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Though my place is far from my working place it never been a hindrance for me. I miss working at McDonald's. Working while studying is so stressful but I had fun working everyday its because I am surrounded by positive people and the management is good the hardest part of being a cashier when you encounter shortages but the most enjoyable is having fun with your workmates while working.

It was okay. This is where i start, where i was exposed to different kinds of people and things. Salary is not worth it for a difficult job like this, for me. Just in my opinion Everytime i go home i was exhausted and unable to do anything at home anymore. And another problem was the managers, they are rude not just to employees but also to customers. I mean not all of them but there are few.

Anyway, its indeed a great start, a very challenging job where i bet you will learn alot. Enjoying with my crew. It was good in the mcdonalds. I was so happy that im part of this company because all my needs i can buy. I will not forget my first job in my life. Im greatful that mcdonalds is the one who guide me in my life. And its the one who teach my responsibility as a student.

Flexible in every workplaces. Can work with minimal supervision, approachable and easy to deal with. Having wholesome values of honesty and integrity.

Fun to work. And friendly co-crew and managers. Continous being best of the best fast food restaurant. And have a manager that has more patients to their crew and understandable manager. And continue your free lunch to all crews. I trained, learned and love my job when everytime I work. Productive and Fun workplace. I have learned so much about the industry from working with my fellow crews and managers. I know the cleanliness discipline I have developed while working at your company will be extremely useful for me.

During the Last 6 Months of my stay, I appreciate the support, guidance and concern you have given me. I wish you and the company continued success. It's so fun to work here and I really love those monthly events or giving a smile to those kids who wants to celebrate their birthday at Mc Donalds. Happy to served and to welcome our lovely customers. I was able to balance my work and school for 3 years because of the good management. I've learned a lot especially when it comes to cooperation and cash handling.

Managers work at us like we are family. We are one. Memorable Workplace. Working in McDonald's is one of my memorable moment. I worked their while I was studying so it's not easy for me to handle my indian army gr regiment infanterie but I've learned many things in here. I salute this company for building and making a happy family in their company.

Five stars to my co-workers but 1 star to the management. The good things You get to meet some of the most amazing people. One of the best place to train customer service and customer relationship. Working for this company for a year taught me how to talk with people and build customer relationship.

It practices you how to speak well with different kinds of people. It also trains you how to multitask with works. Letters and opinions may be edited for length or clarity. Because COBRA insurance terminated, no medical institution wants to proceed with treatment until assured they will be paid. They were denied or are still in process. Are you going to nail him or not? There are only so many ways to say what a gawd-awful disappointment he turned out to be.

What more do you want? Heck, Even Frank Church had to play footsie with the gun nuts in order to get elected in this state. All we have is a choice between the Obama-back-stabbing, conservative-suck-up and a Republican.

And from what I hear, not one of the good kind of Republicans, either. Besides, Walt makes the point that he was elected to serve all Idahoans. Not just the Democrats. That a Congressman has to represent his whole district? Do you? And do you know why that is, Cope? Which is exactly the reason guys like you and me vote for guys like Walt Minnick, to get some godWWW.

But what does Minnick do? He turns his back on every goddamn thing that makes a Democrat a Democrat and separates us from the Republicans. And then, come the next election, guys like you and me think we have no choice but to vote for him again. If he had supported Obama on even one of the major projects the president was pushing for But not a one. He wussed out on every single thing this administration will be remembered for. That did it for me! Is this what you wanted me to drive up here for?

And I decided that would be easier to do if I sprang for a couple of Olys at 6, feet above sea level. You brought me up here to get me drunk so you could schmooze me into taking over my column! Not until now. And here you are, getting all pissy and Geemony crimony, you can write a column. And what if it tips the table just enough that Walt loses? And what if Raul Labrador turns out to be another Bill Sali or worse? But, uh They see no process. On issue after issue, Obama has cut-and-pasted George W.

The real problem for the Dems is a perception gap.

The Democratic Party leadership thinks it deserves credit. Loyal Democrats ask: Why are we still in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why is Guantanamo open? The best option in Afghanistan as in Iraq. Sort of.

But there was no substance behind the rhetoric. Been to a mall lately? The thing is, Schaeffer and his fellow Obama apologists believe this stuff. But no one else does. At p. But after most of the crowded room had cleared, a dozen or so folks remained to tackle the remaining items: three Developers had hoped to open a high-end grocery store and retail location on Broadway Ave.

At this point, Duggan and in fact, we supported the previous iteradesign review to C-4DD planned comand Schlosser visibly slumped in their chairs. It is a strict commercial development; it desire to move forward with phase one, residential and hotel component, along with is a big-box design. But unchanged. Jay Story supporting the rezone. Fortunately, we did not proceed to proving the rezone and the Conditional Use approve the project as presented.

