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Le coffre fort de Funnelytics Lorsque vous vous inscrivez à la version gratuite, le fondateur de Funnelytics Mikael Dia présente le Funnelytics Vault. Par exemple, les bons de commande de Grant Cardone:. Perhaps an old burglar alarm phone that has been modified in some manner.

It could be something as simple as an extension has been run into your home. In my attic most of the phone lines of the neighborhood have wires. This was verified for me by a Verizon' tech who called the setup in my attic- crawlspace between roof and ceiling a mess. There could be a MHZ system with direct line of sight control in your home. And we haven't got to what is called the 'traditional' surveillance frequencies.

The speakers could be anywhere, but in many cases traditional ones are not necessary. Your floor or a wall could be used easily as a crude speaker, especially if the only purpose is to terrorize a person.

If other things like your body are used as a speaker: You the speaker from my frame of reference don't consciously hear it with your ears. The psycho-acoustics of this circumstance escapes me. But perhaps another, with time and experience in this area could investigate they whys and how's of this phenom. The MP on the attached news item lives in Leicester, where the head of my county council is based. It's Also the home county of my own Labour MP who has done absolutely nothing to ease the tortuous conditions under which I live in my own home through 'neighbours'.

Even though he's been and seen this for himself. A couple of weeks after visiting me he stood up in the house of Commons and spoke about his decision to 'keep keep silent' about a matter. His 'speech' was published in the local media news. Please read my account of how I began to be tortured in my own home after an arms dealer took over the business where I worked in The events leading up to my working there stink to high heaven too.

Which this government are fully aware of as it was all documented and sent to the European Court of Human Rights. This past week the frequency waves have been particularly bad and there has been no let up at all.

It's amazing too, that my ordeal with high pitched frequency sounds began around 8 months ago, just afterthe Labour MP came to my home. In fact if you look back on my postings you will see when this began.

About 8 months ago. Case C, Santa Rosa followed by a news article describing the plea-bargain of both Charlotte Thrailkill and Daryl Ball - the only two people who were criminally charged with these sex crimes which often took place in a ritual context. The children named other people as being present who hurt them in the context of the "Devil Worship Club.

The Criminal Investigative Division interviewed some of these same children in their "titling" and dismissal action against Aquino. The children spoke of adults chanting, while they or others were hurt, and gave graphic descriptions of killings some of the victims, children being filmed, and described various methods used to dispose of bodies.

A preliminary hearing began in Augustand lasted almost a month. Daryl Ball had an earlier case, c which was consolidated into the later charges. Such cases have often involved the active participation of women, multiple victims young in age, sexual penetration, and allegations of ritual abuse. These cases are distinguished from the incest model by the extreme terror shown by the victims. Their testimony has painted a graphic scenario of child sexual assault.

On August 18th, child 1 returned to testify. He affirmed his estimate that Thailkill copulated him 50 times He testified to having nightmares about dragons and people killing other people Kid 1 described being tied up and hung by the feet and stated named five other kids were also tied up.

He described Ball copulating kid 2 and Ball inserting a dildo into her Thailkill also used the spike dildo in Kid 2's rectum and copulated her daughter and kid 3. Kid 1 was also abused on a night when defendants had taken him trick or treating, Did he say what would happen if you told your mom? Yeah Q. What did he say would happen if you told your mom about Tina's hickey?

He'll kill her and cut her heart out. He'd kill her and cut her heart out? And make me eat it. And make you eat it? Q Did he say anything about your little brother? Defendant Ball was present as well. The person who won the game was shot by a squirt gun filled with urine. He described how Tony Carpino had threatened to 'chop his throat off'. He testified that Ball touched his front private and it hurt and Ball threatened to kill his mother Ball also threatened him with a knife and cut him with it.

