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However, we also use alternative methods such as bioidentical hormones, phytotherapy, dietary modifications and various lifestyle changes.

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Possible vitamin deficiencies are also detected and corrected. If necessary, an osteoporosis assessment may be completed. See also: bio-identical hormone therapy. Are you interested in one of our services? Do not hesitate to make an appointment via the form below. Your health. Simple treatment for a vagina which is too narrow, too tight.

Dépression, convulsions, l'anxiété, la jaunisse, infarctus du myocarde - Quel est la crise cardiaque - eczéma, abcès, des douleurs vaginalesdes pertes vaginales. Depression, convulsions, anxiety, jaundice, myocardial infarction - which is heart attack - eczema, abscess, vaginal painvaginal discharge. Problèmes gynécologiques : règles irrégulières, écoulement vaginaldouleur pelvienne, dyspareunie, infections urinaires.

Gynecological problems: irregular menses, vaginal discharge, pelvic paindyspareunia, urinary infections. Soulage la douleur d'une démangeaison vaginaleils ne veulent même pas te serrer la main. Relieve the heartbreak of vaginal itching? They don't even want to shake your hand. Augmentation du pourcentage des hommes et des femmes conscients des cinq dangers de la grossesse saignements vaginaux ; douleurs pelviennes ou abdominales; écoulement de liquide vaginal ; enflement des mains ou du visage; et violents maux de tête ou vision floue.

Increased percentage of men and women aware of the five danger signs in pregnancy vaginal bleeding; pelvic or abdominal pain ; gush of fluid from vagina ; swelling of the hands or face; and severe headaches or blurry vision. J'ai des douleurs vaginales. I'm having vaginal pain. Injections de Botox pour les douleurs vaginales. Botox injections for vaginal pain.

Une injection de Botox peut traiter les douleurs vaginales. They also discuss how we can all vote with our feet to support real and lasting representation in the industry.

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In the clinic they answer your questions on everything from seasonal skincare to SPF, hair and lipstick tones. Cliquez ici pour raffraichir la page manuellement. Red, flushed, burning and stinging skin are just some of the symptoms of rosacea and hyper sensitive skin.

The skin condition is currently at an all time high, affecting women of all ages sometimes as suddenly as overnight. So what can we do understand how to live with it and what triggers it? Should rosacea sufferers really avoid make-up? Sali, Rose and Lex take your questions in the surgery. Have a question for Sali and the experts? Or even a suggestion for a topic for us to cover on the podcast?

Acne has previously been dismissed as something that only affects the young and the menopausal, so why has it become such a common skin concern for adults? Adult acne has been one of the most requested topics for Sali to cover on the podcast. Dermatologist and acne expert Anjali Mahto joins Sali to discuss her own experience with the skin condition, how it correlates with stress and anxiety and how to recognise when it has become an issue that you need to see a dermatologist about.

Is wearing make-up on spots a good idea? Does eating dairy cause acne? What can you do about pigmentation and scarring? Sali and Anjali take your acne related questions in the surgery. After experiencing physical changes during and after pregnancy, women also need to align themselves with a new identity - that of a mother.

Should they ditch the make-up altogether? Can loose skin or cellulite product out there hide the fact that new parents face approximately 6 years worth of sleep deprivation? Sali is joined by midwife, mother of four and parenting blogger Clemmie Hooper aka motherofdaughters to talk about their experiences of new motherhood and they both take your questions in the surgery.

Sali, Emma and Jennifer de-mystify dermaplaning, shed light over when you should see a GP about a skin related issue and whether or not you actually need an expensive eye cream.