Wilson made build that project. We are back here in front Permit but denying the variance request. We require now that face parking lot in front of the building—all 10 the project soon. After that point, projects are phased. There are hundreds of public schools spread across districts in Idaho. Or so you might think. Unfortunately, with the exception of a few press conferences or fundraisers, the race has not registered a blip on the political Richter scale.

That is until Oct. Education Network and the Idaho Math Initiative. He also quoted a study claiming that Idaho is ranked behind only eight other states in math achievement. Olson retired as Boise School District superintendent earlier this year.

During the evening debate, a question e-mailed from a viewer asked if the two candidates would take the ISATs, showcase their scores and have their pay adjusted accordingly. First Congressional District incumbent Rep. Ada County Highway District estimates that more than 30, vehicles pass by each weekday.

Measure HJR 4 allows public hospitals to. A second proposal, HJR 5 would allow airports to issue non-taxpayerbacked bonds for capital improvements without a vote.

Cunningham said a year airport master plan predicts a 15 percent funding shortfall. Where did you grow up and go to school?

I grew up inside Yosemite National Park. There are a few residences there. Nobody would ever listen to my complaints about my childhood. I went to college at Fresno State. I spent 10 years in sales and marketing in the automotive industry, working for Ford and American Honda in Arizona and California. I then took a big leap to become director of sales and marketing for a ski area in Cedar City, Utah.

I then took a job as economic development director for that region. The mission is very similar in that it is to. Clark Krause has only been on the job a few weeks, but he needs to get to know the area very well, very fast. Krause is the new executive director of the Boise Valley Economic Partnership. Krause says that some of his former workers wanted to give him something to do with his hands because he constantly paces.

BW got him to sit still for a few minutes. However, the area was not a region but rather the whole state. I was to create 2, jobs a year.

Your contract actually contained those numbers? They were accountable, measurable goals. It included how many leads we would produce, how many site visits were made, how many projects we brought in, and how many jobs we would create.

Would you recommend that for BVEP? It gives you laser direction versus a day when you end up doing a whole lot of warm-and-fuzzy stuff. Is that something you expect to make formal at BVEP in the near future? Yes, absolutely. How are you funded? And the fund-raising component of that mission will begin soon. Some companies even have a chief asset manager or a whole corporate group that manages site selections and real estate.

This area is unmatched for livability. There are over 6, organizations across the country doing what we do. We have great communities and a wonderful lifestyle. But a lot of other communities have substantive war chests. Sometimes putting a deal together means free land, abatements, non-interest loans, sometimes even cash up front. Sonny and Cher.

DeGeneres and Heche. The entertainment world might as well be redubbed Splitsville. Yes, that includes Wings.

Is it a rule that artists will strike more gold once they go solo? Who knows. The show is an award-winning, one-man, touring show by New York City-based writer and performer Sean Christopher Lewis and takes a documentary-style look at the skyrocketing murder rates Philadelphia experienced in Lewis adopts numerous personas, each with their own take on why and how the phenomenon came to pass. Wednesday, Oct. Linen Building, W. Grove St. His wrestling personas Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love were routinely savaged with thumbtacks, barbed wire and folding chairs.

But Foley sur vived to become wrestling commissioner and pen four best-selling books. In an excerpt from his. And in a recent video inter view with jezebel. Though the average. Neurolux, N. Barber Park Event Center, S.

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Ecker t Road, idahopar tners. October naturally lends itself to what the three members of LipsInc! When Martini, Gina Te and Victoria decide to get their ghoul on, watch out. Things are bound to get loud. And rowdy. And crazy-fun. The professional female impersonation troupe, including producer Doug Flanders, has been a longtime favorite at the Balcony WWW. Trey McIntyre Project is still riding high after not only a couple of positive New York Times reviews, but also a recent performance at the Hollywood Bowl, where they performed Ma Maison as part of the Jazz at the Bowl in front of 7, audience members.

The company will bring all of that electric energy to the Saturday, Oct. Pork songs? The only thing I could glean from the chef was that he was using pork. So I started searching for music that was pork- related. Morrison Center, Cesar Chavez Lane,mc. To purchase tickets, call or visit treymcintyre. Once the. Luckily, Preservation Idaho has made it possible to cross those opulent thresholds and peek inside with the Heritage Homes Tours.

