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I had it for 10 years or so before I began to ride seriously. I learned on my first ride over 10 miles which was about 20 that the old bike would have to go. I also found out the hard way NOT to drink ice cold water. Talk about a headache. But that old bike got be started a my adventure in biking. Hey riders, hope you are keeping in shape this it winter for our ride July 4th.

Get it on the calendar now so you don't miss it. After I return from Greece at the end of January I plan to tell my biking stories so you don't forget about are our ride.

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Congratulations to Susan Drake for winning the top door prize, an excellent floor pump courtesy of Gear-Up Cycles in Murray. The local Y has offered to let riders from outside the area use their showers after the BAM!

The Y is at Cuba Road on the south side of Mayfield. Looks like the signs are all up now. We want all our cyclists to return home safely from their rides! This project was sponsored by Judge Exec Jesse Perry. Snipit of TdF history: There's a classic story about Christophe breaking his fork when he was struck by a motorist in an early Tour.

Back then, Desgrange had a rule that you couldn't change bikes during a stage. Chistophe carried his bike to a nearby town and used a local foundry to re-make the fork. He qualified to stay in the race but he lost the yellow jersey. It was such an important event that they later re-staged the event on film with the original characters although Christophe was much older and even put up a bronze plaque in the foundry. Years later after the rule had been relaxed, another racer's bike broke mid-stage, so he ran into the nearest town to get a replacement at the only local bike shop.

All they had was a small pink girl's bicycle with a sweet little basket on the front. So that's what he finished the stage on. This is a 1,km ride that has time limit of 90 hours. Most riders try to break 80 hours. But here's something interesting: Charles Terront, who won the first year did so in just over 77 hours, and that was with late 19th century road conditions and the derailleur had only just been invented a few years previously.

Also interestingly, Tom Gee from Paris,TN holds the record for the most consecutive completions of this event by any American cyclist. It means that we clearly need to rethink our ideas about what older people are capable of doing, yet we discount those capabilities all the time. As people get older, they can still do amazing things. Thanks for voting!

And thanks for the hard work, Gloria! Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Aide accessibilité.

List of Titanium Bike Brands from A to Z

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At the moment, they offer custom-made frames. Custom options are available. They are fully customizable and they represent a great choice for many top cyclists. They seel various titanium parts such as handlebars or headset spacers. Bike financing is also available.

The brand now offers minimalistic bikes. The bikes include titanium materials. Based in Australia. Mountain bikes.

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Stephen has been making bike frames since the early 80s. Today the brand offers custom bikes. Founded in With bikes such as TI Force 1X, the line is great for titanium fans. Makes one titanium model. Superlight version of folding bike comes with titanium frame parts. It focuses on quality bikes in limited batches.

Full customization is possible. Making bikes by hand, he aims to bring the fun back to cycling. Specialized designs are available from the manufacturer. Multiple models have titanium options. Several frame options available in titanium. Road, track and light touring models. Road and mountain titanium frames. The brand is still based in Seattle.

Randonneurs USA

The brand also offers frame repairs. Works with titanium. With realistic testing, the bikes are made for durability. They are now over a decade old. Czech company founded in Machining, welding, and finishing are done in-house. Makes a titanium road bike that fits up to 32mm tires.

The company uses oversized tubes for durable and aesthetic designs. Offering a range of titanium bikes which resist corrosion. The company offers both carbon and titanium bikes and frames. One interesting technology of the brand combines carbon fiber materials with cutout titanium.

They are made for enthusiasts rather than for beginner cyclists. Made for heavy duty expedition use. They are now available in full custom specifications. Bike service is also available through the German brand. Custom designs and custom finishes are also available. The road bike design is unique as well. Gullien makes impressive titanium bikes. You can purchase an entire bike from the manufacturer or simply just the titanium frame. Today, the Spanish manufacturer is one of the established names in the industry.

Custom options are offered by the manufacturer. The brand also holds multiple design awards. The bikes are covered by lifetime warranty. The company also offers some of the most distinct colors for their frames. The manufacturer offers standard and specialized bikes. Their first frame was made back in At the moment, the frames are made by hand.

They deliver all over the world. The manufacturer makes hand-made titanium bike frames. They have a history going back as far as Titanium, carbon, and aluminum frames are part of the catalog. Fat bikes are also available from the brand. Their bikes are all made by hand.

The craftsmanship of the bikes is based on true hands-on welding experience.