, he was a poet, lexicographer and grammarian of the Corsican language. Take a stroll in the village to see his house. This building was topped in the 16th century with pointed ribbed vaults that are quite rare on the island.

This quaint little village is carefully maintained ovens, fountains and wash houses have been restored. They are the works of a contemporary painter from the village. Every year, on June 13, the parishioners organise a religious festival mass and procession followed by a country picnic.

A four-foot high column made from shards of stone adorns its pediment. See: the Museum section. The three statues in the sacristy have retained their original appearance. The blue that dominates the frescos add a touch of modernity to this chapel. This village affords magnificent views of the Abbatesco valley and the Palu pond. Dominique Leca, Pascal Paoli chaplain was found dead in the cave with his crucifix in his hand.

From the ridge on which it is built, the village of Tallone overlooks the plain, the ponds of Diana, del Sale and Urbino to the Tuscan islands. Olive groves, chestnut trees and cork-oaks provide a natural setting for its stone houses which are divided between Poghju above and Castellu below. The church square is in gneiss stone and the tower clock has four levels. Polleri en The oldest houses date from the 14th century and are built in a natural habitat.

A number of old mills in ruins and caves add to the charm of the village. It dates from the16th century, its spire and its Roman flagstones are in the Baroque style. Polleri in The altar dates from and was built by Ignace Raffalli de Piedicroce. Le site domine la plaine et offre une belle vue panoramique sur tout le littoral. Pretty village overlooking the Oriente plain.

This site also provides a lovely view of the entire coast. This is a mountain village overlooking the Tagnone valley, in the heart of a fragrant forest with laricio pine trees. Known since antiquity for its Tana copper mine and forest of laricio pine trees. With its architectural unity and narrow vaulted streets it is an attractive destination. It extends over a number of hamlets connected to each other by a stony path and is adorned with beautiful fountains to be discovered.

In the Roman style, it dates from the 18th century. Its spire was recently restored. Inside, you will marvel at the beautiful statue of Saint-Antoine in polychrome wood, two 18th century paintings. A canvas representing the beheading of Saint-Jean is located at the entry. Admirez les placette.

PourSantu la visiter, au bar U Pour visiter, demander la sur cleflaauD Reconspast, offers a number of hiking itineraries. Paoli chaplain was found dead in the cave, Pour la visiter, demander la clef au bar U crucified by hand an anonymous person.

Pianto au centre du village sur la D Another artistic work decorates one of the inside chapels of this church, the statue of Santu Tunio which dates from the Middle Ages. To visit, ask for the key at the U Pianto bar at the centre of the village on the D P Mele di Corsica.

Corsican honey is the result of the abundant and fragrant flora characteristic of the Corsican maquis, with hints of thyme, myrtle and everlasting flowers and fruit trees: strawberry, chestnut, Clementine, all the diversity of fruits pollinated by a species of bee that is specific to the area. Each micro-region has its own history with its natural conditions and thus its own traditional varieties of olive trees.

P label guaranteeing its typical characteristics, origin and the quality of the product. Enobtention du Label Rouge. Corsica, and in particular the Orientale plain region, is in the only French region to produce Clementines. Pwhich protects the origin recognising that the Corsican Clementine benefits from the qualities of its specific region and know-how.

Init obtained the Label Rouge. The Orientale region of Corsica also produces kiwis, pomelos, plums, menu de mon regime weight watchers homme and figs. Unique orchards provide delicious jams and succulent liqueurs.

Mysterious and fragrant, the everlasting is emblematic of Corsica. Its existence goes back to the dawn of time and it is renowned for its energising qualities and has now taken an important spot in the composition of anti-age beauty creams. Its distinctive odour is also very attractive to perfume makers. The essential oil of the everlasting flower is currently the main ingredient of skin products developed by Occitane, a well-known cosmetic brand that works hand in hand with Corsican producers and growers.

The Orientale region of Corsica actively participates in this wonderful journey through its famers and essential oil growers who now export abroad. The pigs raised here run free in the forest and maquis, eating acorns and chestnuts which gives the delicatessen its authentic taste.

Its more popular specialities include: salciccia sausagepanzetta salted and dried breast of pork and figatellu liver sausage. Other delicatessen products like coppa pork collarlonzu filet and prisuttu dry-cured ham have obtained their A. This fruit is processed to obtain a flour, one of the mains ingredients in the Corsican diet.

C et nouvellement en A. The brocciu is a mixture of whey and milk, heated, stirred and salted. It is eaten fresh from December to July, and dry the rest of the year. It is much used culinary preparation and in particular in the pastries like fiadone and migliacci.

WINE The result of know-how that goes back to Antiquity, Corsican wine is strong in character and steeped in tradition. In the 6th century B. The replanting of noble grape varieties, the classification of A. C wines and more recently A. Niellucciu, Sciacarello and Vermentinu are typical Corsican grape varieties.

