How do rideshare bikes work

A friendly habit Ridesharing also helps reduce the monotony of driving alone.

Ridesharing may be an opportunity to meet and share with others. A green habit Ridesharing helps reduce the number of cars on the roads, thus reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, the main contributor to pollution and climate changes. Cycling departments and regions Cycling routes and green lanes in France.

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Ridesharing What is ridesharing? They are either fixed onto mobile metallic platforms or onto more permanent rails buried underground; they can be positioned in single or double configuration for greater density.

The horizontal rails are equipped with 3 docking points in the shape of a unique and simple cost effective free standing structure. The Smoove system only required the presence of a small cable free self-powered solar relay boxwhich communicates to the bike via Zigbee radio and to the central server via GPRS.

How do rideshare bikes work

It transmits the information to the server bike; It incorporates locally subscribers customer database that overcomes GPRS communication possible shortcomings. It present all the information on the HMI, manage credit card payments. The innovative Smoove Box An innovative bike-share solution, additionnal services and expertise!

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The Smoove Bike Differents models of bikes specifically designed to meet the bike-share systel needs. Common specifications for all our bikes : An urban design, a mixed frame with a low step over that meets the mountain bike standard EN The options you can choose : Drive shaft or chain Aluminium or chrome-molydenum steel frame 3 or 7 gears integrated in the rear hub.

The heart of the smoove box system The Smoove Box. Traditional bike-share kiosk systems become optional which reduces costs considerably. They can be kept, if needed, at major bike stations tourist sites, town centre All types of user can access the bikes directly, whether : - Subscribers, holders of a contact-free RFID card : public transport card, parking card, city pass Click here for information.

Commuters who participate in Bike Month are responsible for their own safety while on the road.

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