He went on to relate incidents where the children were tied up with rope ; He described Ball copulating kid 4 and Ball inserting a dildo into her ; Thrailkill also used the spike dildo in kid 1 rectum, and copulated her daughter and kid 3. He also told of Thrailkill giving him a bath, holding him underwater for long periods of time and then copulating him ;" ".

Ball threatened to cut kid mother's heart out if he told anyone and he would make him eat it. He further described seeing Ball use a variety of dildoes on the other children He identified the rope he had been tied up with as being yellow rope R. Kid 1 talked about "super duper day" when he, his brother, named 6 kids went to the office of the apartment manager.

Kid 1 saw the other children sodomized with dildoes, and were tied up pgs. She saw Ball copulate, and use his finger and the red dildo on kid 2 She was violated with the red dildo three times and the blue dildo twice.

She also related testimony about "super, duper child molest day" which took place in the apartment manager's office. She identified many adults who were present and described a banner that read "Super Duper Child Molesting Day". She explained how a video was made of the sexual activity, and the kids watched it afterwards" ;pgs She told about the tattoo's she had seen on Thrailkill 44" She told of a Halloween trip where kid 3 and 4 were left at a house, and picked up later ; ;.

There, she was present when they were told to strip, and the kids later shared their candy so it would appear that another kid had been trick or treating also. Kid 1 saw Mike Dugan touch Kid 2's butt He also told of Thrailkill giving him a bath, holding him underwater for long periods of time and then copulating him He saw Kid 3 get kicked and punched around, saw Ball copulate Kid 3 and Thrailkill use the spiked dildoe on kid 3 Ball threatened to cut kid 1's mother's heart out if he told about Kid 2's hickeyand he would make Kid 1 eat it.

Prosecutor: Did your real dad, Daryl, ever squeeze your dookie-doo real hard? You go to sleep. Unfortunately, no amount of these excerpts will ever show this court the terror, guilt and anxiety that these young victims suffered at the time of the acts or during their testimony.

These children were told not to tell their parents". Many of the times when these acts occured, the children described other children being there and other children being subjected to things at the same time. When Counsel, Ms. Dubois, was describing the "Orgy Weekend" Dildo, if the court was noticing, right behind her, her client was laughing, they were laughing. But the reason they're able to do that is because of the threats.

If you tell them, "I'll kill your monny", "You'll have to eat your mommy's heart", "I will kill your baby brother"--little boys eight years old are proud of the fact they protect their baby brothers.

Not a trial where we're going to do two trials back to back and the children for those--such as Mr. A case that at one time involved more than 50 counts of child sexual abuse reached a conclusion of sorts Monday when a Santa Rosa couple was sentenced to prison for assaults on six children in a Santa Rosa neighborhood.

But while the legal wrangling in the case ended after 18 months, the impact on the victims may never end, one court official said. In an arrangement designed to spare the children the ordeal of testifying, Daryl T. Ball and Charlotte Thrailkill pleaded no contest to a total of nine counts involving lewd and lascivious conduct with the young victims. The majority of the allegations against Ball and Thrailkill, involving at one time up to 52 counts of sexual molestation involving children ages 5 through 8, were to be dismissed as part of the plea bargaining.

Ball pleaded no contest to two counts of forcible lewd and lascivious conduct and two counts of lewd and lascivious conduct upon children without the use of force. Judge Raymond Giordano sentenced him to 24 years in prison. Thrailkill, who married Ball while both were in jail five days before pleading no contest to one count of forcible lewd and lascivious conduct with a child and four counts of the same conduct without force, was given a year prison term.

While many convicts in California now are serving only about half of their terms bfore being released, Deputy District Attorney Donna Ryan said she hopes Ball and Thrailkill will do substantially more than half their time.

Parole officials, she said, are taking a harder look at sex offenders before agreeing to their release from prison. Judge Giordano was also required to cut more than two years off the couples's sentence. Ball received credit for days on his prison sentence, which includes days in custody since his arrest Apri1 last year and days credit for good behavior in jail.

