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Entre la classe des cowboys, le son des guitares et les vivats du public qui assiste aux rodéos, découvrir cet endroit unique en son genre demeure une expérience plaisante et inoubliable pour qui rêve de Far West ou, plus généralement, apprécie la culture américaine. Entre etplus de quatre millions de bovins y ont ainsi transité, valant à la ville le surnom de "Cowtown", "la ville des vaches". Enun couple décide de créer une fondation pour préserver ce riche patrimoine historique.

Depuis, les Fort Worth Stockyards restent le seul endroit au monde où les bestiaux défilent encore deux fois par jour, pour le plus grand bonheur des cowboys et de ceux qui viennent admirer leurs troupeaux. Photo ancienne des parcs à bestiaux de Fort Worth, non datée. Les élevages locaux approvisionnent encore un petit marché local, et fournissent vaches et chevaux pour les défilés et les spectacles de rodéo.

Une publication partagée par White Elephant Saloon whiteelephantsaloon le 8 Févr. Pour en savoir plus : le site officiel de Visit Fort Worth. Sound quality not great. Points positifs : Impressive service Points négatifs : No food provided "due to a strike the previous day". Not sure why this would impact on providing a sandwich or snack particularly when champagne was still available for first class passengers. Points positifs : KLM are our airline of choice. A great full-service carrier with impecable standards.

Points négatifs : Service very cold and rare to find. Points positifs : A, very comfortable and quiet. Good crew and pleasant flight. Points négatifs : cabin temperature was a bit too high through the night.

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Points positifs : Loved the peeling visage nimes 92.2 hour, location, access to bikes and lovely breakfast buffet! Service was super friendly, too. Points négatifs : I hate paying for water but I seem to do this all over town.

Points négatifs : Kayak updated me that my flight would be late. It wasn't. Points négatifs : Very cramped seat on the TGV train. I will definitely choose and pay a seat on my own next time, rather than accepting the on picked by Air France And it will be cheaper, too! Qz perdre du poids urgent les repas pendant 1semaine ne seraient pas du luxe même en éco.

Points négatifs : Staff with bad attitude and willingness to help Points négatifs : Missed my transfer in London because the plane took too long to unboard and I was unable to make it to the gates of my next flight in time, despite there being over an hour connection time. The flight came in slightly late and passports were re-inspected upon unboarding which wasted a lot of time, and Heathrow is a nightmare of an airport on a good day, which made it very difficult to get where I needed to go.

Points négatifs : Old aircraft. Uncomfortable seats in economy. Entertainment screens old and almost impossible to watch - watched my iPhone! No mobile phone charger. Points positifs : I've never been on a flight with such narrow seat and thin cushion. There was no entertainment offered for the almost 4 hour flight. There was no means of charging any electronic gears.

The airplane seems to be 30 years behind time. Crew was unfriendly and smiling faces are not part of the uniform. Points négatifs : Very narrow seats and thim cushion. No entertainment offered an do means of recharging electronic devices.

Points négatifs : Lack of ventilation in cabin, and staff refusal to turn heaters down in Septembervery limited entertainment options. Points négatifs : Nourriture doit être revue même en classe éco.

Écran divertissement un peu vieux. Points négatifs : Staff at the airport pushing you to upgrade to first class but not making it clear only the first trip from Athens to Amsterdam which the first class uses same uncomfortable seats as the economy to pay extra euros ridiculous airfrance stuff! I should have flown all the way to NYC first class!!! Points positifs : 15 years ago I told myself not to fly Delta anymore.

But these 2 flights Detroit to Amsterdam and back changed my mind. I enjoyed the flight very much and I'm looking forward to the next one. Points positifs : The socks offered in business were comfortable and nice looking. The red wine was good. Points négatifs : The food was just average and the seat not too comfortable.

Points positifs : From checkin, to boarding, to the fly, to luggage collection - the staff were all friendly and helpful and the whole experience was without issue. The flight was comfortable, leaving a touch late and arriving 10 minutes early. I have no complaints at all and would be happy to fly Iberia Express again. Points négatifs : If I had to find one thing that wasn't so good - it was the time it took for everyone to put their carry-on luggage in the overhead lockers although this is not the airline's issue but became their issue because it meant the boarding process took a while.

As mentioned - only a minor issue. Points négatifs : Awful experience, we're travelling with a Toddler and they didn't have any consideration at all Points négatifs : Very poor service and staff attention Points positifs : The onground staff at CDG was nice. The bus ride to the planes was not. Points négatifs : Entertainment system does not work. Since this is a technical aspect about the airplane that I CAN judge, I wonder about the parts that are invisible to me.

