Does a heating pad help cellulite

This enables the fat cells expand and bulge upwards, causing dimpling on the surface of the skin. The dimpling makes the skin surface have uneven and unattractive 'orange peel' appearance.

It is very difficult to reduce and prevent cellulite. It is also difficult to improve the appearance of cellulite stricken areas. Circulation enhancing massage in conjunction with healthy diet and regular exercise can help to improve the appearance of the skin. The Beurer CM50 Anti Cellulite Massager delivers a circulation enhancing massage that you can enjoy in your own home regularly for a smoother looking firm skin without cellulite and 'orange peel' look.

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Notre histoire. Using the Anti Cellulite Massager is simple. It is suitable for areas of your body, where cellulite and fatty deposits appear. In particular, it is most appropriate for use on upper arms, upper legs and buttocks.

Plug your anti cellulite massager into mains power socket. Sit comfortably with easy reach to the area you wish to massage. Hold the massager in your hand - you can adjust the strap accordingly to the size of your hand.

Switch the massager on - the massage rollers start to rotate. Adjust the speed to your preference - there are 2 levels of speed i. Massage yourself for up to 15 minutes - you can switch from low to high speed and back as you choose. Enjoy the benefits of circulation enhancing massage. Switch off and store safely till next use. Merci Nous ajoutons ce produit à votre panier.

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Does a heating pad help cellulite

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