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It's imperative that riders stay on the designated horse trails to maintain our excellent rapport with these other user groups, and as part of our land use agreement with the Counties of Prescott-Russell.

La forêt Larose possède plus de 25 km de sentiers équestres, qui sont partagés avec de nombreux autres groupes d'utilisateurs, tels que les motoneigistes, les skieurs de fond, les mushers, les cyclistes, les randonneurs et les VTT.

Il est impératif que les cavaliers restent sur les pistes équestres désignées pour maintenir notre excellente relation avec ces autres groupes d'utilisateurs, et dans le cadre de notre accord d'utilisation des sentiers avec les comtés de Prescott-Russell. Ramsayville Trails are roughly 10 km with some loop options, and are closer to the city center.

They boast a dedicated trail system for equestrians only. There are no dogs, bikes or atvs allowed. We maintain a permit agreement with the National Capital Commission for the exclusive use of these trails by our members and day pass holders.

Thank you as well to the girls I met, they gave me a lot and support me with ghosts story. A lot of fun with fox and geese, the best was the falls don't worry whit snow no problem and the great ride in the forest with amazing horses. So much fun! Every day was not the same, always a new adventure start. Thank you Linda for your truth with your horses give a carots for me to Suckie please. Cookies, horses, snow, "tea", friends, like a family, ghosts stories, Tim Horton's, cake because there are always a reason and I can continue to write still a lot of examples like this but I will stop here.

So many things I will remember for my entire life. I loved to hear the story to the life of Linda and Dale so interesting and rewarding. Thank you Calista for the welcoming and the meet with you lovely Hunter. This journey gave me a lot! Take care and I want to say "why not" to see you again!!! I wait you in the race in my village! I can just say : go in this place! Morgane Brahier. Laissé par le workawayer Barbara pour l'hôte. Linda and Dale are very open minded, kind and pretty funny!

They always gave me a very comfortable feeling. I helped Linda with the horses and in her vegetable garden and had some exciting rides with Linda and Cari, thank you for that! Linda and Dale let me drive their car, I really enjoyed that task : Thank you for everything, I hope to see you in winter!!

Have a very good time till then, say hello to all the beautiful horses! Many hugs Barbara. I wanted an experienced equestrian that was competent, confident and enjoyed working with young horses.

In the 8 weeks that she stayed with us on our farm this winter, I discovered that she is all of this and more. Not only was she a highly skilled horsewoman at the age of 19, but very capable as a photographer in all aspects. Lu did an excellent … read more job with the horses whe worked with and went beyond my expectations in marketing them.

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I found her to be a leader, very charismatic, a willing worker and easy to get along with due to her great sense of humor. I hope she returns in the coming witner so that we can have fun horsing around in the snow again.

Laissé par le workawayer Gudela pour l'hôte. I spend an amazing time with Linda and Dale this winter mid January up to beginning of April and had lots of fun! The area up there is rude but just so beautiful, we've been riding in a winterwonderland every day, more beautiful in real life than I could have ever imagined or even in every Disney movie thanks to Morgane I now know lots of … read more them I've ever seen. Cantering in the snow on the trails with so many cool ponies and working with the young ones, playing fox and geese in the snowring in the afternoon- I was definitely never bored!

Thanks to Linda and Dale, they're so lovely people, and all the other girls who've been around, I had the winter of my life and it felt like home from the very beginning. It would be way to much to mention all the great stuff we did or the things we talked about but I think none of us will ever forget our motto "why not! Also I'll never be able to pass a pile of stones without thinking about vampire graves ever in my life again If you wanna step out of your comfort zone, experience something completely different and you're ready to fight the cold winter up in the Wilno hills this is your place to go!

Thank you Dale, thank you Linda for everything! I'll never forget the amazing time I had with you, I'm sure we'll see each other again one day! Without you this whole adventure would not have been half as nice and fun as it was. See you all back soon xx. Rike came to our farm in January for a few weeks. She was found to be friendly, cheerful, daring, adventurous, fearless, persistent, helpful, funloving and a problem solver with leadership qualities.

I wanted a competent and confident rider and she was that.

She replaced herself twice over when she left. I look forward to her return. Laissé par le workawayer Rike pour l'hôte. I came to Linda's and Dale's in january for one month and I really don't know where to start. I absolutely fell in love with this place, with the people, with the horses and I was so sad when I left a way too soon! I've made some friends for life at this place for sure!!

Horsebackriding everyday twice in a beautiful area with great horses, … read more really light work, delicious food and always so much fun! Linda is a really good teacher and it's never getting boring with her and the current workaway girls, really never! Everyday was different and full of great moments, memories and horses I will never forget!

Thank you so much for this awesome time and I'll see you again soon!! Yvette Joosen did not stay long enough. She was a willing worker, good cooking skills, sociable, pleasant, respectful, friendly, adaptable and skilled with horses. I wish she had come sooner and stayed longer. Morgane Brahier makes me struggle to come up with adequate words to describe her.

Absolutely courageous to call me from Switzerland with very little english and me with even less french to make arrangements for her stay with us on our farm and in just a matter of days of accomplish this. She proved herself to be a very willing worker, ALWAYS … read more wanting to help, polite, respectful,cheerful, courteous, personable, kindhearted determined, conscientous, considerate,trusting the flow - 'why not?

Excellent communication skills. She cane with very little command of the english language and after a few weeks had improved to the level of conversational english. Very goot with the horses and unseatable. We'd be glad to have her back for as long as she could stay. Laissé par le workawayer Linda pour l'hôte.

Linda and Dale are super nice people. They have a great sense of humour, are open-minded and very thoughtful about the horses. It is so incredible beautiful in the … read more wintertime! Linda has a great sense of humour, is secondary caries fluoride varnish and very funny.

We spend a wonderful time together and and laughed a lot! You can just be yourself and enjoy you travel experience. Linda, I wish you all the best of this universe. Thank you for everything, you are amazing! Linda came to our farm in January to help get young horses started under saddle. She is exuberant, observent, very social, has a great sense of humor, compassionate, has great leadership skills, and is a very good cook!

She was excellent with the horses - very competent and confident both on the ground, in the saddle, and bareback! She earned … read more herself the name "Braveheart" because of how comfortable and confident she was with the horses!

Unfortunately, there were some personal circumstances that caused her to leave early. There is snowmobiling, dogsledding, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, safaris and more. We also offer 4-star service, dining and accommodations. We are an equestrian center that provides guided horseback riding tours in the trails of National Frontenac Park since almost 20 years now.

With 30 minutes to 6 hours per day, you could enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the nature. You can take advantage of the following services: a western horseback riding course Quebec à cheval certified.

Only minutes from Montreal, come and relax for an hour or two horseback ride. Our trails vary, winding through woods, fields of wildflowers and even across a little lake. Western and English riding lessons are always available. Your horseback riding adventure takes place in the Chaudière-Appalaches region, 1 hour from Québec City. Clean air, pure water and beautiful scenery await you. Join the Ranch Massif du Sud' s cowboys and gold diggers. Short-term and long-term horseback excursions, night lodgings and meals, gold digging and a visit to a bison and elk farm.

Private leadership development school promoting education that bridges youth, nature and the land.

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Through experiential learning that blends elements of animal husbandry, environmental awareness and outdoor adventure students explore Earth-based studies and non-motorized outdoor recreation in a nurturing, challenging and inspiring milieu. Memorable horseback riding on the enchanting hills of Outaouais. We are proud to announce that, with more than 65 horses on site, we are the largest horse farm in Eastern Canada.