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KN tries to provide a lot opportunities to employees to improve and develop. Their benefit is good. Workplace culture is very typical but you can start work early and leave office early, if you can make things done within 8hrs. Hardest part of job is everyone has too much work. The most enjoyable part is you can get a lot of opportunities to improve yourself, if you work hard.

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Non-Professional Work Environment. Everyone speaks spanish, they're all from juarez. Super rude people If you don't speak spanish you will immediately be left out. Very uncomfortable work environment everyone is in your business. Any problems and there's pointing fingers immediately, super childish management.

There's no such thing as team work, everyone has their own "group" of people. This warehouse will eventually fail.

Fun outgoing place to work. I enjoyed working with others and working as a team. Managed inbound calls and emails per day regarding customer deliveries. I enjoyed shipping off orders with in the deadline time frame. You're never knowing when you going home they tell you the hours when you get there never knowing when you going home or coming.

Work in the freezer all day with little pay. Understaffed at the associate level, poor communication between leadership, top heavy on managers, no alignment from shift to shift. Manerva is ridiculous. I was the only girl picking tires on the forklift i was doing just as good as the men but i wasnt making tires fall and moving the empty racks. The youngers guy would be hiding behind the racks, laying down watching their phones but yet she would always be harassing me.

She would stop me from clock to clean up and put away ties that the other guys left. She got so bad i had to quit because she accused me of taking my break at and i didnt go til she tried to argue with me but i refused i told her to check the cameras then she moved to me parking my forklift by the racks i been parking my forklift there for a whole week but now its a problem Too little pay to be a supplier.

You are a 3rd party company who supplies parts to whoever companies building you're inside of and you pay your employees so little to deal with the people they're supplying aswell as hiring poor management and leads.

Good company to work for if you have a flexible schedule. The site that I worked at was a great place to work until the culture change. Various members of upper management left and the company started kiwi pour les rides decline.

Overall good company to work for. Customer service is the main part of my job and provide excellent response to my customers Very good company to work for just not much room from advancement. Evaluer cette entreprise. Page attribuée Evaluer cette entreprise. Vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur le travail dans cette entreprise?

Poser une question. Not many opportunities to advance. Good benefits and work is not too difficult but there is constant standing and lifting heavy objects. The management is fair when handling issues but slow to react.

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I was directly hired this past year. My dad then developed major complications from lymphoma that required me to help him with appointments once a week. Thus having to take time off. Mind you KN has a very strict 6 point call out rule. I hit my pinnicale this past week when I got really sick. They will NOT honor doctors notes. So I was let go. My immediate supervisor was helpful in terms of letting me have my requested days off, but HR was not.

Overall, the company seems pretty solid, plenty of work and the opportunity to move up. Make sure you are healthy and do not have any sick family members, because they WILL throw you away like a dirty old sock.

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Good but a lot of unorganized work. Could be a career if management was better clean work area better system would help a lot and also a better punctual system nice on overtime always available 24 hour facility.

I went for the job fair. Got interviewed by the ops manger all to be told that I could get hire but by their staffing agency and that I would have to go through them before I got hire on with the company. What kind of company invites you to a job fair all to be told that it would be thru agency.

Good company for benefits. Benefits and opportunities are easily available however man power was short in my experience which resulted in increasing hours. Sometimes up to 75 hours a week. Along with this I had several issues with a specific member of management. Easy work and fun work environment. Some days were busier than others and that made the work more interesting. I learned how to operate scanning devices and machines in order to complete transactions.

The management were very cool and made the job go by smoother and funner. The hardest thing about the job was making sure to place the inventory in the right spot without a properly working scanner. The people that worked alongside you made the job more enjoyable.

Botox reviews brisbane

Peaceful workforce. Always determined to have a positive mind to achieve a day-day goals by attesting to all of my knowledge and skills, creating a friendly working condition and encouraging a positive workforce. Great for experience. All managers are great except the big boss.

He's cutthroat, careless and inexperienced with warehouse operations. Despite this, great experience can be attained here. It pays the bills, but isn't career oriented.

Good Experience. Fast pace good environment. Fun at times. Never boring always busy. Good experience you will learn a lot of different opportunity's.

Good people to work with. It was a pleasure working with the company. Working with Kuehne and Nagel was a fun experience. There was always something new to learn and I was able to take on a lot of tasks by myself which challenged me to be independent in the workplace which I had never been able to do before. There was always something new to learn and big tasks to take care of so it was very important to follow instructions and make sure you knew what you were doing. I was fortunate to have a supervisor who was constantly checking in on my progress and always making work easier for me and my co workers.

Not the place you want to work at. HR management is not for the employees you can not talk to her without her going to everyone telling everyone your business. She steals time which is not a big no no but she for some reason gets away with it. She belittles the people she is over. The girl that is the HR person at the Memphis location is great but kinda feel sorry for what she has to deal with from her manager.

Health insurance is great and for the most part the people are good. Great place.