To revitalise the inland villages, the Park developed a network of km of hiking itineraries dotted with rest houses and equipped mountain huts. With a mandate to ensure the preservation of the natural heritage of our territory that is host to a large number of rare plant species and in particular the formation of fragile natural plants, such as the remarkable pozzines. Along the entire length of the trail you will enjoy a panoramic view over the Orientale plain.

You will finish at the hamlet of Cava di Fiorellu, an abandoned hamlet in the Corsican maquis. Note : Path in use subject to work being completed, please check with the local Tourist Office. For other walking tours contact the Oriente Tourist Office at 04 95 57 01 The Aiguilles of Bavella are a breath-taking sight, one of the most beautiful on the island.

They reach a height of metres. The changing seasons are each more beautiful than the other and afford an incomparable view to the walker.

The bomb hole: a circular cavity of 8 metres in diameter. The panoramic view of this area is breath-taking. Itinerary: 20 Km to the south of Ghisonaccia, at the roundabout at the entrance of Solenzara, take the D for approximately 39 km before reaching the mountain pass. You can park your car at the municipal parking lot and follow the signs that indicate the different hiking trails with the corresponding colour markings. At the inn, m from the mountain pass, on the Solenzara side, follow the red marking of the GR20 then to the right of the chapel, climb up to the small plateau located in the middle of the forest, and continue walking to reach the highest point.

Access is relatively easy. You will be awestruck by the view of the superb Aracoli ravine. Total accumulation in altitude: m Summit: m Distance and Length: 3 Km. Avec ses 70m de hauteur cette cascade est visible de la route qui conduit au village. The A Bughja Waterfall - San Gavinu di Fiumorbu In the heart of the chestnut forest, a steep trail will take you to the Bughja from the word bughju: obscurit.

At San Gavinu, you can park your vehicle and begin your hike in the direction of Isulacciu Di Fiumorbu to the hamlet of Bruschiccia, more precisely to the Vaccina fountain located on your left. A sign and marking have been placed at this spot to guide hikers.

The trail crosses an oak forest containing a pigsty. Follow the wallbordered trail to a small down-sloping hill to the bottom of the valley at the foot of the waterfall, an ideal place to stop for a picnic. Bastia-Port De Toga Port De Toga Toga Bastia plongée subaquatique plongée libredériveur, multicoques, courses océaniques, au large, voile modèle, traditionnelle, match racing. Port De Plaisance - Vieux Port Port De Plaisance Vieux Port Bastia dériveur, multicoques, courses océaniques, au large, voile modèle, traditionnelle, match racing, plongée subaquatique plongée libre.

Piscine Municipale Piscine Municipale Avapessa baignade loisirs. Terrains De Beach Volley Terrains De Beach Volley Aregno volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley, football, football en salle futsal. Base Nautique Base Nautique Club De Plongée Algajola planche à voile, wave-ski, surf, ski nautique classique, course, à figures libres, nupieds, kneeboard, wake-board, pirogue polynésienne va'apirogue dragon, kayak de mer, plongée subaquatique plongée libre.

Parcours Sportif Parcours Sportif Albertacce gymnastique volontaire. Boulodrome Boulodrome Aiti sports boules. Terrain De Proximité City Stade Village Zonza basket-ball, football, football en salle futsalhandball, mini hand, handball de plage.

Hippodrome De Viseo Hippodrome Zonza course sur le plat. Ranch Villata Tourisme Équestre Zonza randonnée équestre. Country Horse Tourisme Équestre Zonza randonnée équestre, equitation. Complexe Sportif De Ste Lucie De Porto Vecchio Complexe sportif Terrain De Football Tennis Gymnase Terrain D'Athlétisme Zonza football, football en salle futsaltennis, basket-ball, handball, mini hand, handball de plage, judo, jujitsu, taïso, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley, saut, lancer, course sur piste.

Mille Club Tennis Terrain De Proximité Gymnase Mille Club Zonza handball, mini hand, handball de plage, basket-ball, judo, jujitsu, taïso, karaté, karaté jutsu, goshin jutsu, kobudo, nihon tai-jutsu, taijitsu, nambudo, ninjutsu, nunchaku, Alta Site D'Escalade Zérubia escalade.

Complexe Sportif Complexe sportif Stade Tennis Salle Des Sports Vico football, football en salle futsaltennis, basket-ball, expression gymnique.

Lycee Agricole De Sarténe Plateau Sportif Terrain De Foot-Ball Tennis Sartene Route De Levie Sartène basket-ball, handball, mini hand, handball de plage, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley, football, football en salle futsalrugby à 15, rugby à 7, hockey en salle, hockey sur gazon, tennis. Collège De Baleone Plateau Sportif Tennis Club Baleone Sarrola-Carcopino handball, mini hand, handball de plage, basket-ball, football, football en salle futsalsaut, course sur piste, tennis, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley.

