Asean harmonized eee regulatory regime

Side-events are one way for stakeholders, such as academia to be involved in bringing about change for migrants. Co-sponsored by the government of the Philippines, the side-event provided an opportunity for academia to showcase issues of harmonization and equivalence testing, of the benefits of self-regulation, sub-national delegation and sectoral regulation of skills recognition and its transfer to foreign nationals. An Epilog. Dernière mise à jour: le 1 décembre Abbreviations and acronyms used in this report.

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Opening ceremony. Herbal medicines. Current status of traditional Chinese medicines in China. Regulation of traditional Chinese medicines in Hong Kong, China. Proposed regulations for natural health products in Canada. How regulation of herbal medicines was established in Thailand. Herbal medicine in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Traditional herbal medicines: an update on European Union activities. Regulation of herbal medicines in Ghana. Keynote address. Access to essential drugs and vaccines: the role of regulators. Safety of blood-derived products.

Asean harmonized eee regulatory regime

Quality and safety of plasma for fractionation. Procedures for inactivation and removal of viruses. GMP in blood plasma collection centres. Plasma fractionation - Brazilian programme of self-sufficiency in blood products.

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Safety of blood products in New Zealand. Regulatory experience in Argentina. Safety of blood products in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Antimicrobial resistance - new initiatives. Implementing a strategy for the containment of antimicrobial resistance: experience in Uganda. Veterinary issues contributing to antimicrobial resistance. Status of regulation of antimicrobials in Cuba. Fighting antibiotic resistance in Sweden. Antimicrobial use in Chile - the impact of regulatory measures.

Labor Mobility and Skills Recognition: Insights from ASEAN and ECOWAS. An Epilog.

Harmonization I. The harmonization process of ICH. European contribution to a global approach to regulation. The harmonization process of ICH - philosophy, process and future. ICH - its value to a first-line medicines regulator. Harmonization II. Fisheries Act No. Fisheries Cockles Conservation and Culture Regulations Fisheries Prohibition of Import, etc. Fisheries Marine Culture Systems Regulations Perak State Fisheries Riverine Rules Kedah State Fisheries Riverine Rules