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Love seeing results. We always recommend to seek the advice of a second practitioner before proceeding with any surgical procedures. Thanks again for having this event and making these kids happy! Yesterday I tried on one in size medium and I just could not believe my eyes.

It actually fits! Is this real life?? Do you think plastic surgery is just boob jobs and stuff? Check out the blog and follow to learn all about the vast world of plastic surgery! Link in bio! A case of abdominoplasty done by Dr.

Ahmed Mousselhy. As plastic surgeons, we think, talk, and argue a lot about beauty.

Over the years certain standards have developed about what constitutes an aesthetic feature, and we very often base our surgical measurements and techniques around these standards. However, the older I get, the more I realize that beauty is so much more complex and nuanced than we are ever taught in our training. Patients will in turn select surgeons who share their aesthetic visions.

In the end, we all define our own visions of beauty.


Is your chest size holding you back? Males with Gynecomastia often try hiding their chest and usually avoid certain activities that might show it off. Stop living this way and start feeling confident about your body by booking a consultation with award-winning surgeon Dr. Adibfar for a male breast reduction. With Dr.

Contact us today. Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery Specialist Prof. Mithat Akan. Broad spectrum of esthetic procedures which are done for long time by our esteemed reconstructive and aesthetic surgery professor and numerous satisfied patients are the biggest guarantee for worldwide patients to come and get the procedure in the highest possible quality and enjoy the result for the rest of their lives.

Istanbul is world's centre of medical tourism for many reasons but one of them is definitely medical service provided by such big names in the medical service industry. We are proud to provide you with more details: Website: www. A case of rhinoplasty done by Dr. Many thanks to our dear patient for sharing her results. Llame hoy para obtener mas información sobre todos los servicios y procedimientos que ofrecemos.

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Another natural nose job done by Dr. Share 1 0. Medica Norte. Prix forfaitaires en fonction du nombre de zones et de séances. La médecine esthétique est saisonale. A chaque mois, ses actes spécifiques. Nous avons à coeur de vous faire découvrir de nouveaux horizons. Un protocole de 3 séances espacées de 1 à 2 semaines entre chaque de mésothérapie.

De même, mis à part la déshydratation de la peau, le soleil cause souvent Premièrement, relativisons sur votre perte de bronzage. Vous allez enfin pouvoir reprendre vos traitements lasers en toute sécurité Une nouvelle année commence.

Juste un petit mot en reconnaissance et remerciement à Nathalie et son équipe. Je suis extrêment satisfaite du Service Médecine Esthétique. L'accueil est agréable, le client est bien accompagné et suivi. La prise de RDV est rapide, prise en charge en urgence possible.

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Personnel sérieux, efficace et professionnel. Service d'urgence. Skip to content. Comblement des rides, correction de volume, revitalisation visage et corps. Toxine botulique. Peelings : TCA, acides de fruits, Enemoy, dermaceutic.