On Sunday, Oct. Boise Depot, W. Eastover Terrace,preservationidaho. Boise State. Traditionally the Halloween shows sell out fast, so reser vations are recommended. So if you want to sample the Best of Boise cocktails without changing out of your sweatpants—and are willing to learn how to properly slap mint and invest some serious coin into infused bitters—then pick up a copy of the of The Red Feather and Bittercreek Drinkbook for free at Red Feather Lounge.

Friday, Oct. The Balcony, N. Eighth St. Listings are due by noon the Thursday before publication. Visual Arts Collective, Osage St. Pay what you can tonight only. See Picks, Page Eckert Road, Boise, Boise Contemporary Theater, Fulton St. Preregistration is required. Idaho Botanical Garden, N. Penitentiary Road,idahobotanicalgarden. Rediscovered Bookshop, N. RSVP to Therapeutic Associates, E. Parkcenter Blvd. See coffeepartyboise. The Fixx, 10th St.

Garden City Library, Glenwood St. Price varies. See website for more info. Tres Bonne Cuisine, W. Overland Road, Boise,tresbonnescuisine.

This Portland, Ore. The drawn-out, near-whiney vocals coupled with layers of classic indie rock sounds and eerie electronic tones make this band easily comparable to uberfamous Radiohead. And the tracks follow a formula: Each begins with a simple sound—a drum, a guitar, something that would announce the arrival of an ice cream truck—then layers of electronic sounds, more instruments and then the vocals. E-mail sandmer msn. Pottery Gourmet, W. Bannock St. For more information, e-mail ScottBerge live.

Main St. Boise Centre, W. Front St. Dinner at p. Curtain at 8 p. Fun for the whole family. Expo Idaho, Glenwood St. E-mail skydiveidaho clearwire. Call for prices. Skydive Idaho, N. Boise Little Theater, E. Fort St. Balcony Club, N. E-mail daisysmadhouse gmail. Idaho Outdoor Association. Grange Hall, corner of Brazil and Wright streets, Boise. Part of the Boise Chamber Music Series.

Call for more info. Marcus Eaton plays at 7 p. Ninth St. Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box in bold borders contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit www. Go to www. Think of it more as simply double-checking your answers. Distributed by Tribune Media Services. All rights reserved. Discovery Center of Idaho, Myrtle St. Kids ages are supervised by male and female counselors all night. Bring a sleeping bag, swim suit, towel kovai kondattam theme park rides pajamas.

Pick up at 9 a. Saturday morning. Instructors guide them through an evening of physical activities, music and fun with their gym friends. Little Gym, S. Apple St. All ages, no partner implant mammaire prix strasbourg golf. Heirloom Dance Studio, Idaho St.

Email knockoutbodybootcamps gmail. Capitol Blvd. Langroise Recital Hall, Cleveland Blvd. Live music plus local arts and crafts. Downtown at Eighth and Idaho streets, Boise. Bring your gardening tools. Penitentiary Road, Boise,idahobotanicalgarden. Tours depart at noon and 1 p. Ages 5 and older. Closetoed shoes required. Boise WaterShed, W. Joplin Road, Boise,cityofboise. For more info or to purchase tickets call For more info and to register visit idso.

Krispy Kreme, N. Eagle Road, Meridian, For more info visit whiffenpoofs. Egyptian Theatre, W. Proceeds go to Northwest Animal Companions. Animals will be on hand to adopt. ReStyle Thrift Store, N. Glenwood St. Central District Health Department, N. Armstrong Pl. Register for one or all of the classes. E-mail derooyd cityofnampa. Noon4 p. Cloverdale Church of God, S. Cloverdale Rd. Expo Idaho FairgroundsGlenwood St.

Boise Depot, Eastover Terrace, Boise. The Linen Building, W. Facilitator and guest speakers. Foothills Christian Church, W. State St. Dinner, a live auction and a presentation from a featured wish child round out this high-energy event.

To reserve a spot contact or mlarson idaho. Eagle Performing Arts Center, W. VAC, Osage St. Held in the basement of Red Feather Lounge. FREE,Ext. Red Feather Lounge, N. Beginners welcome. Tour the haunted grounds including a corn maze, dungeons, barnyard and hostel. Monday-Saturday, various times. Buy discounted tickets at Boise Weekly. Call Visit boiseweekly. Eagle High School, N. Park Lane,ehsmeridianschools. The event is a project of Living Liberally, an organization that is all for fostering progressive communities through social networks.

Solid, S. Bluebird Quilt Studio, 2nd St. Cole Road, Boise, treasurevalleyorchidsociety.

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A corollary to this is that traditional forms became traditional for a reason: They work. These facts have not escaped Justin Townes Earle, whose latest album, Harlem River Blues Bloodshot Recordscould be shot back in time and played on the radio at any point in the last 50 years without raising eyebrows, although the occasional profanity and reference to modern tech would need cutting.

