Royal west kent regiment 1915

Put simply, a War Diary records what the particular unit was doing each day. It contains a wealth of information that catalogues its various activities, whether it is bitter and costly fighting, or more mundane tasks such as training.

It is generally the only record to indicate what soldiers probably did during the war.

Make no mistake — there never was a detailed record kept of what each soldier or officer did at any given time. That type of minutia record keeping does not exist even today. What were kept were the diaries of the unit the man belonged to. You can read exactly what a unit did and, from that, infer what actions the men assigned to that unit did.

Royal west kent regiment 1915

Chronological index to each volume. Secret and confidential intelligence. Operational orders. Battalion and company orders. Timing of attacks and attack objectives. Meteorological weather reports. Trench raids and night attacks.

1st virginia regiment war of 1812

Block Allow. British War Office. Paperback des pages. For researchers and family historians, the War Diaries contain a wealth of information of far greater interest than the army could ever have predicted.

Reviewer notes

They provide unrivalled insight into daily events on the front line and are packed with fascinating detail. They are without question, the most important source of information available on the war on the Western Front.

Full colour facsimile of each page with specially created chronological index. What is a War Diary?