Collège Nicoli Plateau Sportif Mur D'Escalade Propriano 11 Rue J Donat Leandri Propriano basket-ball, course sur piste, handball, mini hand, handball de plage, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley, saut, lancer, escalade.

Joseph Parc Des Sports Propriano tennis, musculation, culturisme, activités de forme et de santé, judo, jujitsu, taïso, karaté, karaté jutsu, goshin jutsu, kobudo, nihon tai-jutsu, taijitsu, nambudo, ninjutsu, nunchaku, Lycée Polyvalent De Porto Vecchio Terrain De Basket Plateau Eps Salle De Sport Porto Vecchio Porto-Vecchio basket-ball, handball, mini hand, handball de plage, tennis, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley, saut, football, football en salle futsaltennis de table.

Base Nautique Les Fauvettes Base Nautique Tennis Pezza Cardo Porto-Vecchio planche à voile, dériveur, multicoques, courses océaniques, au large, voile modèle, traditionnelle, match racing, tennis. Stade Du Prunello Complexe sportif Terrain De Football Porto-Vecchio football, football en salle futsalrugby à 15, rugby à 7, baseball, cricket. Cosec De Porto Vecchio Complexe sportif Gymnase Dojo Salle De Gymnastique Tennis Route De L'Ospedale Porto-Vecchio basket-ball, handball, mini hand, handball de plage, gymnastique artistique, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley, judo, jujitsu, taïso, tennis.

Sarl Corse Plongee Corse Plongée Centre Commercial Pietrosella nage avec palmes, plongée subaquatique plongée libreorientation subaquatique, plongée en apnée, plongée d'exploration, photographie subaquatique.

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Terrain De Football Du Ruppione Stade Pietrosella football, football en salle futsalvtt cross country, descente, trial, rallye, four crossvélo trial. Port De Porto Port De Plaisance Porto Ota dériveur, multicoques, courses océaniques, au large, voile modèle, traditionnelle, match racing, plongée subaquatique plongée libre. Centre Équestre Carrière Baracci Olmeto equitation.

Salle Polyvalente Salle Polyvalente Olmeto gymnastique artistique. Scalella Site D'Escalade Olivese escalade. Tennis De Levie Tennis Levie tennis. Collège De Levie Plateau Sportif Levie football, football en salle futsalhandball, mini hand, handball de plage, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley. Complexe Sportif Complexe sportif Terrain De Football Tennis Terrain De Proximité Padrilella Lecci football, football en salle futsaltennis, handball, mini hand, handball de plage, basket-ball.

Collège De Porticcio Plateau Multisports Salle De Sport Mur D'Escalade Porticcio Grosseto-Prugna basket-ball, handball, mini hand, handball de plage, gymnastique artistique, judo, jujitsu, taïso, karaté, karaté jutsu, goshin jutsu, kobudo, nihon tai-jutsu, taijitsu, nambudo, ninjutsu, nunchaku, Salle De Sport Salle De Sport Figari Figari musculation, karaté, karaté jutsu, goshin jutsu, kobudo, nihon tai-jutsu, taijitsu, nambudo, ninjutsu, nunchaku, Terrain Multisports Terrain Multi Figari Figari football, football en salle futsalbasket-ball, handball, mini hand, handball de plage, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley.

Belvédère Site D'Escalade Évisa escalade. City Stade D'Evisa City Stade Évisa tennis, basket-ball, football, football en salle futsalhandball, mini hand, handball de plage. Stade Munucipal Stade Municipal Conca football, football en salle futsal.

Tennis Municipaux Tennis Municipaux Conca tennis. Plateau Omnisport Terrrain Omnisport Cardo-Torgia football, football en salle futsalbasket-ball, handball, mini hand, handball de plage. Cosec Libertas Complexe sportif Gymnase1 Salle De Danse Salle De Musculation Dojo Valle Bonifacio handball, mini hand, handball de plage, basket-ball, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley, autres danses, musculation, judo, jujitsu, taïso, karaté, karaté jutsu, goshin jutsu, kobudo, nihon tai-jutsu, taijitsu, nambudo, ninjutsu, nunchaku, City Stade City Stade Alata Village Alata football, football en salle futsalhandball, mini hand, handball de plage, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley, basket-ball.

Danse Passion Danse Passion Av. Moncey Ajaccio autres danses. Ten'Danse Ten'Danse Imm. Triana Ajaccio gymnastique aérobic, autres danses. Moncey Ajaccio judo, jujitsu, taïso.