His solid set tours through a number of Americana genres—rockabilly, folk, blues, country—and puts his plaintive voice and songwriting skills to good use. But somehow, battered and cracked, a vestige of what she once was, the statue was undeniably moving.

So moving that Portland, Ore. Apparently these meth-heads were trying to steal it and sell it to feed their addiction and they chopped the shit out of it. They cut off her arms, they were trying to sever her neck they did all these crazy things to the statue, and then a year later when it was recovered and brought back to the estate, it was just in complete ruins. We thought that might be an appropriate visual to sum up the music.

Each song is e-mailed out, cut your head off every eight bars. On the contrary, it takes at least a other members. For Mines, this piecemeal distance myself from my past or just trying half-dozen listens to articulate anything process took over three years. It aches with regret and longing, but and complex layering fall by the wayside. But their music is all nitely put more of a focus on the words.

In a review of the album the more interesting for the journey. The indicators are dotted across the calendar like little quarter notes. Combined with bass and drums, the Jean-Michel Trio becomes an incredible creature of mystery, energy and music.

Concerts take place on Saturday, Nov. For tickets, call Jennifer Drake at Knitting Factory. Sun Valley. Mardi Gras. Blue Door Cafe. See Listen Here, this page. All ages. MOODY—6 p. But similarities stop right at the two-name thing. Coheed and Cambria are in a category a million miles away. Musical styles come and go, then often come back again later.

The Venue. Bronco Stadium. See Listen Here, Page Visit www. Point in case: an upcoming workshop Nov. While in Boise, Baker will help local artists become better business people. The deadline to register for the workshop is Friday, Oct. Send an e-mail to info arts. The session on Wednesday, Nov. On Oct. The auction was moved to October this year to coincide with Domestic Violence Awareness month, so through Friday, Oct.

To close the auction with a bang at p. The Record Exchange is at W. Idaho St. Visit therecordexchange. Boise Contemporary Theater promises poignancy, pointedness, peculiarity and premieres in its season. Written by Jay said Golden. Actor said Willmorth. Tom Ford as Truman in other communities down the line. Set in Lewiston the play explores a year friendship—and possibly more—between drifters Brent and Andy.

The play is a stylistic departure from Norway, featuring a real-time, no-interruptions conversation between an aging painter who refuses to move out of her Brooklyn brownstone and her son, who has sneaked in through her boarded-up window. She misses the tour bus but catches a last-minute ride with a young man who coincidentally is heading in the direction she wants to go. On the way, he stops by a village where he immunizes poor children Yeah, Romain Duris and Julie Ferrier are some kind of heartbreakers.

The woman is impressed. More often With the slightest glint of a tear in his eye, than not, their clients are disgruntled relatives seau. They kiss. Dirty Dancing. She naturally has second thoughts about the The result is a gorgeous-looking romBut Alex may have met his match. He creme anti-rides au figue de barbarie utilisation she left back at the pool.

Heartbreaker is a very to break up his heiress daughter Juliette Alex is a professional heartbreaker. Duris The Pascal Chaumeil is apparently in love with the western culture of the s. Heartbreaker is a cinematic together. Please, break up a couple because of race or religion.

Tuesday, Oct. Idaho Mountain Touring, Main St. All ages welcome, come early for the best seats. Part of the Latin American Film Series. PG Edwards 9, Edwards Based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. R Flicks. Told in real time. Stars Emma Stone. Move on. Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan co-star. The show is getting dynamite ratings, but it is currently buried on Friday nights. Friday nights, CBS. Martin Scorsese. Atlantic City. Steve Buscemi. This is appointment viewing. A year-old pool cleaner has a one-night stand with a serial killer.

She gives birth just before she is electrocuted, which leaves him to raise the child with the help of his trailer-trash family.

Tuesdays, Fox. Stars Jesse Eisenberg. Races started several weeks ago, but there are still plenty of opportunities to get in on the action. All races are on Saturdays with one Sunday exceptionand upcoming dates include: Oct. Racing most days begins at a. Check back at boiseweekly. Not only is it a matter of being courteous to others using public lands and cutting down on erosion and other damage, but in some cases, riding off trail is illegal. Doors open at p. In March, Boise Weekly reported that a group of people were getting serious about getting more serious freestyle and freeride ski programs.

The [outside] pressure we got put began pushing the resort and the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation, which was running under We had intentions all along to grow our a modest freeride program, for more. Loubek trained at the winter sports club in us the expertise to probably Sam Sandmire, a parent of a Steamboat Springs, Colo.