Are these planes actually air worthy? Points négatifs : Many people bring the own headphones these days, but I didn't and provided phones were so-so, volume on touch screen was jumpy too. One of the crew members stood out by being helpful; his colleagues were bureaucratic and disengaged.

Points négatifs : This was a BA flight. Food in T3 in toronto was a disgrace, and the whole lounge experience was poor. The sleeping arrangements in business class had no privacy; the food onboard was mediocre. Points négatifs : Half the screens were not working - crew were made aware but nothing was done. Vegetarian choices were poor to non-existent ; I witnessed crew insist to a passenger that there were no vegetarian options!

They finally cobbled something together for him but not a pleasant experience. Not even close to what I had selected, leading me to believe I was booking a trip on the days I chose and then not realizing it was incorrect until my trip was starting.

This is the last time I use kayak. Points négatifs : Aunque Sean viajes cortos ofrecer almenos bebidas. Points négatifs : Tout sauf le repas très mauvais des boîtes de conserves. C'est de la rigolade. Très déçu du repas vraiment. Points négatifs : Between first flight from Venice to get the airplane to San Juan just 50 minutes. We were running to get a board. Points négatifs : They have a terrible communication problem, they never communicated why the flight was late, they never communicated what they were doing or what was happening.

Bad customer service. Bad communication with the client. They told us when I asked several times that we would not lose our connection and that everything was fine and that was not the case. We lost the connection. No one told us anything.

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Another problem was that the girl in the boarding process removed the suitcases tickets from the boarding pass and did not want to return them, and held it without any cause. The flight staff went looking for us. Pretty sad and disappointed by their service. I understand that they were causes outside the airline but must communicate to the client.

They cannot remain silent and say nothing. Points positifs : Crew attentive. Points négatifs : Food. For a 2-hour plus flight, from 11am to pm, we got 20gr pretzel sticks.

This is ridiculous. Don't pretend you are not low-cost! Formerly, before the Joon failed thank God venture, Air France had real sandwiches around that time of the day on that line. Points négatifs : Comfort plus seats need some work. Very thin padding on a hard seat.

Nice compromise between business and coach though. Points négatifs : One bag delayed as not put on flight and food could be better. Points positifs : I was sorted on Row 3 and the drapes kept hitting the back of my head. Points positifs : A flight was delayed due to weather conditions and we had to sit in the plane for almost an hour, BUT information sharing from the Capitan was sufficient and on-time. Very good job from pilots. Leg room in economy - I was positively surprised, very decent leg room!

Thank you for providing it. Points négatifs : I flew economy and all was good and appropriate to the level. Points négatifs : Despite zone boarding, boarding and disembarkation were very slow. Passengers like me with flight connections were very anxious regarding missing these. Points négatifs : Les sièges très serrés. La nourriture très moyenne surtout le petit déjeuner.

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Points négatifs : Seat angle adjustment was not the most comfortable for sleeping. Points positifs : The crew was excellent and surprisingly the seats were comfortable.

Points négatifs : I think more attention should be paid to cleaning the plane and eeek, there was no liqueur in economy class. Music selection in entertainment should be wider too. Points positifs : Great crew and entertainment. Points négatifs : The flight was delayed about 80 minutes and they did not informed until when I got to the Airport.

I could have stayed more at home instead of the terminal. They have also changed the boarding gate. Points positifs : the crew was wonderful, we got a nice Wrap and water, wine or coffee for free, not all airlines serve it anymore, we were on time and I got whatsapp message with updates of the flight. Points négatifs : I paid for the preferred seat.

Points positifs : Nothing. The airline changed the departure time for the first leg of my flight so I could not check my connection and had to cancel my flight and rebook with another airline.

Points négatifs : Not having to wait in the hot line. It is terrible that you cannot pick any seat if you buy economy. And the economy seats are tiny!!! The rate for checking in baggage is more expensive than other airlines.

Food was terrible: both for dinner and breakfast had plane awful sandwiches. Not traveling iberia again. Points négatifs : While the entertainment system had good options, the screen was very unresponsive when pushing the buttons.

On average, it would take me over 10 tries to get any on screen button to work. Gave up several times. Nous recueillons des données pour vous Notre site vous permet de rechercher rapidement et facilement sur des centaines de sites de voyage à la fois.