British 33rd regiment foot

Defence Force. French Army. Army Uniform. British Army. Napoleonic Wars. American Revolution. More like this. More ideas for you. Personalized ideas. Find another idea. VXFB 54mm Flags. The 69th actually lost their King's Colour two days previously at Quatre Bras to a French cuirassier, and had their seamsters make another quickly, but the word was out, partly because the French flaunted it; and the regiment felt shame.

The flag, however, was found in France and returned to the regiment. It rests securely in a museum in England today. Find this Pin and more on Flags by Adam Carriere.

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Liste des régiments de la British Army

Bandiera di guerra e reggimentale del 88 rgt. Find this Pin and more on Flags by Korcz Piotr. Hundred Days. Complements reflect the actual strength of the Foot Guards on the morning of 16 Junebefore the beginning of the battle of Ligny.

During this battle, around men of the Foot Guard were lost, with most casualties in the Young Guard division Sokolovp. Pigeardpp. Major Settler the senior major and commander of the 1st Battalion took commanded of the 2nd Regiment, [2] and Prince Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar took command of the 2nd Brigade.

It was originally recruited from ex-POWs repatriated after the Russian Campaign of the previous yearvolunteers and Westphalians.

In July it became the Elbe Regiment, and in March it was designated as the 26th Prussian line regiment. Cambridge University Press. In Chisholm, Hugh ed. In: Dziengel, J. Categories : Napoleonic Wars orders of battle Waterloo Campaign. Hidden categories: Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference CS1 French-language sources fr CS1 German-language sources de.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Norsk Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Général de Brigade Baron Nicolas Schmitz. Colonel Pierre Gougeon. Colonel Chevalier Nicolas-Noel Gueurel. Général de Brigade Antoine Nogues. Colonel Louis-Andre Dupre. Colonel Jean-Joseph Gromety. Colonel Louis-Guillaume-Joseph Chapuzet. Colonel Louis-Gabriel Hypolyte Ruelle. Colonel Etienne-Nicolas Rousselot. Général de Brigade Jean-Louis Brue.

Colonel Andre Pierre Masson. Colonel Jean-Baptiste Garnier.

Colonel Anatole-Charles-Alexis de la Woestine. Général de Division Baron Gilbert Bachelu. Général de Brigade Baron Toussaint Campi. Général de Division Prince Jérôme Bonaparte. Général de Brigade Vicomte Louis de Villiers. Général de Brigade Jean-Joseph Gauthier. Général de Brigade Francois-Isidore Wathiez.

Order of battle of the Waterloo campaign

Général de Division Dominique Vandamme. Colonel Baron Jean-Honore Vernier. Colonel Ferjeux Fortier. Colonel Raimond-Martin Dubalen. Colonel Jean-Antoine-Augustin Mouton. Colonel Jacques-Louis Baillon.

Colonel Louis-Florimund Fantin des Odoards. Colonel Baron Jean-Pierre Maury. Colonel Augustin-Eugene Staffel. Général de Division Baron Pierre Berthézène. Colonel Louis-Francois-Joseph Delahaye. Colonel Baron Claude-Augustin Maire. Colonel Claude-Joseph Pelicier.

Colonel Louis-Alexis Desmichels. Colonel Alphonse Frederic Emmanuel de Grouchy. Général de Division Baron Jerome Dougereau. Général de Division Count Louis de Bourmont. Général de Division Baron Antoine Maurin [c].

Général de Brigade Baron Louis Vallin. Colonel Jean Ricard. Général de Brigade Sabatier. Général de Division Claude Pierre Pajol.

Général de Brigade Houssin de St Laurent. Colonel Francois-Joseph-Marie Clary. Colonel Louis-Joseph Blot. Général de Division Jacques Gervais, baron Subervie. Rémi Joseph Isidore Exelmans.

Général de Brigade Baron André Burthe. Général de Brigade Baron Pierre Bonnemains. François Étienne de Kellermann. Général de Division Samuel-François Lhéritier. Général de Division Nicolas Roussel d'Hurbal. Général de Brigade Amable Guy Blanchard. Général de Division Pierre Watier. Général de Brigade Jacques-Charles Dubois. Colonel Comte Ordener. Colonel Habert.