Under a similar formula, the judge cut days off Thrailkill's prison sentence. Defense attorneys quoted the Bible and Victor Hugo in asking the judge for leninency on behalf of their clients, but the grandmother of one of the young girls molested by the two defendants cited a passage from Socrates in rebuttal. Or it should be," she said later.

The events that led to Monday's sentencing involve a lengthy history of incest and sexual aberration, according to court records. Some therapists who counseled Thrailkill in jail suggest she may be innocent of the charges but chose not to contest the allegations because of her mental and physical limitations.

They noted her fundamentally passive and emotional nature that apparently led to her dependence on Ball. Officials who interviewed and examined the children said there was no question they had been the victims of repeated and severe sexual assault.

Deputy Probation Officer James Penn, who did pre-sentencing evaluations of both Ball and Thrailkill for the court, said the children have become involved in psychological treatment, but the damage may be irreparable. A standing wave. Images may come to mind- a family member stands to wave good-bye Jeff Spicone orders some pizza "on our time," and jeeps to Malibu to catch "some tasty waves. From an economic viewpoint it made sense.

There are no brushes or commutators to wear out in AC motors, and a computer controlled thrysistor maintains tractive effort to reduce wheel slip and motor burn out. Locomotive efficiency is increased and maintenance reduced propelling the rail industry back into the Fortune from near bankruptcy in the l's. In l there must have been a reason why politicians lobbied to dismantle and stop funding the federal Office of Noise Abatement under Ronald Reagan.

Trains are noisy, but at least you know what it is when you hear it The thrysistor is a software controlled electronic device that varies the frequency and voltage of AC. A rectifier converts it to DC where it is controlled by a computer, whence an inverter changes it back to AC to power the traction motors.

When the traction motors are producing electricity by the inertia of the moving train, the electricity is fed back to a grid to dissipate the energy. This is called dynamic braking.

All in all controlling electricity, not diesel power, moves the train. A few years ago the Evening News did a story on the elusive Taos Hum. Residents were hearing an annoying hum twenty-four hours a day. No one seemed to know the source. The hum is produced by low voltage AC drives controlled by the thrysistor. Near Taos, there is a Molybdenum mine in Questo a few miles away. There is a long conveyor belt that moves the metal from the mine to the refinery.

Rides again mr bean utorrent

There are also two mines near Littleton, Colorado. The Union Pacific railroad was the first to experiment with AC powered locos, mostly for logging work. There is also a thrysistor in the Bonneville Power Administrations power grid in the Pacific Northwest. What does this have to do with a standing wave? Seattle and Portland, the birthplace of Grunge is in the Pacific Northwest.

Rockers got dark, rappers got violent, and teenagers began shooting at their classmates. The medical establishment has no physiological cause for any of these. What could be causing this downward trend in mental health in the last decade? The answer is infrasound. Vladimir Gavreau, a French Scientist, experimented with the effects of very low frequency sound, inaudible sound waves below 20 Hertz.

Many speculated he was working on a non-lethal weapon for the military. Officials soon realized it was difficult to control the dispersion of omni-directional infrasound best botox in dfw abandoned it. It killed the operator as well as the enemy. Infrasound travels faster through water and solids and does not dissipate. Its physical and psychological effects are varied but the overt characteristic is an intense feeling of oppression.

Fatigue, blurred vision, irritability, headache, nausea, difficulty concentrating, tingling skin, and aching limbs are all effects of infrasound. Low frequency electro-magnetic waves have similar effects. David S. Walonick did a study of the effects of Hz ELF on brain waves.

Brain electrical activity in the theta and alpha the creative, insightful and meditative states centers around Hz. Most of our awake thinking is in the Beta range, above 12 Hz. Brain wave frequency ranges can be associated with mood or thought patterns. He determined the brain "locks onto" artificial electro-magnetic energy.

