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Ride du lion. Comment effacer la ride du lion? Tous nos articles sur les rides! Les soins antirides. Médecine esthétique face aux rides. Il est tout bonnement superbe! A la place de la Pointing Bride se trouve à présent une toute nouvelle scène qui montre un caveau ou sont enterrés les corps des prétendants.

Les flèches projetées sur les Doombuggies au moment de la descente sont une bonne idée. Les effets disparaissaient un par un et les animatronics perdaient leur énergie. Sur le plan technique, cette mise à jour est une réussite. Le parti pris de cette nouvelle version est de montrer une storyline plus claire pour les visiteurs lambda et cela se fait surtout par le biais de la narration et des tableaux. On peut dire que cette nouvelle version de Phantom Manor est la dernière création originale de Walt Disney Imagineering.

After 16 months of closure, Phantom Manor reopened its gates to Foolish Mortals at last. We all had to hold our impatience, convincing ourselves it was for the better.

Now the manor is open again and everything seems to be forgiven. The biggest changes in the attraction mostly are in its first part.

The foyer is no longer some kind of waiting area but a real preshow which immeditately immerges us in the story. The black light wallpaper effect is stuning and the morphing portrait is a welcomed change. She is still pictured on the 4 paintings like an hommage to the previous version but now, new characters, her suitors take center stage.

It also keep this idea of showing images that depicts people in danger. There is no more hanged man in the rafter, the Phantom shows us an empty noose which is propably for us. Now we are entierely part of this scene and not a spectator — which makes this part even more chilling. Like for this new narration, we will get used to it over time. Here we also have some nods to the original Gérard Chevalier one with sentences that are exactly the same and on the same tone.

We personnally loved the exclusive restart spiel. Disneyland Paris is a destination visited my various nationalities so having a part of the narration in english help them to understand more easily. It is also nice to have kept the female loading spiel. About the gallery, it is sad to have lost Marc Davis changing portraits.

It is part of Haunted Mansion classics elements that Walt Disney himself approved. But this is true that these pictures were too cartoony for the serious tone of Phantom Manor.

It is now replaced by brand new paintings which looks more realistic and links the ride to Frontierland even more. The morphing is now occuring with flashs of lightning. The problem is that this gallery has no windows. So is it because of supernatural occurrences? It seems that this effect is syncronised with the storm in the loading area. About the loading area, it is magnificent! This is the most beautiful loading zone among all in the Disney mansions.

Adding the bride in the staircaise was a rumor that circulated for a while and finally materialized. Being motionless represent the wainting state of the character. As for the foyer, the new version of this scenes brings us directly in the story and presents Melanie in her context. We are a bit sad the Bride Welcome scene is gone because we used to like to salute her like an old friend. She used to bring a bit of kindness in the ride which looks now more hostile. There is now a suit of armor in this area which was next to the endless hallway before.

It has probably being put there to fill the empty space left. Melanie is still in the endless hallway but she is now with the Phantom behind her — is he chasing after her? The music room was a good surprise with its new effective shadow pianist and its new music track. This is an adaptation of the attic scene from the Haunted Mansion of some sort, mixed with the conservatory with the coffin. Some of us really hated the screams in the corridor of doors which makes this part look cheaper.

These direct imports from the Haunted Mansion seems to be what people liked the least about this refurb because it makes no sense here. Projection and audio remains the same but the effects are updated and the mapping is back, filling the space.

The billingual speech was one of the only elements which clearly was about the storyline in the previous version so it was great to keep it. We would like to thank Disneyland Paris for listening to fans reactions and fixed this very quickly by putting back the original soundtrack. This scene was restored in its former dramatic beauty.

The Bride and the Phantom has been relocated on the balcony and it seems that the static figure is a willing choice to depict his menacing presence. He is always watching over Melanie. The reference to The Phantom of the Opera is obvious, a sign that the ride still refers to its original influences. We can clearly hear the singing of the bride coming from the gramophone and the clock is back to midnight. After closer inspection, Melanie seems not to be an old lady anymore.

