British infantry regiments at waterloo

We have a new pack of 28mm resin British Peninsular War ensigns and officers. We created this pack to give you a really characterful look to your British battalions.

Waterloo 1815

Regiments tended to hold onto their flags until they British Napoleonic Regimental and Kings colours as carried by regiments during the Peninsular War to British Napoleonic Regimental and Kings colours as carried by regiments at Waterloo. Internal measurements are mm by 50mm. Thin walls and low standing from the tabletop to make them less obtrusive. Internal measurements are mm by 40mm. VXB Victrix 20mm round plastic bases. The high quality plastic bases have a textured upper surface to assist the application of adhesives.

They also feature a neat chamfered edge. This means Lieutenant Colonel Richard Fitzgerald. Royal Regiment of Horse Guards. Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Benjamin Clifton. Lieutenant-Colonel James Inglis Hamilton. Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Muter. Major General Sir Wilhelm von Dörnberg. Lieutenant-Colonel Johann Bulow.

Lieutenant-Colonel Karl von Jonquieries. Lieutenant-Colonel James Wallace Sleigh. Lieutenant-Colonel The Hon. Frederick Cavendish Ponsonby. Lieutenant-Colonel James Hay. Lieutenant-Colonel Leighton Carthcart Dalrymple.

Lieutenant-Colonel August von Linsingen. Lieutenant-Colonel George Quentin. Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. Henry Murray. Lieutenant-Colonel August von Wissell. Brevet Colonel Sir Friedrich von Arentsschildt. Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Meyer. Lieutenant Colonel James Webber Smith. Captain Edward Charles Whinyates. Major William Norman Ramsay. Captain Alexander Cavalié Mercer. Colonel Albrecht von Estorff [6]. Colonel August von dem Bussche. Lieutenant-Colonel Georg von Hake. Luitenant-Generaal Jean Antoine de Collaert.

Luitenant-Kolonel Lambertus Coenegracht. Kolonel Jean Baptiste de Bruijn de Basisque. Luitenant-Kolonel Christiaan Maria Lechleitner.

Luitenant-Kolonel Johan Renno. Luitenant-Kolonel Edouard A. Kapitein Abraham Petter. Major Carl Pott. Lieutenant-Colonel Neil Douglas. Lieutenant Colonel Colin Campbell. Lieutenant-Colonel John Miller Hamerton. Lieutenant-Colonel John Cameron of Fassifern.

Colonel Ernst von Vincke. Major Georg von Hammerstein. Major Julius von Strube. Major Georg von Rheden. Major Ludolph Graf von Westphalen.

Major Heinrich Heise. Lieutenant General Sir Lowry Cole. Lieutenant Colonel Francis Brooke. Major Arthur Rowley Heyland. Lieutenant Colonel Henry Milling. Colonel Charles Best. Lieutenant Colonel Ludwig von Ramdohr. Major Ferdinand von Schmid. Major Claus von Reden. Major Christoff von der Decken. Major Heinrich Bruckmann. Captain George Wilkes Unett. Major George Beane. Captain Thomas Hutchensson. Captain Courtnay Ilbert.

Lieutenant General Duke of Brunswick. Brunswick Advance Guard. Lieutenant-Colonel Wilhelm Treunch von Butlar. Major Frederich von Pröstler. Major Heinrich von Brandenstein. Lieutenant-Colonel Frederich von Specht. Major Gustavus von Normann. Major August Mahn.

Captain Manfred von Heinemann. Major Johann Moll. Lieutenant-General Frederich von der Decken. Lieutenant-Colonel August von Bennigsen. Lieutenant Colonel Ernst von Bothmer. Major Arnold von der Decken. Lieutenant-Colonel Karl von Beaulieu. Major Wilhelm Delius. Major Wilhelm Dammers.

Captain August Luderitz. Lieutenant-Colonel Karl von Bulow. Lieutenant Colonel August von dem Kneseback. Major Christian von Hammerstein. Captain Henirich Walter. Colonel Rudolf Bodecker.

Major Johann von Weyhe. Captain Eberhard Kuntze. Major Frederich von Hodenberg. Major Augustus von Bar. Lieutenant General Baron August von Kruse. Major Adolph von Nauendorf.

British infantry regiments at waterloo

Major Frederich von Preen. Generalleutnant Hans Ernst Graf von Zieten [10]. Bataillons, 1. Kleven Westfalen Landwehr Regiment. Oberstleutnant von Rüchel-Kleist. Pirch II [g]. Berg Infanterie Regiment. Bataillons, 2. Minden-Ravensberg Westfalen Landwehr Regiment. Bataillons, 3. Ostfriesland - Lingen Westfalen Landwehr Regiment.

Bataillons, 4. Münster Westfalen Landwehr Regiment. Brandenburgisches Uhlanen Regiment. Lützow Uhlanen Regiment. Pirch I [g]. Pommern Infanterie Regiment. Bataillons, 5. Paderborn Westfalen Landwehr Regiment.

Kolberg Infanterie Regiment. Elbe Infanterie Regiment. Schlesien Uhlanen Regiment [m]. Neumark Dragoner Regimnent. Brandenburgisches Husaren Regiment. Generalleutnant Johann von Thielmann. Count Dohna [15]. Brauns - Royal Staff Corps. I Corps - Major-General H. Webster - 9th Light Dragoons.

Aide-de-Camp Captain H. Sandham's Battery, RFA -5 9lb guns, 1 5. Havelock - 43rd Foot Battalion Major A. Heise - 2nd Light Infantry Battalion, K. Aides-de-Camp Captain H. Marschalk - 1st Light Battalion K. Captain A. Home - 2nd Light Battalion K. Major of Brigade Captain W. Baring - 5th Line Infantry Battalion, K.

Linsingen - 8th Line Infantry Battalion, K. Artillery - Major van Opstal Captain A. Bijlveld's Battery, HA -6 6lb guns, 2 5. Stievenaar's Battery, FA -6 6lb guns, 2 5. Boellaerdt - Baron van Lawick v. Brade - Artillery - Major van der Smissen - Captain C. Krahmer de Bichin's Battery, HA -6 6lb guns, 2 5. Lux's Battery, FA -6 6lb guns, 2 5. Egerton - 34th Foot Major C. Churchill - 1st Foot Guards Captain D. Mackworth - 7th Foot. Dawkins - 1st Foot Guards Captain J.

Gurwood - 10th Hussars. Norcott - Reb - Jackson - 37th Foot Lieutenant F. Frankland - 2nd Coldstream Guards. Ellis K. Johnstone Aide-de-Camp Captain C.