It attempts to fight the invasion, then locks onto the electric energy. Likewise it can work at the cellular level causing disease. AC drives produce both. As a composer the AC traction motor locomotive as invaded nearly every aspect of my life. NASA has documented 17 Hz infrasound produces extreme blurring of vision.

Katz show.

Images pulsate almost 24 hours a day. With 48 inch cooling fans for the power inverters, I either have high volume white noise, infrasound, or audible hum in my home most of the day.

Tinnitus accompanies all of this.

Likewise I experience all the physical and psychological symptoms associated with EMF radiation and infrasound. I don't think my brain has operated in the theta stage since I moved to Columbus. I wake up with a backache from my mattress resonating. I am irritable, nervous, and can't concentrate. I have no privacy because my home is connected to all the other city dwellers by a huge tsunami-like standing wave.

When I recorded recently in Nashville in a professional studio, the electro-magnetic waves in the air produced by AC powered locomotives destroyed five ADAT digital recorders.

They disturb television reception and produce an audible buzz in my stereo system. On the phone voices have a ghostly echo.

Electro-magnetic waves manifest themselves on preexisting wires carrying current. The engineers in Nashville didn't know what was causing it. They grounded equipment and put down insulating material but to no avail. What can you do when it is in the air? All you have to do is listen for the rushing white noise outside. For GE and GM, there is one issue that is substantial. If my right to privacy is being revoked by two corporations, that makes their practices unconstitutional.

If they knowingly designed and manufactured a device that produces infrasound and the effects are documented, then they are negligent. Because infrasound is invisible and inaudible, it seems apparent they were irresponsible and abandoned sound thinking and a sense of well being for humanity in exchange for the dollar.

Everyone has suffered and will continue suffering until something is done. It is no coincidence people are depressed, sick, and violent.

With a country that now hums 24 hours a day with dangerous infrasound both through the ground and through the air, where are we to go. I guess NASA has the answer, although it seems noise is a big problem in space too. Dark thoughts - Freud may have been right: people can suppress memories - Michael Anderson and Collin Green of the University of Oregon in Eugene asked 32 people to memorise a list of 50 or so simple pairs of words The volunteers were then presented with the first word and asked either to recall the second or banish it from their minds for four seconds.

Volunteers were asked to suppress the second word between zero and 16 times. The researchers found that volunteers were much less able to recall words that had been repressed many times - even when they were offered money to remember. Date: Fri, 16 Mar From: "R. My server always has the latest version. Silver poisoning is one of the nastiest causes and one of the most effective mechanisms of implementing mind control, a fact that appears to have escaped both you and the masses This is a joke, and reveals the low level of research and fact checking that goes into Art's show.

What the alleged investigative reporter is describing is the iBOT Transporter, which is old news. I quit listening to Art Bell long ago. There are better things to do, methinks. Some of the people who've been on his show are corny flakes.

Most, maybe. Thanks, Wes. That answers part of my question some time back regarding infrasound, and confirms my gut feeling that it does cause many ills in current society. Having a close look at some excellent waveform samples I have been able to record to harddrive and analyze. The Electro-magnetic signal present is based on a plurality of frequencies based on 60 hz. The plurality extends in both directions from the 60 Hz base frequency.

I have checked and re-checked and this is not 60hz hum. This was easily verified by scoping the 60Hz mains signal and the induced electro-magnetic signal on a dual trace scope. Should the larger 60Hz induced signal been the result of 60Hz mains hum then the 2 signals would have been in sync. Dual trace scoping easily displays that they are not in sync. This at least proves that the larger 60Hz component of the induced signal has nothing to do with 60Hz mains hum, instead it is a signal operating independantly of the 60Hz mains.

Neither could it be the reasult of a motor driven, mains powered appliance. If it was, then the electro-magnetic field generated by such an appliance might be delayed to a certain degree, but still in sync with the 60Hz mains signal.