This would change the whole timeline of the story. The Phantom has now red glowing eyes in each of his apparitions. When we learned about that, we were afraid it would look cheap but this effects looks good in real life.

Goliath the dog looks scarier with his slobbery jaw and emerald eyes. The scene is better lit which gives it a better result. The new lighting in the catacombs makes it look darker and more creepy. This area was more colorful even merry before but now it seems more hostile. It may be really frightening for young children.

Some bits of dry flesh still hangs from the skeletons, making them more zombies-like. A special mention to their hairstyles which looks faithful to the original ones.

The cat seems gone but the vulture is improved with a better light and a fluid motion. Phantom Canyon had traded its hellish sunset for a starry night sky. This scene now takes place at night. It differs a lot from its previous version with this new black light effects.

The characters are glowing green, which makes them really look like ghosts. This makes no sense! The Phantom has lost his corpse-like appearence in order to look like all his others incarnations in the ride.

This makes him instantly recognizable for guests. A brand new scence is replacing the Pointing Bride. This is the mausoleum where the 4 suitors bodies were burried. This is a short and static part but it gives a conclusion to these men story and visitors understands what really happened to them. This is Melanie who appears in the mirrors now for a short moment. She is asking us if we wants to marry her.

Her voice sounds like she became mad by being secluded in the manor and being tormented by the Phantom. Arrows projected on the Doombuggies is a smart idea for the unload area. Little Leota is gone from the wine cellar but her voice still resounds, asking us to hurry back. Phantom Manor is a Disneyland Paris classic and a fan favourite attraction.

So it was obvious that this refurbishment generated fear and that some fans expected something big. In any case, it really needed this update after many years of weakening. Effects used to dissapear one by one and animatronics lost their energy.

The new effects brings something more dynamic to the scenes and the lighting has completely changed which really gives this effective haunted feel to everything. On a technical level, this update is a success. The goal of this new version is to tell the storyline more clearly to guests and it does it mostly with the narration and the portraits. Nevertheless, it keep the plot vague enough for fans to made their own interpretation and keep a part of this mystery that made its charm.

Others are purely new like the 4 suitors and their fate. The attraction keep its original essence but choose to go deeper into darkness and tragedy which makes it differs from the Haunted Mansion. Mr Ravenswood has now a bigger presence and became the main character alongside his daughter.

These changes will divide fans for sure but we all need time to really make up our mind about it and really give a decisive critic and get used to these changes. This is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Things has to die so they could be reborn. We can say that this new version of Phantom Manor is the latest original creation by Walt Disney Imagineering. Accessible aux Pass Annuels Infinity, aux Insidears, à la presse, aux Castmembers et aux actionnaires, cette soirée voyait la privatisation de Frontierland de 22h45 à 2h du matin.

Phantom Manor et Big Thunder Mountain étaient ouverts ainsi que la Shooting Gallery qui était exceptionnellement gratuite. Le Molly Brown était accessible aux visiteurs mais est resté à quai. Les festivités ont commencées avec le discours de Monsieur Artemus L. Toute cette ambiance a rendu notre expérience encore plus immersive. Nutterville qui, fidèle à lui-même, mesurait les guests afin de préparer leur cercueils. Il avait déjà fait des apparitions dans les années Nous avons étés surpris de le voir toucher les gens de cette manière mais bon, il a parfaitement joué son rôle de grand méchant.

Une fois arrivés devant la porte du manoir, le gardien était la pour nous accueillir et nous demander si nous avions bien donné nos mensurations au croque-mort et si nous savions ce qui est arrivé aux prétendants de Mélanie.

Parmi les points forts de la soirée, on compte le show projeté sur la façade du manoir à minuit. Et moi? Sachez que vous serez toujours les bienvenus au manoir Ravenswood. Les places sont parties en quelques minutes seulement. Nous comprenons le mécontentement des fans à ce sujet.

