Pigmentation in my skin

It also possesses sensory properties touch, pressure The melanogenesis which is responsible for pigmentation is a response to an exterior stimulus: ultra-violet rays UVs. This is different from constitutive or basal pigmentation, which is specific to an individual.

Pigmentation in my skin

This mechanism is also known as natural photo-protection. As we have seen previously, the main basis of melanogenesis is the melanosome, the specific organelle of melanocytes.

The melanosome is the support in which development and depositing of the melanin is carried out. The melanin grains are vehicles, via membrane proteins, leading to the extremities of each melanocyte dendrite, to transfer their content into the adjacent keratinocytes in order to dissipate the colour evenly.

We have also seen that the number of melanocytes is not the cause of interethnic variations since this number is the same whatever the colour of the individuals skin. It is therefore essential to detail the melanogenesis mechanism in order to understand how it works and regulates, as well as how it is able to act better to regulate.

The melanogenesis process is a complex biochemical mechanism which implicates a number of enzymes, such as tyrosinase, TYRP-1 and dopachrome tautomerase TYRP All of these play a fundamental role in the synthesis of melanin and allow pigmentation to be regulated.

Melanogenesis is a complicated process to modify because it is genetically programmed, but it can be modulated. For black and dark skin, this mechanism races ahead very quickly, which could be the cause of a mottled and uneven skin tone. Effectivement j'ai un problème dhyperpigmentation sut la zone T et sr répand presque vers les joues j'ai commandé vos produits et espère bien trouver une solution à mon problème. Bonjour a l'equipe d'in'oya, J'ai acheté vos produits il y a peu de temps serum anti-taches et soin matifiant.

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Mais j'aimerais savoir si je peux l'appliquer sur les contours de yeux. Excellent article! Je suis enseignant et noir de peau.

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