The fact that this induced signal is not in sync with the 60Hz power mains is quite important. It can be used to produce electromagnetic resonances between itself and any electro-magnetic fields produced by "Net Currents" in the wiring. I can't say for sure, but there appears to be what sounds like low level embedded vocalizations within this signal. Date: Sat, 17 Mar From: "R. I find that interesting. The modern railroad locomotive also appears to be designed to be as fuel-inefficient as possible.

Diesel railroad engines have used some form of electric traction motor drive since their introduction in the 's. There never has been a commercially successful diesel railroad locomotive: all diesel-powered railroad engines are diesel-electric locomotives. Using these locomotives might have made sense until the s when fuel was inexpensive, but since the s it has made a lot more sense to go back to steam locomotives, but using modern steam technologies, and using natural gas rather than coal or wood for the fuel.

Natural gas is expensive now, but from the s to the present day it was the obvious choice, to use a domestic energy resource rather than to have to import foreign oil. The current high price in natural gas is likely to be temporary.

The diesel-electric locomotive is inherently inefficient, because the raw power is first generated by fuel and converted from heat to mechanical energy the diesel enginethen the mechanical energy is converted by alternator or generator to electricity the maximum efficiency of the conversion under perfect conditions is 66 percentand then the electricity so produced is converted back into mechanical energy again, maximum efficiency under perfect conditions is 66 percent.

Basically, only about half of the original BTU content of the fuel is actually converted to motive power; the rest is wasted. Under perfect conditions; 40 to 45 percent effciency is actually nominal.

Compare this to steam. The steam engine is one of the highest known efficiencies for converting heat to mechanical energy. It does so without any intermediate steps, converting the heat from the fuel directly into mechanical energy. The efficiency of the steam engine is more than twice that of the diesel-electric locomotive, or in other words, it costs only half as much in fuel.

The only advantage to using diesel-electric traction in locomotives is a marginally better control over the traction less wheel slippage on accelerationand a greater initial torque and acceleration. A greater initial torque and acceleration means that the train can accelerate slightly faster than one powered with steam engines, so that the railroad engineer could have his head pressed into the back of his seat if he wanted to on acceleration although no engineers are ever seen to do this.

A greater initial torque and acceleration might be a factor in a tiny number of rail routes where there are very steep grades, where the trains may have to stop on the grade and then resume with a full load. These routes are rare, usually found in small logging and mining railroads, and many of these railroads use non standard equipment to begin with.

For example, most of these railroads are narrow gauge the rails are closer together than standard rails, and the axles shorter. Note that the world used steam locomotives until the s, and during the decade that the diesel-electric was introduced, it took eight diesel locomotives to haul the same load that only took two of the largest.

The only reason the diesel was able to replace steam was due to the fact that the fuel was much less expensive than coal, and was less labor intensive firemen in the Union demanded that the diesel be utilized I wouldn't want to shovel coal into a hot oven myself.

The steam engine also had somewhat greater maintenence costs than the diesel. Sinceall of these original advantages have been nullified, even with the current high price of natural gas. And you don't shovel natural gas, you pipe it in from the CNG tanker car behind the locomotives. If what you say is true about the production of infrasound in these locmotives is true I know that what you say about the effects of infrasound is true: no need to convince methen it ought to make you wonder about foreign involvement.

Greatly contributing to the US national trade deficit by increasing the demand for foriegn oil imports when we have a more than adequete supply of domestic natural gas is not the most patriotic activity that GE, GM, or ALCO could be involved in. Now that I think of it and remember, the hum produced by diesel-electric locomotives does seem to be a tad on the iritating side Check out palsy U.

I do not keep a copy of the page I am referring you to on the mirror site at protogod. Until I find a better redirector solution, I'm sorry but you'll have to use that procedure, because I'm not putting that page up on a public web hosting server. If anyone knows of a redirector page IP address updater program for Win98 which is capable of updating more than one page on a site, or on multiple sites, please let me know. How to detect human scum and foreign scam running lamers, and other assorted toads who attempt to use silver adsorption frequency x-ray emissions on victims who have silver poisoning to attempt mind control or other irritation.