La majorité des activités étaient concentrées dans la zone de Phantom Manor, une activité excentrée au Cowboy Cookout par exemple aurait été bienvenue afin de mieux répartir la foule.

Perte poids de naissance

Mais globalement, cette soirée était une réussite. Les animations étaient des plus correctes pour une soirée gratuite. Nous remercions Disneyland Paris pour cette initiative.

A Phantom Manor themed event was awaited for a long time by fans and the reopening of the ride was the perfect occasion for this. Frontierland was open from Phantom Manor and Big Thunder Mountain rides were open as well as the shooting gallery which was exceptionally free.

The Molly Brown was open to visitors but stayed on the dock. As soon as we arrived in Frontierland, the mood was already set. Castmembers distributed the Thunder Mesa Gazette wich resumed what happened during the closure. This event was the occasion to bring a conclusion to the investigation that linked all that happened since the closure of the ride.

The party began with sir Artemus L. Hector, the mayor of Thunder Mesa speech alongside his wife and sheriff Will Ketchum. Then the old caretaker came to open the gates and visitors rushed to discover this new version of the attraction. Our crew waited a bit to ride Phantom Manor and we even were the last ones to come out before closure. This ambience has made our experience even more immersive.

Characters used to roam in the area and this is with a great pleasure that we saw the return of undertaker J. Nutterville, true to himself, mesuring guests to prepare their future coffins.

Same for the Phantom in the queue line. He even grabbed Galaad by the neck and put her head on the queue fence, pretending to hit her. That was surprising to see him intteract with visitors like that but he played his villain role very well. Among the blues and greens lights, Melanie wanders silently in the garden like she was searching for a new groom.

One of the main events of the party was the show projection on the manor facade at midnight. This exclusive projection told us more about the storyline from the point of view of Melanie and Henry. A true jewel at the top of Boot Hill, nothing was beautiful enough for my father and visitors came from everywere to admire this marvel he built. But what remains of this today? A mansion in ruins that is only the memory of the past. And I?

This sight could fill your heart, well, if yours is still beating. Know that you will always be welcomed in the Ravenswood manor. Tickets were sold out in only a few minutes. We understand guests discontent about this. He would have fit perfectly. The majority of the activities were set arround Phantom Manor area so we tought it could have been nice to have others things to see elsewhere like in the Cowboy Cookout for example in order do scatter the crowd a bit.

Botox means what this event was clearly a succes. Animations were fair for a free-type event. Like this new version of the attraction, the party mixed new things and hommages to its origins like Nutterville and the Phantom in the queue line. A lot of fans wanted to see this type of show again.

So we want to thanks Disneyland Paris for this initiative. We felt all the rich lore arround Phantom Manor as told by the characters. This is even one of the rares times Disney made an event with only original content, without any licence or Mickey-type characters. We encourage Disneyland Paris to try again for organizing events like this one, comment perdre 3 kg en une semaine sans regime arround attractions and lands.

This has a dedicated fanbase that are waiting for this type of events. And why not putting back this Phantom Manor ambience for next Halloween? Also thanks to the castmembers and fans present this evening for their contribution to this amazing ambience and for fully playing the game with their costumes, cosplays and Disneybound.

The ride deserved a grand reopening event after this long closure. This party will haunt our minds for a very long time and set in grave stone a part of Phantom Manor History.

Cette dernière prénommée Madame Léota était également versée dans le spiritisme et la magie noire et cherchait désespérément à invoquer un esprit maudit. Cette jeune femme était mariée à Pierre Paradis, rencontré à Paris au Moulin Botox budapest arak où elle monta une troupe de danseuses. A ce dîner où se trouvé Miss Lil en voyage à Paris, la gitane Leota a lu les lignes de la main de cette dernière et eu une révélation.

Cette terre était sacrée pour les peuples autochtones, un ancien lieu de culte protégé par une malédiction. Quiconque oserait le déranger et voler les richesses de la montagne serait sévèrement puni.

