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Studies have consistently shown that as we age, our chances of experiencing pain increases. My 1 reason for reflexologybykarena. See how parents are using reflexology to help their children. By using tiny precise doses of electrical current we increase and re-energize ATP Adenosine Triphosphate.


This results in improved muscle tone, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, reduced puffiness, tightened pores and refreshed eyes. Painless,needle-less with immediate results. These impulses are used to help stimulat … e the body's natural ATP production cellular energy! Additionally it is used to re educate the muscles to improve tone and length of tired, saggy muscles. This allows us to achieve a completely non invasive face lift, with zero body damage or down time!

BUT Micro-Current doesn't stop just there! Meaning we can improve the overall tone and texture of the skin, heal blemishes, fade scars and so much more! This is where the fun part comes in.

This allows us to get a cure dietetique a merano lasting result We are truly passionate about healing from the inside out. Beauty is much more than skin deep. What good is looking young, if you don't FEEL young.

Just returned home from completing my training to be a micro-current technician certified in Facial Rejuvenation. This is an amazing treatment that is good for inside and out. It pairs fantastically with Facial Reflexology and Ear Reflexology.

Stay tuned Facial Reflexology: a non invasive holistic therapy that enhances total health. Inside and out. I have been working with many women who have been dealing with chronic migraines, sinus infections, allergies and build up tension. Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Aide accessibilité.

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Voir plus de contenu de Reflexology by Karena sur Facebook. Informations de compte oubliées? Plus tard. Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. Reflexology by Karena a partagé une publication. The Sympathetic is responsible for the response commonly referred to as "fight or flight.

One of these activities is Reflexology. Reflexology by Karena. The contemporary and relaxing premises is capable of servicing multiple clients at one time. It has 6 relaxing treatment rooms, one consultation room for private skin consultation and analysis, while its functional designated areas mean that is suitable for all the needs of a high-end aesthetic practice.

We incorporate only the best on the market when choosing products, systems, and staff that we can ensure clients with the most satisfying results. All of our staff are qualified beauty or laser therapists that are recognised in both Internationally and Locally, they are all specialised in different areas of beauty practice which will deliver the best result with confidence.

Tous droits réservés. Êtes-vous un médecin ou un pratcien? Rendez-vous sur notre site Web professionnel médical et esthétique pour en savoir plus. Toutes les régions. Toggle navigation. Lumiere Aesthetics.

Treatment: Wrinkle Reduction.