Use silver chloride, silver iodide, silver nitrate, or another silver compound. Silver iodide is inexpensive; it is used in cloud seeding.

Dumping large planeloads of silver iodide into clouds during droughts in an attempt to make it rain; the photoelectric affect builds up a negative electrostatic charge in the cloud, which attracts and condenses water vapor, which has been known to build the cloud size and water content significantly, sometimes resulting in rain. Take the silver compound, and find some way to form a cloud with it, and release the cloud downwind of the area you want to perform the detection in. With many silver compounds, it is a simple as mixing the compound with water and boiling it.

In fact, just going to a major city and releasing a cloud of a silver compound will cease all operations or nuking in the area, because the lamers know that it constitutes a detection method, and will make them greatly irritated, as well as paranoid.

The principle lies in the fact that either a cloud or a gas of a silver compound will fluoresce in the ultraviolet range, within the narrow frequency spectrum of silver's excitation energies and frequencies.

This allows a two or three dimensional image of all silver adsorption frequency x-ray transmissions in the area to be created. While the original x-ray transmission is usually highly directional, the cloud molecules' re-emission occurs in random directions.

The detector is a sensitive ultraviolet video camera, outfitted with Kodak color filters that create a narrow bandpass filter in the ultraviolet, within silver's excitation or ionization frequency spectrum. With one or two cameras, a 2-D picture can be imaged on a computer, and with three or more, a 3-D image. Every television set in the entire area will show up as broadcasting a cone of radiation, and the radiation pattern will be visible upon the screen of the imaging computer.

It will appear as if each tv set were broadcasting a cone of ultraviolet light resembling a searchlight, except that the beams are stationary. The beams will be seen as emanting from the walls of houses, with the source of the beam hidden invisibly inside. The x-ray emissions pass right through walls, except in a few cases where there is lead-based paint. With this detection setup, you can see the power levels of the various transmission sources which are almost always television sets.

When you see an exceptionally high powered source, it produit pour avoir du volume cheveux naturellement likely that someone is being nuked or manipulated with it.

When such a source is seen to vary its output vector within a small range from time to time, obviously being aimed back and regime homme gps golf within a limited number of degrees, then it is obvious that the device is both tracking and nuking some unfortunate victim, controlled by some form of manual or automatic aiming system.

Toads have been known to use high power irradiation for attempted mind control, but this is rare; the most common use is for harrassment, for example to destroy an enemy by destroying their enemy's sleep schedule, or to make someone lose their job as a result of the destruction of the sleep schedule, so that the position will open and the lamers can stand a chance of filling it a good chance, considering the degree of manipulation that can be acheived via silver poisoning and other forms of mind control This assessment is based on the existing, unclassified, known and proven methods.

When such devices are used for mind control, much lower power levels would normally be used. However, this can still be detected and recognized for what it is, because the radiation will contain definite non standard modulation patterns which are not normally found in the output of a television set which is displaying normal broadcast or recorded programming. For example, alpha or theta or delta wave brainwave patterns.

Remember, the x-ray emissions at silver adsorption frequencies will directly stimulate silver poisoned nerves and neurons, and directly cause nerve and nueron firings. Higher power levels are not usually a neccessity for this purpose; the modulation pattern is very effective at power levels not that much greater than an off the shelf, well-adjusted color television set.

Even at the levels of a well-adjusted TV set, there will be some effects seen. It has been known since at least to the toads that use these devices that this method of detection exists. Therefore, if one releases a silver compound cloud or gas into an area where they are operating, they will detect its presence with their own detection equipment almost immediately, and rapidly cease all operations, and if they are present at the physical location of the transmitting device they will attempt a rapid escape from the area, abandoning their equipment.

There is a small window of opportunity where the detection will be effective, however. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me. I absolutely love your blog. Did you make this website yourself? Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?

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