Elle rencontra un jeune homme impétueux, vivant dans la misère et prêt à tout pour faire fortune et réussir: un certain Henry Ravenswood. Les années passèrent, Henry Raveswood avait monté sa propre entreprise, la Big Thunder Mining Compagny avec laquelle il exploitait les richesses de la montagne. De son perron, il pouvait admirer la ville et la montagne.

Elle vécut une enfance heureuse et reçu la meilleure éducation. Mélanie, bien que se plaisant au manoir, se sentais parfois comme observée par une présence intangible. Il lui arrivait aussi de faire des cauchemars dans lesquels elle se voyait en péril dans diverses situations et où une forme noire flottait au dessus de la maison.

Tout se passait très bien et comme Madame Léota avait permit à Mr Ravenswood de faire fortune, elle avait ses appartements au manoir. Par ailleurs, Henry ne respecta pas le pacte et refusa de chasser les indiens de la montagne et de la ville. Ce refus mettra la gitane en furie. Le temps passa et la belle Mélanie était devenue une femme. Elle allait prochainement se marier en grande cérémonie, bien que de nombreuses discordes régnaient dans la famille.

En effet, le bruit courrait que Mélanie était tombée follement amoureuse de son cousin Jake, un agent de maitrise de la compagnie Ravenswood. Elle était toujours apaisée par sa présence et se sentais bien en sa compagnie. Tout allait basculer. Celui-ci provoqua une explosion dans la mine, engendrant un terrible tremblement de terre qui ébranla Thunder Mesa. Henry et sa femme seront enterrés dans le cimetière familial à côté du manoir.

Mais les tourments ne faisaient que commencer. Désespérée, Mélanie le chercha dans tout manoir pour finalement le retrouver pendu dans la galerie. A présent manifesté, il serait désormais bien décidé à prendre son du en épousant Mélanie. Here we are, this is the third and last part of Phantom Manor storylines theories. This one is slightly different from the most famous version and it deserves to be told.

It would not contain as many details as the others because it is only an hypothesis lacking of solid proofs. An old gypsy woman get famous because of her abiliy to predict the future and her occult skills.

Her name was Madame Leota and she was also into spiritism and black magic. During one of these parties, she met a pretty young woman nammed Lilly and nicknamed Diamond Lil. She became rich by finding a big gold nugget in a mountain from the american far west. She was married to Pierre Paradis who she met at the Moulin Rouge and where she recruted a dancer group. She get back to Thunder Mesa where she have found the nugget with her companion and group to open the Lucky Nugget Saloon.

While reading in the lines of her hand, Leota felt that a powerful spirit she used to search for was there. So she decided to go to America as well in hope to fin dit. She arrived at Thunder Mesa, a small town living from hunting, farming and small shops while coexisting in peace with the native tribe. This land was sacred for the natives and said to be protected by a curse.

According to the legend, an ancient spirit called the Thunderbird is sleeping in the deepest part of the mountain and protect a treasure. Whoever is foolish enough to disturb him or tries to steal the treasure from the moutain would be cursed.

In order to have the Spirits favors and being spared by it, he also had to sacrifice his most precious belonging. Henry accepted without second thought, being tempted and impatient. Some times later, Henry found how to enter the mountain and discovered a cave full of gold.

Being cunning, the man took only a part of this treasure and digged his own mine. His activity was successfull and he quickly became the richest man in the area. He married his secretary Marta and ordered the construction of a somptuous manor on the top of Boot Hill.

From its doors, he could overlook the town and mine. The stately house was a symbol of his wealth and power. Henry and Martha then had a daughter, the pretty Melanie. She had a happy childhood and recieved the best education a lady could have. She was so graceful that, when she grew up, her beauty became legendary, known from many miles arround Thunder Mesa in these times when people came here to seek fortune. Henry adored his daughter more than everything else at the point of being overprotective.

