Disney world 10 best rides

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Selected date, undefined, undefined NaN, NaN. Tout supprimer. Trier par Nom Endroit Nom currently selected. Nom Endroit. Heures Magiques Supplémentaires. Special Ticketed Event. Casey Jr. Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy — maintenant ouvert! Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor Monsters, Inc. Toy Story Mania! Walt Disney Imagineering presents the Epcot Experience; maintenant ouvert! Fermé à des fins de rénovations. Horaire non disponible. This indoor high-speed dark ride is a staple of Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida.

It launches guests through a '70s-themed space future, with much of the track illuminated by only a sprinkling of stars. The ride reaches speeds of 55 mph and has one giant ft drop.

Disney world 10 best rides

It also has a single vertical loop inversion and launches guests to 55 mph in just 4 seconds. While the ride has an upbeat theme, its zippy track pushes it toward the intense side. The more extreme of the two has guests blasting off to space via an intense centrifugal motion that is meant to simulate what an astronaut might feel when lifting off to space. Yes, it's actually that crazy. Riders climb into a tight vehicle that puts a screen in front of their face.

They experience 2. While the overall feel of the ride is light, plummeting quickly and randomly is nothing short of terrifying.

The atmosphere during many of these drops is dark. Imagine Mission Breakout! It actually falls faster than free fall, with the ride vehicle being pushed downward. While the mechanics of the ride are nearly identical to that of Mission Breakout, the freaky music and supernatural plot make it even more intense.

It reaches speeds of up to 57 mph and it gets there fast. The beginning of the ride features a giant launch that pushes cars to this speed in just a matter of seconds. Riders experience 5Gs and will be cruising to the finish in wind-blown style. Your only restraint is a single lap bar, so even though the track is smooth, you will feel everything.

The nearly 3-minute ride elevates riders through snowcapped mountains, eventually stopping and plummeting backward into darkness.

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