Général de Brigade Étienne Jacques Travers. Colonel Richardot. Colonel Thurot. Colonel Baron Gobert. Colonel Baron Lahuberdière. Comte Louis Friant. Deputy: General Roguet. Général de Brigade Baron Petit. Général de Brigade Baron Christiani. Général de Brigade Baron Poret de Morvan. Général de Division Morand. Deputy: General Michel.

British 33rd regiment foot

Général de Brigade Comte Cambronne. Général de Brigade Baron Pelet-Clozeau. Colonel Mallet. Général de Division Duhesme. Deputy: General Barrois. Colonel Trappier de Malcolm. Maréchal de Camp Guye. Général de Division Comte Guyot. Régiment de Vieille Garde Grenadiers à Cheval. Général de Brigade Jamin, Marquis de Bermuy. Général de Division Comte Lefebvre-Desnouëttes. Général de Division Baron Lallemand. Baron de Colbert-Chabanais.

What is a corps regiment

Colonel de Colbert. General H-D Lallemand. Général de Division Baron Haxo. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Aird. Major-General Sir George Cooke. Major-General Peregrine Maitland. Lieutenant Colonel Henry Askew. Lieutenant Colonel William Stuart. Major-General Sir John Byng. Lieutenant-Colonel James Macdonnell.

Second Major Francis Hepburn. Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Galway Adye. Captain Charles Freeman Sandham. Captain Heinrich Jacob Kuhlmann. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Hamilton. Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Morice. Lieutenant-Colonel William George Harris. Lieutenant-Colonel Louis von dem Bussche. Major Georg Freiherr von Baring. Lieutenant-Colonel Baron Wilhelm von Linsingen. Lieutenant Colonel Johann van Schroeder. Major-General Friedrich von Kielmansegg. Lieutenant Colonel Wilhelm von Langrehre.

Major Carl Friedrich von Bulow. Lieutenant Colonel Baron Friedrich von Wurmb. Lieutenant Colonel August von Klencke. Major Julius von Schkopp. Captain de Reden. Lieutenant Colonel John Suther Williamson. Major William Lloyd. Captain Andreas Cleeves. Colonel Hendrik Rudolf Trip. Generaal-Majoor Willem Frederik van Bylandt. Luitenant-Kolonel Johann Willem Grunebosch. Luitenant-Kolonel Frederik Charles van den Sande. Luitenant-Kolonel Jan Johannes Westenberg. Luitenant-Kolonel Hendrick Singendonck.

Luitenant-Kolonel Wijlbrandis Augustus de Jongh. Kapitein Emmanuel Joseph Stevenart. Luitenant Frederik Van Gahlen. Kapitein Adriaan van Bijleveld. Luitenant Gert van der Hoeven. Majoor Johann Friedrich Sattler. Kapitein Moritz Büsgen. Majoor Philipp von Normann. Majoor Gottfried Hechmann. Kolonel Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach [f].

Luitenant-Kolonel Wilhelm Ferdinand von Dressel. Majoor Christian Philipp Schleyer. Kapitein Emilius Bergmann. Majoor J. Kolonel Hendrik Detmers. Luitenant-Kolonel Desire P. Luitenant-Kolonel Johannes Speelman.

Luitenant-Kolonel Adolphus van Thielen. Luitenant-Kolonel Nicolas van Stolz Wieling. Majoor H. Kapitein Carel Frederik Krahmer de Bichin. Generaal-Majoor Alexander d'Aubremé. Luitenant-Kolonel E. Luitenant-Kolonel Daniel O. Luitenant-Kolonel Frederik N. Luitenant-Kolonel Niels van Malz Wieling. Luitenant-Kolonel Gebhardt Fanus Brade. Kapitein Johannes Hendrik Lux. Major General Frederick Adam. Major Frederich Wilhelm von Robertson. Lieutenant Colonel Frederich von Wissell. Major Frederich Reh.

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Maigrir avec ozempic Halkett.

Lieutenant-Colonel Frederich von der Schulenberg. Major Baron Louis Gudririg von Münster. Major Baron Clamor von dem Bussche-Hünefeld. Major Frederich von Hammerstein.