Gymnase St Jean Gymnase Avenue Kennedy Ajaccio basket-ball, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley, tennis de table. Lep Finosello Terrain De Hand-Ball Terrain De Basket-Ball Structure Artificielle D'Escalade Salle Polyvalente Avenue Maréchal Liautey Ajaccio handball, mini hand, handball de plage, football, football en salle futsaltennis, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley, basket-ball, escalade, autres danses, musculation, tennis de table.

A Chemin De Biancarello Montée Saint Jean Immeuble Cinarca Ajaccio karaté, karaté jutsu, goshin jutsu, kobudo, nihon tai-jutsu, taijitsu, nambudo, ninjutsu, nunchaku, Sarl Heraclès Heraclès Assp Ch. De Pietralba Ajaccio musculation, karaté, karaté jutsu, goshin jutsu, kobudo, nihon tai-jutsu, taijitsu, nambudo, ninjutsu, nunchaku, Pascal Rossini Ajaccio volley-ball, volley-ball de plage beach-volleygreen-volley, basket-ball, handball, mini hand, handball de plage, boxe anglaise, course sur piste, natation course sportive, judo, jujitsu, taïso, karaté, karaté jutsu, goshin jutsu, kobudo, nihon tai-jutsu, taijitsu, nambudo, ninjutsu, nunchaku, Casamartina Afa football, football en salle futsalgymnastique volontaire.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Chercher une commune, un lieu, un code postal. Les Piscines à Ghisonaccia. Les équipements sportifs à Ghisonaccia.

Les installations sportives à Ghisonaccia. Via Ferrata Via Ferrata. Piscine De Zuani Complexe sportif Piscine. Base Nautique Corsikayak Base Nautique.

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Stade Trepidi Terrain Municipal. Vizzavona Aventure Accrobranche. Stade Multisports Stade Multisports. Tennis Tennis Municipal. Arena City Stade. Stade Municipal Terrain Municipal.

Plateau Sportif Plateau Sportif. Stade Municipal Stade Municipal. Terrain Multisport Terrain Multisport.

Chalet Salle. Fronton Communal Fronton Communal. Gymnase Gymnase De Pietranera. Skate Park Skate Park. City Stade City Stade. Buffalo Beach Buffalo Beach. Cavallinu Association U Cavallinu. Tennis Club Tennis Club. Hôtel Pielza Eden Piscine. Terrain De Football Terrain Municipal. Salle Polyvalente Salle Polyvalente.

Piscine Municipale Piscine Municipale. Hôtel U Ricordu Piscine. Piscine Municipale Complexe sportif Piscine Municipale. Plateau Multisport Plateau Multisports. Plateau Multisports Plateau Multisports. Boulodrome De Mezzana Boulodromme. Centre Équestre "Cavall'Cade" Carrière. Salle Communale Salle De Sport. Groupe Scolaire Salle Polyvalente. Collège De Casinca Salle Polyvalente. Hôtel Les Bananas Piscine.

Terrain Multisports Terrain Multisport. Stade De Football Stade Municipal. Stade Padula Stade Padula. Base Nautique Base Nautique. Botox iperidrosi ascellare rimedi De Monte Terrain Municipal. Piscine Communale Complexe sportif Piscine Communale. Cosec D'Ile Rousse Cosec. Tennis Municipal Tennis Municipal. Fit Form Fit Form. Parcours Sportif Parcours Sportif. Bowling Bastia Bowling De Bastia. Altu Pratu Complexe sportif Piscine.

City Stade City Foot. Sites D'Escalade Site Restonica Plateau Multisport Plateau Multisport. Gymnase Municipal Gymnase Municipal. Foyer Culturel Foyer Municipal. Complexe Sportif Terrain De Tennis. Espace Fitness Salle De Fitness. Karting Karting De Calvi. Calvi Nautic Club Base Nautique.

Stade Municipal Terrain De Football. Stade Municipal Stade Du Village. Soccer Goal Futsal. Espace Multisport City Park. New Foot New Foot. Taekwondo Master Park Dojang. Club Oxygène Club Oxygène. Ranch Cantarellu Courts De Tennis. Boulodrome Boulodrome. Terrain De Proximité City Stade. Hippodrome De Viseo Hippodrome. Ranch Villata Tourisme Équestre. Country Horse Tourisme Équestre. Monte Acciaiu Site D'Escalade. Alta Site D'Escalade. U Cammarale U Cammarale.

Le sport à Ghisonaccia

Tennis D'Ucciani Tennis. Stade De Tavera Stade Municipal. Petra Rossa Site D'Escalade. Stade Municipal Stade De Foot. Terrain De Tennis Tennis. Piscine Du Valinco Piscine. Piscine Municipale De Quasquara Piscine. Ecole Primaire Plateu Sportif. Oxygene Plongée Oxygène Plongée. Vitaforme Vitaforme. Dolfinu Biancu Plongée.

Plongée Nature Plongée Nature. Kallisté Plongée Kallisté Plongée.