He often forbid her to leave the property. Even if she enjoyed to live there, Melanie had sometimes the feeling of being watched by an unknown presence. She occasionally had also terrible nightmares in which she sees herself in peril and a black shadow looming over the manor.

All was going well and Madame Leota had her own seance circle in the manor because Mr Ravenswood got rich thanks to her. His refusal made her very angry.

Times goes by and Melanie became an adult. She was soon to be married in a lush celebration, even if there were some tensions among the family. Indeed, Melanie fell in love with her cousin, Jake, a foreman from the Ravenswood mining compagny. She always was appeased when he was near and they were happy toghether. Henry was furious when he learned about this, refusing her daughter to leave the manor by any means.

Everything was going to collapse. Henry loved his daughter too much to do that. She indeed was his most precious thing in his life — so he refused again. So Leota used her powers to summon the Spirit anyway.

The entity generated an explosion in the mine which resulted in a terrible earthquake that destroyed a part of Thunder Mesa. This killed a lot of miners, Henry who was inspecting the mine a this moment and Martha had a heart attack. Henry Ravenswood should be punished for not respecting the deal and because he disturbed the Spirit by stealing his gold.

Henry and his wife were burried in Boot Hill cemetery next to the manor. Even if she was devastated to have lost her parents, Melanie, who has been spared by the disaster, wanted to maintain her wedding with Jake.

Now her father was no more to prevent her to marry the man she love. But her torments only just began. The day of the ceremony arrived but the groom was nowhere to be seen.

The forlorn Melanie searched for him everywhere in the manor and she ended up by finding his body hangin from the ceiling of the gallery.

The portraits where now a reflection of her nightmares. Was he Henry Ravenswood coming back from the dead to prevent her daughter to marry against his will? It was in fact the evil Spirit possessing his body. Now materialized, he was determined to take his due by marrying Melanie. Obsessed by her beauty, he was watching her for years and infiltred her mind, giving her nightmares. She never consented this cursed wedding and was kept prisonner by the Phantom in the manor.

Madame Leota, in order have her revenge over Henry, she summoned the ghosts of the people who died in the earthquake to come to haunt the house. The wedding ceremony that never was repeats itself to torment the poor bride. She never removed her white dress, unable to escape her terrible fate and mourning her lost love. The town of Thunder Mesa slowly reprised its activities without its former glory.

Nobody dares to investigate and the manor was left abandonned. Decades passed and we are now in Some said they have seen the bride behind a window, others said it was just a flickering light and some others testified they have heard stranges sounds. Peux-tu te présenter en quelques mots et nous en dire plus sur ton parcours?

Quelle était ton introduction au monde de Disney? Comment est venue ta passion pour Phantom Manor? Es-tu passionné des jeux de société? Une histoire de meurtre commis dans une grande bâtisse, une enquête enveloppée de mystère … Pourquoi avoir choisi le Cluedo et non un autre jeu comme le Monopoly par exemple? Quel serait le mystère de ton Cluedo? As-tu eu des difficultés à le concevoir?

Sur quel support sortiras-tu ton Cluedo format numérique ou physique? Can you introduce yourself in a few words and tell us more about your career? What was your introduction to the Disney world? How did your passion for Phantom Manor come about? What is your favorite scene and character in the attraction?

What did you think of the new version and the grand reopening night? Do you have your own version of the story? What is your relationship with this character and how did it come to make it reappear for the reopening of the attraction? Where did your passion for 3D come from and what are the difficulties you had to face to make a recreation as impressive as the one on Phantom Manor?

Where did your idea come from to create a Cluedo based on Phantom Manor? Are you passionate about board games? A story of murder committed in a large building, an investigation shrouded in mystery … Why did you choose Cluedo and not another game like Monopoly for example?

If so, are you inspired to create your own based on Phantom Manor? What would be the mystery of your Cluedo? Are you based on the old story of the attraction or the new? Did you have difficulty conceiving it? On which support will you leave your Cluedo numeric or physical format? Do you have other projects right now?