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Botox: Injecting into the bladder

The results have been positive, with minor or no complications. Based on reported studies, Botox bladder injections are safe to use in children with bladder problems and bladder disorders. Doctors are still testing Botox injections for bladder problems in children. So far, all side effects are uncommon and fairly minor.

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As the procedure is still relatively new, there is little information available concerning long-term side effects. However, Botox has been used in other medical procedures for over 20 years and no serious long-term side effects have been reported. Passer au contenu. JavaScript ne semble pas être activé dans votre navigateur.

English French English. Botox: Injecting into the bladder By SickKids staff. Key Points Botox bladder injections can treat children who have trouble controlling their urine incontinence.

Botox injections relax the bladder muscles so it does not contract too frequently, and gives the child more control over when they urinate. Studies show Botox bladder injections are safe, with minor or no complications It takes a few days for the Botox to work.

It lasts for six months. The doctor will run follow-up tests to check the bladder and see if the injections are helping. These include: Neurogenic bladder Idiopathic detrusor overactivity Detrusor sphincter dyssynergia Your child's doctor may suggest Botox injections if medicines or other forms of therapy do not work.

What is Botox? What happens during the procedure? Botox bladder injections are a minor procedure. It takes about 30 minutes. Before the procedure, the doctor will give your child a general anesthetic. When your child is asleep, the doctor places a small tube containing a camera cystoscope into your child's bladder.

A thin tube, called the urethra, connects the bladder to the genitals.

The surgeon passes the cystoscope through the urethra. The urethra is checked before the injection. The surgeon then injects a thin needle containing Botox through the cystoscope. Botox is injected into different areas of the bladder wall. This is a day surgery, so your child does not need to stay overnight in the hospital.

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After your child wakes up and is able to drink fluids, they can go home. Helping your child. Injection is performed in the operating room or endoscopy suite. The bladder should not be too filled increased risk of perforation. Treatment should be applied in 10 to 20 injections of 0. It is not recommended to leave a urinary catheter in place except in cases of severe hematuria.

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